Thursday, April 6, 2017

I Confess...

...I don't know whether I am coming or going these days!

...I keep hearing myself talk in the Olaf voice, "All good things, all good things!"

...I've spent so much time watching, reading and listening to uplifting podcasts, you tube channels, self-help audio books and I am fairly certain it is all beginning to truly pay off.

...New business ventures = life is crazy.

...Finding the time to "just be a mom" vs. "being there" is a bit of a struggle.

...I hate strict schedules, but I have got to find a solid routine!

...Currently looking for a house cleaner and less expensive with me universe!

...I'm so stinking proud of myself for the hard work I did the last few months with my stella & dot biz.

...I have also discovered that I don't LOVE living online.  It's great to a point, but I need human, face to face, real interaction to make my soul happy.

...Hubby and I had a weekend without kids (thank you Nana & Papa!) Seriously don't know where those moments went, as it was gone in a blink of an eye!! Dinner out, sushi lunch, met with our builder, Ugly Disco, Brunch, Real Estate work...we were busy bees!

...Speaking of the Ugly Disco, I will be sharing photos, I promise! We went to our first one 8 years ago! I think we look even better now haha! It is such a fun event and for such a great cause.

...In the middle of all of the hustle and bustle I am consciously making efforts to stop and smell the roses.  Life is short and we must enjoy the little things! (cliche, but so true!)

...There truly comes a time in your life where things make zero sense, so you stop feeding into them.

...Current Mantras: "Do fewer things more often and get better at them---FOCUS." And  "Success is determined by what you say NO to."--Steve Jobs

...I'm also loving Jesus Calling as my daily devotional.  I swear things are speaking to me and if I only let my faith and trust God, the universe, the Divine, I then live my best life possible.

...I'm SUPER excited to go to the Circus today, and by Circus, I mean Brooke's pre-school class.  She's a lion! ROAR!

...Bradley Boo is singing his ABC's, chatting up a storm, and really coming into his own.

...Brooke is currently obsessed with laying eggs, 'hatching' them, and pretending she's a bird. Bless.

...There are a million things I would love to blog, but I am struggling to find time to breathe!

....We finally invested in a Ninja---GAME CHANGER---I have been making what taste like Wendy's Frostys to me!  2 frozen bananas, a few blueberries/raspberries frozen, cashew milk with protein, 1 tbl of peanut butter, 1 tbl of Cacao powder, 3 ice cubes. Kids think it's ice cream!!!

...I am officially back at working out!! Beachbody on demand is my jam. Currently digging Chalene Extreme--love her! (Thanks Ann for the rec!)

... I am slacking in the dinner department. Any kid friendly meal ideas/clean eating recipes would be much appreciated!

...We keep getting a taste of warmer weather and I do believe I saw 77 on the forecast for next week!

...Currently Reading Mind Power If you are into the "Law of Attraction" get this book!!

...My youngest sister is 10 months clean. I am so proud of her.  Keep it up!!

...Something about the rain, a cup of tea, and the dryer going makes me want to blog, even at 7:30 in the morning.

....BOOM. I blogged!!! Yay!

...Happy Thursday friends!!

Monday, March 20, 2017


Clean Eating:

I am really trying to eat clean and healthy.  Winter hibernating has me feeling not so fab! Every morning I still start my day out with this fun little concoction. Eggs, spinach, tomatoes, feta.

Trying Something New: 

Joe taught me how to shoot a few weeks ago.  I was nervous because I've never pulled a trigger, but it wasn't so bad! I actually hit the little gopher target on the first try!


Speaking of guns, this one is starting to like his toy gun from Uncle Ty Ty! He runs around yelling "bang bang!"

Storm Update:

We did end up with a little bit of damage from the windstorm. One of our trees fell down right next to our shed, luckily it fell away from the house!


I'm in a virtual book club and really trying to keep up! I don't make myself sit and read enough, but this one definitely needs your undivided attention.  I can't read and hear screaming littles!

I needed to highlight this part...I'm constantly beating myself up for not "being where I think I should be" or going as fast as I think that I should.

House Inspiration:

I like to take little drives with the kids to scope out nice houses in the area. #creeperstatus I'm gathering inspiration for when we build as well as looking for any For Sale By Owners!

Digging Earth Tones:

I'm obsessed with this little succulent I got at Wegmans.  I also love painting my nails these colors lately!

Growing my Team & Clients:

I am really loving my little VIP group!  I do fun giveaways and am starting to put together items for a sample sale.  It's hard to part with pretty pieces, but it's time to move out the old to make room for new.   I love going "FB LIVE" and having girl talk too. Care to join?  Hop on over!  Style by Jenn VIP Group


I still can't believe all the gold beauties that are available this month at half off when you spend $50.

Storm #2:

I was well prepared for "Stella" to come and dump a bunch of snow on us.  I love being cozied up inside, baking & having no place to go.

We got over 2 feet.

Stella the snow storm!


After a bit of a hiatus, I am sweating and loving it again!! I find that if I post pictures I tend to motivate myself and keep myself accountable. I have a little disco dress to fit into soon!  I made it to a yoga class before the big storm and did a few at home workouts.  I'm starting to walk Holly on the regular, am/pm and that really helps me so much.


I try everything to get the kids to eat more fruits and veggies.  These were a hit for Bradley but Brooke not so much after the first few bites.  Banana whole wheat muffins, with maple syrup and coconut oil.

Mommy/son time:

I had groceries to buy, clothes to fold, dishes to do, and so many things!! But, this little guy trumped everything.  We've been stuck inside for far too long and I knew a little one on one time while having some fun would help this little dude out so much!! He's such a ham.


We tried to play in the snow, but it was a bit overwhelming for the kids.  Both of them got stuck and cried at the same time! Oh my goodness.  Never a dull moment!


I get requests for these bad boys all of the time!! Bake at 350 degrees for 1/2 an hour, flip and coat and bake another 30 minutes.


I love a good red and this was delightful!  Warms you right up on a cold Winter Day.

What are you currently up to?

Friday, March 17, 2017

Fashion Friday

What a week!  Lots of snow and no place to really go!  I did get dressed up a bit for Joe's work dinner last Saturday night.  I'm usually a dress kinda gal, but it was FRIGID and I wanted to wear my fun cozy sweater from Express.  As usual, Lipsense was my bff--stayed in place all night long!  Want a long lasting and amazing lipstick and gloss? Check out my bestie's FB Group: Ann Gets Lippy.   It's worth checking out, trust me!!  I also opted for my Nila Chandiliers.

Simple arm party.

Sunday brought errand day--I was on a mission to prepare for the big Nor'easter that was headed our way.  (FYI I was so happy that I did!! I love big storms, and I love when I'm right about them!!)

New sunnies: Wesleys in blush.

Once I was stuck inside, I decided to play dress up a bit.  The new Gita Tassels are amazing and only $39!!! How incredible is that?! These will be on repeat this Summer.  I'm thinking they're going to look so cute with a tan and cute dresses!   The celestial choker is another new fave. I can't wait to layer with it!  Speaking of layering, VS Pink has some adorable bralettes.  I am a huge fan because since my reflux started, underwires kill me to wear--ugh!  So this cute peek-a-boo look with a cozy sweater is fun.

The sun finally came out all day yesterday and it felt so darn good!

Baby boy and I went and had a fun morning. Sure I should have gone grocery shopping, cleaned the kitchen, folded the clothes, ran the dishwasher...but instead we dropped off Big sis and headed out to play.  This boy needed to run his legs!

We also rode the Merry-go-Round which is always a fun time. (Like my 'mom on the go' look?  Headband, sparkle studs and mascara.

Brooke came out of school as a Leprechaun.

I FINALLY did a sweaty workout.  I put the kids down for a nap and it was go time. No more excuses. I have a disco dress to wear in 2 weeks!!

Oh, and Summer is around the corner about these new beauties?! Launching late March!!

Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Happy #fashionfriday!!

Eeenie--meanie--miniee-mo.... morning choices are so tough!!

I dressed up last Sunday for my solo trip to Target/Marshalls. I am digging our Drape Collar necklace as the whole 'choker trend' is till hot!

My new Blush Wesley Sunnies arrived and they are everything!! Coming in Tortoise too, I just adore this fun style.

I had a preschool board meeting so I rocked the Reese Necklace, smokey studs and my first clothing purchase off of Amazon.  Not too bad for $8!!

My go to eye shadow lately Palette #3 from Younique. I grabbed it from my friend Elizabeth a few months ago and for some reason, this is my favorite one to play with lately.

Apparently Venus is in Retrograde so it's all about love, healing the heart, sending compassion and just breathing in lots of pink.  I'll totally do that!  I bought these lovelies the other day at the grocery store.  I love roses.

How gorgeous is my mama friend out in California?!  She is rocking her arc pendant and her engravable.  She is the definition of beach babe!!

I love styling my little Mr's hair!! I am not wearing anything fancy, but if I can make him look *extra* cute, I totally will do it. I can already hear the phones ringing/texting when this one gets into Jr High/High school.  Oh my.

I'm leaving the house for the first time today since our crazy windstorm hit; I'm hoping it's ok to travel and that there is not too much damage.  I continue to pray for those without power and hope that all is restored soon.  What a mess. I'm not sure why March is always such an insane weather month.  It could be 80 degrees or snowing.  Wind or ice. It's absolutely nuts. 

Happy Friday!

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Girl Chat: Luck

I am really wanting to get back into blogging more and connecting with other ladies again!  I was just chatting with my friend Nikki and we were saying how tricky it is to keep up with everything (life) and blogging always seems to be the first thing to go.

I saw this link up on Danielle's site and love the idea of "Girl Chat."  Today's topic is a time when you were lucky.  I definitely am on the fence of whether things are "luck" or simply acts from above.  I also wonder if we can truly manifest or create our luck in some situations.  

Either way, whatever you want to label it, you've got to check out some of the amazing stories being shared on this link up!! 

I feel incredibly blessed in many areas of my life and I guess you could even say that I am lucky.  However, I have had a few times in my life where I think luck does play a role.

I can't think of one single elaborate story of luck, so I'll share a few snippets.

That time we were in Las Vegas back in 2009 and I insisted on playing the slots at NY NY and I won $225 on that silly triple diamond game.

I've won a few giveaway items throughout my blogging, and from some of those winnings I gained a new friend.  Hi Rachel! 

I'm lucky that I stumbled into this blogging world back when I simply stayed home as a housewife, and found passion through sharing my words, thoughts and hearts here on the keyboard.  

I'm beyond lucky that I developed many close friendships because of this little blog; women who make my life better.  Women that even though I've never seen them face to face, all I need to see is a text on my phone or hear their sweet voices.  

I'm feel very lucky that we did not lose power last night.  We just had a crazy windstorm yesterday that left thousands of people in the dark, schools closed (Brooke is home today!) and we have stayed safe and with plenty of power.  I'm not sure if it's because we lost power last week and had new poles?? Either way, I'll take it.

I'm lucky to have the ability to stay home and raise our babies.  

I feel lucky that both of my children are healthy and well.  Sure they get colds and sniffles, but I'm talking about the heavy stuff. My heart aches so much for anyone who has a truly sick child.  That has got to be number one on my gratitude list each day. I thank God for healthy children.

I'm lucky that my husband (boyfriend at the time) showed me that it was ok and good for me to read and listen to "self help."  I don't know where I'd be if he hadn't shared that gift with me.

We were lucky that when in Europe for our honeymoon, the France airstrike happened in the afternoon as opposed to the morning when we flew from Paris to Rome.

I felt lucky in the last few weeks as random checks in my name started appearing.  I believe I manifested them, and I would love more to appear.  I believe that what you put out into the universe does come back to you.

I am lucky to have supportive friends and family on my down days and am grateful for them to help lift me up.  

I certainly feel lucky to have met my friend Shelby who shared the stella & dot opportunity with me! I love being a part of something and it may have taken a few tries to get to where I am today, but I am so so happy to be a stylist! Can it be July yet?!

I definitely feel mostly blessed more than lucky, but at times a little luck doesn't seem to hurt! I'm grateful for so many opportunities to find the silver linings in situations and to try and keep that positive outlook in every aspect of life. 

Do you believe in luck?