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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Happy Thursday friends!!

Well, I did it.

I officially launched my new blog!! While I have so enjoyed writing in this space, I felt that it was time to create a new one.

I won't totally abandon this one, but it will be more for anything I feel like sharing that's more 'cutesy' or kid related. 

I'm excited to take the next step and really commit to my new blog and well, you can read all about what you may expect over here!

I hope you follow along and my hope is to continue to encourage, inspire, share my heart and while I'm on my way to achieving my goals & dreams in life, that you can do so too!!

Thank you!



Friday, November 3, 2017

Fashion Friday: Fall Looks

Happy Friday!

I have been really making efforts to dress up most days...doesn't always happen, but I do love getting out of the yoga pants and tee shirt {aka mom outfit}

Layers are essential here in NY.

Infinity scarf & Arabesque earrings with a striped tee.

This was Halloween and I received a "holiday cup" from Starbucks. Whoa. #slowitdownbux

Cardigans, statement tee & statement necklace are going to be my go to pieces for sure! Throw on some sparkle studs and some lippy, and I feel like I am somewhat put together. The Ezra statement is still a fave!

A date night look was a simple Old Navy swing dress, taupe boots and statement earrings. I also had taupe boots on as well.  Loved feeling feminine and flirty for Fall.  We got to see Tom Green--so funny!

When the temps dropped, I was excited to wear my new top from Banana Republic I got awhile back. I paired it with the Sutton necklace (mixed metal)

This was a simple city chic look from our Toronto getaway.  Love this horn necklace & my silver hammered wire hoops.  Distressed denim (Express) and a Forever 21 cold shoulder top, plus a pair of black Nikes because we walked everywhere.

Aaaaaand most days I look like a hot mess...hat = days old hair.
Black = no thought.
Work out.

Constantine Feather chandelier earrings can be worn just as studs too.

Our November Deals are GOLD!! When you spend $50, you can get these for half off. #steal

The style drops for this month are gorgeous!!  The Rebecca Minkoff collection is stunning.

These adorable gift sets are only $59.  Perfect for that special friend, sister, mom, aunt any woman in your life!!

The hard part is choosing which color!?





If you want it all, host a party with me (I LOVE online stylish sessions! Super easy and fun, right on Facebook.)

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Sunday, October 22, 2017

Weekly Workouts

So, I definitely work better if I prepare ahead of time (duh)
Write everything out.
Maybe write it a few times.
Share my plan.

My sister gave me this plan at the end of Summer, and between getting sick, back to school, getting sick again, Joe turning has gotten away from me!

This is my goal.  I hope to have 2 'rest days' --this doesn't mean I won't or can't workout but it just means no pressure. (I work better this way)

So hopefully I have knocked this workout out of the park by the time you read this.

Smith Machine 15 reps 3x
Curls 15 reps 3x
Extentions 15 reps 3x
Press 15 reps 3x

Calf Raises 15 reps 3x


Hopefully I inspire others too!  

It's never too late to start again.  

Even a 10 minute walk is better than nothing.

Friday, October 20, 2017

Being a Mom to Littles

It hit me last night, like a ton of bricks.  As I lay in bed, thinking about the day's activities and such, my mind began to wander.  I started to brainstorm ideas for my Christmas gifts; ones that would be fun to play with the kids like a silly board game.  I thought how Bradley is getting old enough to listen and possibly take direction.  I weighed the logistics of how often we'd play the game during the week, since Brooke is in school 3 days a week---and my mind went there.

It went to September 2018, where our little girl will be getting on a school bus and riding off to Kindergarten.  It seemed so far off up until this moment in my mind and I burst into tears.

Babies don't keep, this I know.

My littlest just transitioned from his crib to a toddler bed.  {Joe removed the big rail and replaced it with the small.} In an instant, it feels like my days of being a mom to littles is nearing an end.

I know I still have two full years of Bradley in preschool and the rest of this year, but wow---what a shot to the heart!  In the trenches, I always say, sometimes it is super hard.  The days where Joe works long hours and I felt like I never talked to anyone other than baby babble?  Gone.

I have two blonde cuties who can both talk my ears right off any given day!

I have an almost 5 year old who dresses herself.

Brushes her teeth.

Helps with chores.

Buckles herself up in the car.

Helps herself to water if she's thirsty.

But as much as I get choked up at thinking of how all the "babyness" is gone from my house, my heart lights up as I began talking about Christmas cookies and all the cut-outs we wanted to make.  And in those moments I saw her eyes light up so big, and I realize that this too is a gift, this time of innocence, curiosity and wonder.

I suppose this is all normal, just the typical feeling mommas get as their babies grow into toddlers, into preschoolers, and into kids.

I'm savoring each sweet step and just wishing I could bottle the feelings and emotions right up!  In a sense however, I feel as if I already do.

This time of year I reflect on when I was pregnant, preparing for my January babies.  All it takes is a scent, or a sight and I am taken right back to when it was all so new and strange.

That's the thing about memories, they can creep right up when you least expect them.  They can bring tears of joy or a twinge of sadness.

Did I spend enough time loving on them? Teaching them? Holding them? Kissing their little heads? Letting them "help" me, even when I know it will be a bigger mess?

I vow to myself to soak up every last moment of these days with Brooke until we set her free in the land of full day school.  I know she'll thrive and flourish.  She's so eager to learn, to play, to become more.

But for now, I'll let her play and cuddle and be that little skunk or cat that she wishes to be.

Motherhood is such a beautifully strange journey and sometimes there are no words to truly describe how I feel.  I just know that I love these two little souls that the love of my life and I created, more than anything in the world.  Although it is not easy at times, it certainly deserves my time and attention.

They won't be little for long, and I already miss it.  I know that I will miss this stage too.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Happy 6 Years Little Blog

Six years ago today, I sat at our kitchen table and decided to give this thing a try.  I had decided to stay home as a new wife, and not return to school as a teacher that year, but to stay home and be a housewife. We were incredibly happy with that decision and although some people couldn't understand why, Joe and I did what was best for us.  Looking back I 'busied' myself, but really it was a nice little reprieve from the daily grind and the hard work that was to come.

By 2012, we found out I was pregnant and this sweet little blog became my online pregnancy journal.  I shared my monthly/weekly updates and all news baby.

In 2013, we welcomed our beautiful baby girl into this world.  In typical fashion, my blog turned into a mommy blog where I shared her monthly stats, what I enjoyed doing with her as a now stay at home mom, and life.

Enter 2014 and I now became pregnant with our second, and learned how to manage a home, take care of a one year old and still be a happy wife.

2015 brought us our amazing son and now I had two kids, two and under! I often say I miss that baby phase, only because it goes by so incredibly fast and usually mom, you're in a fog.  Sleep deprived and heart full, you run on what little sleep you get and before you know, your youngest is one.

The year 2016 my family almost lost my sister, but she was saved.  Our oldest daughter started preschool and Joe and I were able to get back to Vegas one more time.

Now?  Here we are in 2017.  I haven't had nearly enough time to share my thoughts, stories, photos, etc. here on the blog, but I do what I can.  I also feel a shift in me, my writing and where I'd like to go.  What started out as a fun little hobby, turned into so much more.  I connected and bonded with likeminded ladies when I first made my blog.  It was mostly women who were happily married to their husbands.

Some of my closest women friends were made from blogging.  Women that I would have never ever knew existed unless I chose to put myself out there and create this silly little thing.  For that, I am eternally grateful.

It's kind of funny to think back to where I was 6 years ago---old blog posts are a little more than old time hops. To see what I felt, what I said, how I was spending my's eye opening! I suppose the best part is to see how much I've grown.  I have so much further that I want to go, but the Jenn from 2011 and the Jenn now in 2017 are quite different.  Isn't that the point though?  We have so much to learn and soak up in this great big world, I can't wait to see where the next 6 years take me.

So thank you, readers.  Maybe you've read every blog since I started back in 2011, or perhaps you just stumbled onto my post today.

Stay with me, as I have big plans.  They'll be different, but different is good.

Happy Birthday Bliss to Bean.