Tuesday, April 15, 2014

A Bad Read

I've been really making time to read more.  Like I shared a few posts ago, I even stopped at the library. Can I just tell you how HAPPY I am that I did not waste my money [bad enough that I wasted my time] on a book??

I was all excited to find out that the new Brandi book Drinking and Dating {yes, she's a Beverly Hills Housewife, but not really because she's single.  That should have been my first clue} and I loved her last book.  I remember it wasn't long after having Brooke and I wasn't feeling well; I snuggled up with some chai tea and chuckled my way through it.

This book?

Utter crap.

How did it get 4 stars?

Have I really changed that much in a year?

I think I made it to page 30 before I was like what the heck am I doing?? Reading that book was like nails on a chalk board. Now, I don't quite get it, because like I said, I loved her last sarcastic, snooty, blatant and inappropriate talk.  This time however, I was over it in 2.2.  I think what did it for me was when she told her reader, "Oh and if you're happily married, you can just go eff yourself."  Again, language doesn't bother me; I get that it is important for people to express themselves, but this chick is so miserable and just whined about the same damn thing for 30 pages straight.

Maybe it got better.

Most likely it got worse.

But I just felt compelled to share my feelings…

It is very much like eating junk food.  {reading negative garbage like that}  It seems all harmless and in good fun, but then after you're done, you're asking yourself why?  I now feel worse than when I first started.   Like a few months ago when my girlfriends came over and we ordered pizza and garlic bread and I didn't take carb ease and I FELT HORRIBLE.  Like not emotionally horrible but physically just hurt.  Bad. Bad. Bad.  My stomach was upset and I could barely carry a conversation...Haven't done that again!!

Odd comparison.  Call me crazy.  But I returned that stupid book right back to the library for another person to read.  

I am really enjoying The Noticer and I am still picking up Hands Free Mama {which I am also applying to "wife" -- when hubby and I are together I leave my phone at home!!}

I don't have a ton of free time and so I guess when I do decide to read, I will be a little more aware of what I'm feeding my mind.  I love the way The Noticer makes me think and I enjoy bringing that into a conversation with friends, family or my husband.

Just food for thought…I'm not judging, like I said I had full intentions of enjoying that book, but man… If I want to hear about someone's pathetic love life, well, actually I don't. So yes Brandi, I will go "eff myself."

Have you stopped reading a book or watching tv because it's just bad for you!?!?  Please tell me I'm not the only one.

What good books are you ladies reading lately?

Monday, April 14, 2014

Weekend Fun {Lamb, New Ride, Meatballs}

I am such a happy girl with this WARM weather!!  Friday was heavenly as hubby has off, so I snuck out for some mommy time---I went with the pink and white again. I just love them; I hope I don't break them doing all of my housework haha!

My husband arranged for my MIL to come over so he could take me for a ride in his new car!  OOTN w/ a Holly photo bomb

We went to a fun little bistro and had gourmet sirloin burgers.  Here's his new baby!
We were home a little after 6, but it was still nice to sneak out for just a bit. {Thank you Mama Maria!}

Saturday little miss was into everything.

Literally got stuck in between the chair.

Then she insisted on playing with the humidifier.  She was quite proud of herself for putting the top on.

Saturday evening was really low key. Herbal tea and early to bed.

Sunday brought more warmth and a little gratitude. My mom gave me this at Christmas; I shamefully admit I just took it out.  I love it! Quick little anecdotes to read daily….

I got my Kettlebell workout in on Sunday--feeling strong!

Early afternoon we went to Joe's grandma's house.  She nursed this little lamb [Ben] to health.

Homemade sauce that simmered since 8:30 am.  We totally snuck a few meatballs before dinner was served!! So darn good.  No one can replicate grandma's meatballs...

We got to take another quick ride in the vette!  Needed some of this because the sun was so hot!

Brooke just loved being outside.

But the absolute highlight of the weekend?  Brooke meeting Ben, the lamb.

How adorable is she with the lamb?!

And of course I had to take a few videos…

She just had a ball seeing Benny the lamb.

I hope your weekend was as fun as ours!! What Spring-like things did you do?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Sunshine Wednesday

We've been working on counting.  She's got the "One, Two, Three" down.  Now for the rest...

A rainy day called for this little treat!
I made some banana almond flour muffins---pretty good! Recipe HERE.
I didn't bake them as long;mine were done at about 25 mins or so.

I snuck out to the library Tuesday night.  I told myself I would only buy leadership books; ones that will serve a purpose to read over and over or share with friends and family.  I really am making a greater effort to not spend money when we don't have to.  I was really excited when two newer books I was on the waiting list for, arrived!  I sure enjoyed quietly browsing as well. I picked up a few books for me to look at to help with Brooke.  I don't know everything; heck I barely know anything about being a mama! What I do know, is that I am always learning.  Walking into a library almost makes me feel dumb.  There is so much knowledge out there, and I just want to get my hands on it all!!

So far the Bright from the Start book is FAB!! It has cool little ideas to keep the little brain working and activities I didn't think of…and insights that sometimes you just need to be reminded of.  Great read!
{PS No judges on my reading selection!}

I splurged and bought myself some new Alex and Ani.  LOVE.

This girl has my heart, but eyes for Daddy!!  She just loves him so.

She's obsessed with the little magnetic pen/drawing board.

It was sunny and 47 today.  We swung for a few moments…

She went down the slide and tried to climb back up.

Of course she worked up an appetite and she enjoyed a muffin~

And Holly, Brooke and I had some silly time.

Today {Wednesday 4.8} has been a very good day.  I love our life and wouldn't trade anything in the world for all that we have.  Here's hoping that my crockpot dinner is amazing too! I'm trying AdvoRunner's Clean Peanut Thai Chicken!

Monday, April 7, 2014

An Old Blue Smurf Toy

Hello bloggy world, how are you?  I'm doing well.  I've been a busy bee!  I started a pretty intense training course with my Advo biz.  It takes place every Sunday night for 3-4 hours and I LOVE it.  I am such a sucker for learning; I don't mind that I can sit in my pjs and watch videos about something about passionate about.  It's helping me push myself further in all aspects of my life.  I cannot even begin to tell you how much my mind has been blown in just one week [and two classes].

Don't get me wrong; there are moments I ask myself, "Why can't you just sweep the floors, bake cookies and play with Brooke?  Just be a housewife and stay at home mama.  There is always always always stuff to do, things to make, messes to clean, laundry to fold…staying home is enough work as it is!"

But like I said before, there is a passion inside me and I'm simply following it.  I am learning to believe in myself in all aspects and just keep pushing on.  I've come to terms with certain things that just can't happen all the time while I'm doing this [like blogging] and that's okay.

Giving up what I want now, for what I want most later…replays in my mind.

My workouts?  Not bad! I need to up my game this week, and I just started this bad boy: Arginine Extreme.  I am woman, hear me roar!! Haha.  I am just too funny I know; but for real. I am mixing some up with a little bit of Spark and a few catalyst = crazy workout intensity.  Loooooove it!

It warmed up a bit last week; our first "Family Walk" without the stroller!

Friday I got my hair done uber early {8am!} and we enjoyed a splurge; hands down the best pizzas in our area. The cook/owner is from Italy.  #youguessedit #thankgoodnessforcarbease

After lunch we ran to Target for a few items.  She loves running up and down the aisles!

Saturday I shared my love for Advo with some friends and family; it was exciting and even though I was nervous, I did it and am so proud!!   I wore my new cute shirt from ShopRiffRaff and necklace from F21

I love the sleeve detail {and so does Brooke!}

We checked on our rental that being fixed up--selfie!

Sunday hubs cleaned out the garage and went up into the attic---brought this down.

An old blue Smurf toy.

I believe it was given to me on my 1st birthday.  The paint is chipping [making me nervous mommy] so we took a few photos and although she loved it, I don't think it's a good toy to play with any more.  Although, I guess I am alive and well, so maybe it's fine haha.

I don't have a lot of sentimental items from my childhood, so to see her big smile while sitting on this is heartwarming.

We tried to do a little pre-vacation shopping.  I found an adorable purse and Joe found some necessities.  It's no easy task to shop with a 14 month old! She does NOT like sitting still!  So we did what we could and then called it a day.  


I'm definitely a work in progress, but I love my little munchkin so much!! I am trying to be more of a "hands free" mama while we play and do things together.  I love to take photos, so I get a few shots but then try to put my phone away.  I need to be better at this.  I'm finding if I at least turn off the volume and don't hear the buzzing or beeping, I am much more at peace.  It's a little tricky with needing to be available with my business, but I know where my priorities lay.  I won't get these moments back...