Friday, January 13, 2017

Fashion Friday

Seven Must-Haves this year!   

Have you tried on tassels? Rocked an arm party?  Invested in a good crossbody bag?  Own a statement mecklace?  Upgrade your sunnies? Layer on your necklaces? Take a trip with a stylish bag?

Calling on make-up gurus!! This adorable elephant print pouch is everything!! You can stash your daily makeup in here and off you go.  If you're a beauty blogger and would like to collaborate with me, I would definitely be interested in chatting!!  

Arm party love, from my girl Shelby.

Along with the new Amala earrings in gold.

As for my personal looks, well I managed to slap on some makeup most day, and throw on some easy jewels.  See?  You can rock a sweatshirt and still look super cute!! LOL I'm also having an online Posh Party--I had no idea how amazing this stuff was! NO JUNK (ie. chemicals)  I have legit switched from my bottled body washes to their chunky shower bars.  And my feet have never felt better with a little extra TLC and it takes a lot to help my feet.

Brooke's preschool birthday I went with jeans, striped shirt, olive jacket & our infinity scarf. I like mixing the prints!   And of course, my little fashionista looks adorable in her blue/green polka dot pants and bow-sparkle shirt.

I rocked the new Ezra on Wednesday, which sincerely dressed up my old Old Navy sweater from a few years ago.

This look.  It's so clean, fresh and simple!!

Our new ear climbers are adorable paired with the Emmeline statement and celestial choker.

This is your soft tone for Spring!!  So pretty. I am loving the neutral shades of dusk, taupe, cream, brown, and adding the different textures of the sweater, suede, metal and distressed denim. So much fun!

Same here, but with a little more pink-tones.  That side saddle bag and Antonia necklace have me drooling!!

The Waverly Covet bag is for sure a splurge I recommend and I just love the pop of a bright white peplum; I wouldn't have thought cream and white would look so cute and refreshing.  And gold. Lots of gold!!

If you're a silver girl, pile on the metals & add your gray top.  Our Carter bracelet is stunning.

I love sharing some of these looks to hopefully inspire you to change up your wardrobe, play with what you have and maybe even try something new!!

What's one trend you'd love to try this season? 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Happy 4th Birthday Baby Brooke

I'm not quite sure how four years just flew by in a blink of an eye, but I can say they have been the most rewarding, beautiful and meaningful years of my life.

We loved you before we even knew you, sweet Brooke. You were showered with more love than I could have ever imagined.

While I had no idea what I was doing when it came to labor, some how you made it into this world, perfect and healthy.  When I finally was able to hold you in my arms, there was no other feeling like it in the entire world; you began to teach more about life, love and what it means to be self-less.  I truly miss the late nights nursing, waking up to your little hunger cries.  Falling asleep in the glider and just playing with you...just you and me.  I'll hold those memories close, and I swear and promise to you baby girl, I will be there when you become a mommy.  It's the hardest and best thing that will ever happen to you.

{Birth Story}

{Second Birthday}

I could post a million photos today, as I am fairly certain I've taken that many.  I would say that is the hardest thing about being your Mommy; time goes by so fast and I just want to capture each silly, loving, peaceful, challenging, beautiful moment with you. If Daddy and I could stop time and even rewind a little bit we would.  

Last night before we tucked you into bed, we let you cuddle in our bed a little longer.  We asked you to stay three, for just a little more time.  You said no, you want to be four and be a big gurrl. 

You're growing up to be such a strong, caring, smart, beautiful, loving, and very independent girl.  We wouldn't change you for the world and continue to be blessed for every day we spend with you.

May 2017 and your 4th year bring you so much joy, excitement, adventure, and fun. 

We love you so much and hope that you have the happiest birthday baby Brooke.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Monday Musings

Happy Monday!! Isn't that the truth.  I strongly believe that what we focus on increases.  Sure we have bad days, but lately if my days start getting a little funky or rather trying, I stop and focus on something that is good in my life.  Gratitude (my word for 2017) is so powerful. Now, I get it some days are going to be doozies, and we will wish for a re-do, but perhaps there is something in this setback that is actually a set-up for something even better in our lives.  Just chew on that thought for a bit...
I also believe you can never have too many photos of your kids eating pasta.  How did the pasta get stuck on his forehead?! Bradley Joseph, we love you and your silly ways.

This week was full of of lots of downtime and snuggling.  Even Saturday, when everyone was feeling better we still took it easy and just relaxed a bit after nap time.  I am not going to lie, I really love just snuggling.  Usually we are all go-go-go, with this cold temperature, there is nothing going full speed at this time!

Especially since Mr. Bubs had his first bout of the stomach flu last Tuesday.  It was no fun but he made it through and we are doing much better now!

Friday Joe stayed home with the kiddos and I had my physical early in the morning (7:30) then treated myself to a little Starbucks breakfast and 'work time.'  I really just organized my head, wrote out some ideas, figured out my schedule.  Sometimes you just need a new, quiet space to clear your thoughts and write them down on paper.  Being a stay at home mommy is the best job ever, but I find it hard to always get my head on straight when someone needs me for something every other minute!

After my brain dump sesh, with myself, I headed to my hair salon.  I wanted more blonde, so more blonde is what he gave me! I am a little hesitant because it is WAY blonde, but hey I asked for it so I'll rock it.  Just call me Holly Madison for the next 3.5 weeks and I'll probably go back to highlights after.  It's hard to be this blonde without a tan!! Ha.  But hey, ya never can be too blonde...right? ;) Plus I sent SOS texts to my makeup gurus to help me balance out my coloring. Gotta love good friends.

I also had to laugh because two of my dear friends tagged me in this shirt on Facebook.  While I can't listen to as much rap as I used to, (hello little ears!) I still bump it in my Suburban or throw in the ear buds if I need to clean/ fact after this post publishes, I'm going to throw on sneakers and plug in so I can clean my house top to bottom.  I'll probably be mixing between Jay-Z and motivational pod casts!! #reallife

And in other news....these pretty Spring necklaces will be available tomorrow!! I love me a solid statement necklace; it was not easy choosing from all of these beauties. However, I did settle on #3 and I have a feeling Ezra will be making many appearances in my selfie-stream!

Have you ever wondered what it means to be a stylist?  Feel free to ask me anything!! I would love to answer your questions. 

I hope you have a fabulous day that is filled with much love, laughter & peace. 

Friday, January 6, 2017

Fashion Friday

Well, I hoped to have plenty of fashion inspiration for you this Friday from yours truly, but truth?  Our house has been full of the sickies. :(   Joe and I did not get all dressed up and go out for NYE.  And the rest of the week?  I lived in sweats and changed frequently, only because our sweet baby boy had his first bout of the stomach bug.  Not fun!!  I did enjoy the extra cuddles and snuggles, but I have never seen him so sick. Poor guy!

I do have some fabulous January specials to share!
Shop this link to get any of these Trunk Show Exclusives with any $50 purchase.

Oh, and by shopping that link?  You could win the hostess rewards, which are currently up to $61!!

The Spring line launches soon!! I am thinking the top left Nila Chandeliers.

The Getaway bag is super popular, and this is a little smaller and a little more affordable: The Day Tripper.   Totally getting this too!

Which one of these is your favorite?

The poncho scarf is so adorable many adorable pieces in this collection!

See something you love?! Let's book a Trunk Show ASAP.  I have even created a quick fool proof hostess coaching group to ensure that you'll get fabulous sales and earn lots of FREE Stella!

Or perhaps you're ready for something new.  Maybe you come here and check out what I'm doing and are curious about being a stylist?  If you're even remotely on the fence, my advice is DO IT!  I will be honest that I signed on in March and didn't do much with my business at all until August.  What made me sign?  A heck of a deal!  We are currently offering that incredible deal again.

To start up your very own business, all you need to invest is $199.  In return?  You will get $450 in accessories.  If you are teachable and coachable, you will earn that investment right back and end up with even MORE freebies.  I'm looking to expand my style team so let's chat!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What I'm Loving Wednesday

I think I've found a nice little groove for this old blog here, and I'm excited to execute it.  Since I'm focusing on 'gratitude' this year, I want to dedicate a weekly post to what I am loving in life.  I figured since I can be rather random, this would be the perfect place to post all things I'm happy about.

First up? I've been loving the deals my style customers are getting with dot dollars!! $25 off of a $50 purchase. If you've got your eye on something, today is the last day to redeem! I have a few unused codes if you'd like, message me.

I am dying to get my hands on this engravable with our land coordinates. I have seen so many meaningful pieces engraved, and they look so chic!  Love this idea too!

I'm also really happy that my Mystery Hostess Trunk Show already has rewards!  I'll be going live on FB 1/17, but the pot is already growing.  Some lucky lady is going to earn some freebies!  If you'd like in, just shop this link. Every order counts!

My favorite Brio Tassel is only $44 with one dot dollar code. I adore this necklace.

My other pick would be the Genevieve. All the heart eyes! This has got to be my favorite from the Fall line.  You can wear it so many ways!!  {use code: QTCIKLBU to save!!}

Food. I just love food; correction, really really good food!! I ordered some Tastefully Simple from my girl Cathy and this recipe screamed New Year's Day.  I had fully believed we were going out NYE, so I wanted an easy dinner to cook itself.  Well, we stayed in but it was still really nice to just let this simmer in a crock pot all day.  It smelled so good!

The pork shoulder literally fell off the bone and I just shredded it. I remove all the fatty parts and then placed it back in the sauce.

You could dip, but you really didn't need to. OMG. I want another one.

This was the sauce I used!

Another recipe is one that my husband found!! Back Alley Ribs.  He has now made these twice, they are THAT good!  {Clearly we enjoy pork...I need to get back into chicken!}

All the fanciness ground up.

Pom/Lime juice.

I'm loving that I started the New Year off on the right foot!  I found this to be inspiring.

While the kiddos napped, I took Holly on a long walk.  The sun was shining and I had to take a photo, since ya just never know when the sun will come out again!

And lastly, books. I am on a big old book kick again lately and one that I am listening to currently is this.  It's quite interesting and if you pick it up, you may find that you learn a thing or two.  It's eye opening because even though you may think you're being positive and manifesting what you want, your thoughts could still be going in the wrong direction...more on that later. I have to re-listen to parts of it. Highly recommend it though!!

Happy Wednesday!!