Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Eliminating foods while nursing {day 4}

So, I learned something yesterday.  Coffee is a big NO, with baby B's issues.  I had a little more yesterday than I had Monday (since Monday was great!) and all day yesterday after our 11:30 feed, was just not fun.  I could literally tell, when I went to nurse him, that something was off.  When I went to have him latch on, he kept shaking his head from side to side and didn't want to eat!  Now, my boy loves his food so this just shocked me…and then he spit up, cried and was fussy

Seriously, it's easier cutting dairy than a little caffeine. But I can do it…my husband used to drink 2 Red Bulls a day, but with is Crohn's, he clearly saw a huge difference when he stopped drinking it.  He quit cold turkey and never looked back.  SO, I suppose I can suck it up too!! Plus my girlfriends have given it up too, they said it was tough the first few days but after that felt fine.

I won't be doing that again!  I cut Spark, teas, and I don't drink soda/pop anyway, but I am definitely going to have to stop caffeine which is not going to be fun.  However, the smiles, coos, and happy baby are totally worth it!

I'm still going with the no dairy/soy/highly acidic foods, since I want to give that time.  As for a replacement for a warm beverage? I'm going to try hot vanilla almond milk.  {it's actually pretty tasty!} #placeboeffect

What I ate yesterday:
coffee :(
1 egg, spinach, ezekial toast
Oatmeal w/ walnuts
1 pc of banana bread
leftover crockpot chicken, on ezekial bread, w/ lettuce
apple & cashew butter
Coconut Chicken & Kale Stew w/ jasmine rice
And of course water all day long

His schedule:


2:30 feed
5:30 feed
7:30 wakeup
8:30 feed
11:30 --feed/spit up…fussy
2:00 feed/spit up…fussy
3:00 slept in wrap
4:30 feed…super fussy
7:00 bath calmed him down
7:30 feed
8:00 bed
11:30 feed

4:30 feed
7:30 wakeup/feed [burp/small spit up]
8:45-9:40 napping in his swing

Now, I guess that I am documenting mostly for my benefit, but I love when others can offer advice, tips and I am super nervous about cutting caffeine and getting terrible headaches, but it is what is best for my baby and what mother wouldn't do what is best?!  I know that getting more sleep will help me not need caffeine…but the initial withdrawal is probably going to not be fun! 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eliminating Foods While Nursing {day 3}

Mommy talk post…

Well I don't know if it's because I eliminated dairy, soy, citrus, highly acidic foods, or limited my caffeine intake, or if it's just a coincidence but baby boy had a MUCH better day and night last night!

7:30 wake up/feed
8:30-10 I wore him in the Boba carrier and he slept!
11:30 feed
1:30 woke up from 20 min swing nap crying
2:30 feed
3:00 nap
5:10 feed
8:00 feed
10:00 feed followed bed time

2:30 feed
5:30 feed
7:30 wakeup
8:30 feed…now currently in his carrier sleeping on me

Things I'm noticing:  His feeds are stretching out for a longer duration.  Before it was as if he would suck as fast as he could, just to be finished.  Now, he is actually enjoying the the feed and I am too!  He is falling asleep a lot easier at the breast, which I remember Brooke doing a lot.

About 2 hours after a feed yesterday, he seemed to wake up crying--but other than that, his incessant crying and turning bright red and arching, screaming, and seeming really distraught did NOT happen.

When he pooped, he made some typical funny faces and some noise, but nothing appeared painful!

He is actually SLEEPING during the day! Now, I know kids are all different, but I know (first hand) how important sleep is and poor bubs wasn't sleeping much at all and I think that added to the issues.

What I have been eating:

This has been tricky as I have been a little sleep deprived, and have not a ton of easy "go to foods" in the cupboard. It has made me realize how much dairy I was consuming….a yogurt, a cheese stick, adding slices of cheese, grabbing a protein shake or bar…it was all super easy for a new mommy with a toddler and newborn!   I may have grimaced at the thought of NO PIZZA?!  But let me tell you, yesterday I saw more smiles, heard more coos and held a happy, comfy baby…and there is NO food that can make me want to replace that.

So my limited findings in my cupboards the last few days:
-cashew butter
-few green beans
-brown rice/quinoa
-chicken (I did a whole chix in a crockpot with bbq seasonings, evoo and a little brown sugar-yum!)
-ezekial bread
-few pieces of italian salami
-almond milk
-organic granola clusters
-salad w/ a little homemade dressing

So, like I've said I'm currently cutting the acidic foods/gassy foods (garlic/onion) for now. I really think it's the dairy/soy but I want to just cut things for a bit then re-introduce one at a time.  I am really trying to avoid anything processed too, so that may have something to do with..but I have not cut gluten, as I am eating bread here or there.

While I still feel behind on things and want to be in a better routine, especially with Brooke, I finally feel in control of something!  I got a solid four hours of sleep last night, and a few more after that! I feel so much better and know that little man does too.  I am not a Dr, and I'm not saying what I am doing is "the answer" but I feel that foods I am eating are definitely impacting baby boy…and I will do whatever I can to make him comfy!

Any quick and easy meal ideas?? I am finding that I am super hungry and I need to have quick options to grab…I am making my grocery list now so I can go to the store tonight!  Thanks!

Monday, March 2, 2015

Life Lately {with a 6 week old}

Well hello there, blog.   How have you been?  I'm doing much better today, thank you.  It's been rocky around these parts…nothing terrible, but we've had a fussy Mr and after lots of research, talks, Dr. visits, we believe baby boy has reflux.   It kind of just sneaks up on you and you don't even realize it.  The first few weeks were easy peasy…then all of a sudden week 4 hit and BAM.  We had a really cranky and upset child. He rarely sleeps.

He has always been rather fussy, but I thought maybe some babies are just more clingy and I was honestly kind of excited he liked to be held so much, because his independent sister? Not so much. She was so content in her swing or play mat, we would just play with her that way.  We never got into baby wearing much; but this dude?  He is a CUDDLEBUG.  Again, I don't mind that at all!

But if you can see in my eyes, the little bit of worry; it's the constant crying and seeming like he's in pain that started to really get to me.

He is hard to burp, and I fight for the little littlest amount of air to come out.  We used to call him Mr. Toots because the first few weeks all he did was rip out some super loud ones!  Lately if he does, it's because we are doing the baby exercises and trying to get him to pass gas.

He's so cute and lovable; I just want to see him smiling and cooing always! When he's in discomfort, it just makes my heart ache. It's awful!

Even though I get up at night, this man hears me get up and come back to bed, over and over again. He works crazy long hours and after this weekend, I feel like I could marry him all over again, because when shit gets real, and you feel like you're at your wits end, you should be able to go to your husband and cry and tell him you're trying everything in your power to fix things by yourself, but sometimes you need some help.  I feel bad for crying like that in front of him, because I know it broke his heart to see me so, but that's what you do in a real marriage; you open yourself up and bare your most vulnerable self and know that you've picked the right soul mate in life, if he is there to hold you, comfort you and doesn't leave your side.  It may sound dramatic to someone reading this, but when you're averaging 1-2 hours of sleep and getting a total of maybe 5 broken up hours a night, it adds up.  So, thank you Joseph, for always pushing me to be my best, but always holding my hand and helping me up when I am at my worst.

This week was a bit of a blur, but there were some highlights I am so grateful for!  My mother in law had planned on coming over on Thursday {2.26} so that I could go to my 6 week check up. <---all is well btw and if I can, I am going to workout TODAY!!  She watched both kids so I could even go have lunch with my hubs--hence the solo bathroom selfie at the dealership--I took it to remind myself of that small reprieve in our crazy lives and did not take it for granted.

She was able to see the tiredness in my eyes and the look of defeat, as I really was beginning to fall apart with no sleep.  Apparently Joe was like this as a baby and she remembers all too well, sleepless nights and endless crying.  She even offered to come over again on Saturday so I could nap a bit.  Oh, and need I not forget the AMAZING Chicken French she made for us and she came over Saturday with Pork chops and potatoes.  OMG.  The best way to describe how I felt with her coming over, was like a fresh warm and cozy blanket, pulled straight from the dryer and being wrapped around me.  I needed help, and I certainly don't like asking for it, and she didn't ask; she just said offered.  Thank you Mama D, for being such an angel in my life!! These babies are so blessed to have you as their grandma.

I even had a few minutes to spare to run to Target, and I was super excited to see the Easter stuff out, so I stocked up on a few things for the kids' baskets.

I then had an appointment for B because the gas, fussiness, thrush, basically everything was coming to a head and I needed to talk to someone.   I gave the lowdown/whole life story of the past few weeks, and she noted a few things…

I had started nursing him 1-2 hours.  He cried, I put him to the boob.  It was an endless and exhausting cycle. His current weight is 13 lbs and that is REALLY big for a 6 week old.  She said to do whatever I had to, to space the feeds out because maybe the food was not digesting and that was causing him to spit up, get gas, be fussy etc.

She also said he does not have Thrush (like another Dr had said) and she claims it is just milk tongue.  It should go away when he's done breastfeeding.

As for the reflux? It could be, but to start spacing out the feeds first and she prescribed baby Zantac if we want to try it.

This Dr doesn't believe what foods I eat should bother baby, but apparently that's a huge debate in and of itself.

Talk about mommy guilt, this one has been so, so, so good. Like, I can't even explain how amazing she plays by herself--it seriously is crazy.  She is learning to be patient, as "brudder is crwying" and I try to really make efforts to have some one on one time with her when Daddy is home.  Last night we read books and played with her kitchen set.  She still has her moments where she can get dramatic, whiny, and starts repeating things over and over and over and over.  I just hope to get into a routine so I can take the kids places and not feel like a zombie!

SO that leaves us to today; after getting a nap in late yesterday afternoon and some sleep last night {read 3 hours uninterrupted, followed by an hour, then another 2…so not too bad!}  I woke up feeling more humanlike and not so drained.  I'm not even kidding when I say, I feel like I could barely form sentences or even should have driven to my chiro appointment on Friday.  I know it's what parents do, but man, sleep is so so important and I just hope to get things under control.

Our current plan is to continue spacing out his feeds every 3-4 hours.  We are using the gas drops.  Keeping him upright 20-30 mins after a feed. I have omitted quite a bit from my diet--I always try to limit processed foods, but I am stepping up the ante there.  I am also going:
-dairy free
-soy free
-staying away from highly acidic foods (which is tricky bc I love fruits!)
-I admit caffeine is the hardest. I tried to just not have any yesterday and I ended up with a big old headache….so I may have to wean myself.

If this doesn't work, we have the baby zantac drops, but we are hoping he grows out of this and just won't need them.

So far this wrap has been working, as I've been able to actually type a blog post for the first time in a long time and chase after Brooke as well.  I know parenting is not easy but man, when you have a screaming crying baby you just want him to be happy and feel well!  I am going to remain optimistic that this will pass soon and we will all be getting more sleep and feel better.  I know he could have way worse problems and that out of anything that could be wrong, in a way I am glad it's 'only' reflux.

That is what we have been up to and I hope to be able to keep up with blogging and just being "normal" soon!  Babies [children] don't come with an instruction manual, so I find the best thing is to just talk to other mommies and daddies and just keep trying things until they work.

The weather is starting to warm up, which is exciting, since February was the coldest month EVER, we legit hit the record here in our city.  Wonderful!!  Spring will be here soon.  I am ready!!  Happy Monday friends.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bradley's One Month Update

My oh, my….how time surely flies! I seriously cannot believe on 2/17 you turned one month!  We spent the evening just the two of us shopping at the mall. Ok, well I shopped and you slept the whole time!  It was the perfect way to celebrate hehe.   It's been a crazy month and we enjoyed every bit of it. You had your first holiday {Valentine's Day} and lots of visitors all month long.

At your last visit to the Dr. you were:
11 lbs 13 oz
22 inches long

Newborn clothing fit for one week.
0-3 months fit until your 3rd week.
You fit most 3 month clothing, although the sleepers have begun to get tight.
You have a big ol' noggin son! Your 0-6 months hats only fit a few days…
I've started to pull out 3-6 month and 6 month clothes!  I feel bad because you have some super cute shorts and tees in that size, but with all this cold and snow, that's not happening!

You sure love your food!  Nursing started out wonderfully and as my supply regulates, we're trying to figure it out together.  At first I made so much milk, you could barely handle just one side, but lately I think it's gone down some as I stopped pumping extra, and sometimes you'll take both sides.  If you start fussing a lot, I usually just nurse you and it tends to do the trick.   You tend to wake up 2-3 times a night, sleeping at most in 4/5 hour stretches. {thank you!}

You do spit up a bit more than we remember Brooke, and I have a heck of a time to get you to burp.  I get conflicting reports on whether the food I eat directly affects you; the Dr said it's all inconclusive whereas other moms say it is true.  I try to avoid onion and broccoli, as when I ate chili or salsa you were really gassy and fussy.  But there are times when I don't have that and you're unhappy too.  It's all a learning curve and we will figure it out!  Since you're such a big boy, the Dr is not concerned, I'm just being an overprotective mama who doesn't want her baby boy in pain.

I feel bad that in our first month you've already had to deal with Thrush (and we are still dealing with it) and that your belly gets gassy and you don't like that one bit.  You are a growing and healthy boy, other than those issues and I just want you to smile and coo always! We hate seeing you in such discomfort and mommy has already slept in your room with you a few nights.  I pray daily you won't get Crohn's like Daddy, and that your little system is just working out its kinks and all is still developing.

Your sister loves to give you "Dukes" when you make a fist, which is pretty much always. #poundit

{My baby blanket}

Clothes going over your head.
Being alone, other than when you are sleeping. You really love to be held!
The carseat.  Once we get driving, you're cooing and totally fine, but until we hit the road, notta fan!
When things are dropped/fall on the floor and make really loud noises. That always wakes you up.
Cold Wipes.
Gas pain.  :(

Bath time
White noises--humidifier, hairdryer, vacuum, sleep machine.
Being swaddled.
Smiling and being talked to.
Warm wipes.
NUK and 49ers pacifiers

I love your silly little, up to no good already, look.

Your daddy and I agree, you make the best and funniest faces! You have fit right into our lives, like you've always been here, and yet make our life all brand new.   We cannot believe how fast one month flew by with you and know that each day is a true blessing that you are in our lives.  I do not wish time away, as I know it will go by fast enough, but I am SO looking forward to warm weather with you and your sister!! It's going to be so much fun to get outside. Daddy and I keep talking about how much fun our family vacation with you will be!  For now, we will stay bundled up and cozy inside, huddled up in blankets, keeping each other warm.

We love you so much little one! Thank you for being our son.

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Newborn Photoshoot {just a preview!}

With Brooke we hired our photographer and were able to get some awesome shots of her.  Since then, we have purchased a really high quality camera and while I am NOT a professional, I think I was able to get some fun/cute shots of our Mr. B.


Of course, big sister had to be a part of the shoot as well!!

While there are more, I want to get out our birth announcements first….so I figured I would share just some of the shots I took for now. {I am certain there are a few grandparents who are anxiously awaiting these pics!!}

I know my lighting isn't perfect, my angles are off and some are just not great shots, but I am happy with them and a few more that I'll share at a later date.  Love our little bubs!!