Sunday, February 7, 2016

Leggings. Me Time. Chakras

Back in 2010 we went to Europe for our honeymoon. I saw every girl there wearing leggings and they looked so chic!! I bought a few pairs over there and cannot believe how much I still love them even now.  I know the trends tend to start over there and head over here, but I had no idea 6 years later, leggings would still be HOT HOT HOT.  I guess that's my excuse as to why I pretty much wear them 24/7.  Once in awhile I'll throw on some jeans, but let's be real.  They're not leggings.  I love a good summer dress, but in this Winter weather?  I love me some leggings.  It's so simple to throw on my Ugg boots or a pair of sneakers. Voila.

I figured I would share some of my favorites!

LuLaRoe.  They're definitely worth money, but try not to dry them! They'll fade a bit.  I love that they're funky and the prints are so cute.  I paired my new coral Keeper with the Palm leaf with these cuties!  {I won this as an incentive to sponsor & coach a teammate to qualify~I LOVE being recognized for accomplishments!!}

I scooped up these V-day inspired leggings a few weeks ago--totally adorable and fun!

Express- I think it's probably my favorite store and I love their leggings, but they can be pricey too. I got a few pairs while they were on sale---I love them!! I was so excited about the mesh design.  They're a bit breezy in the cold weather, but inside they're totally fine.

I feel so edgy and fun~

And of course Old Navy.  I still love my ON workout capris.  They're always good for some workout motivation!  I tried washing my sneaks but they're still quite stained when the baby had a little spit up on my left foot. I may or may not have been UBER romantic when I told my husband, can I please have new kicks instead of V-Day roses? LOL  Oy.

Friday I had an appointment to get an abdominal Ultrasound to see if I could get any answers about my tummy issues. {No word yet}.  I left the house at 7:30 and did not return until 2.  Whoa! 

It was wear red that day for heart disease and I was totally feeling that vibe...

After my ultrasound I went to Panera to grab breakfast since I had to fast prior.  It was so WEIRD to be able to sit, alone and eat. I honestly didn't even know what to do with myself.  After that I went and got gas, had a hair appointment, went and got my brows done and picked up sushi for Joe and I to eat when I got home.

In those hours I really took note of everything going on around me.  I find that when I'm with the kids, I am so focused on them, I rarely notice the little things. The traffic I was stuck in on the way to the ultrasound. The old man who yelled at another man for running a stop sign in the parking lot.  The two hours of conversation I was able to have with my hairdresser.  The uplifting brow appointment with a beautiful spirited person, Jenna.  Ever meet someone who just makes you feel better by being in her presence? Yes, that's her.  It's more than just getting my eye brows on fleek; I swear it was a bit of a tune up too.  She's into teaching yoga and all about the essential oils.  We talked about reiki and how I have been feeling all sorts of stuck and out of whack.  It made me want to revisit my whole "tune into the divine" and work on myself some more.  

She said wearing red is a great way to work on my root chakra and feel more grounded and balanced. Which is funny because while I was there I picked up an essential oil to try out; it seemed to kind of tell me that I needed it.  It smells sooooo amazing.  I haven't tried this brand, but I have heard wonderful things about it.  So I figured this mama of two littles could use a little extra "balancing" in her life.  I have been putting it on my wrists and just inhaling its lovely scent.  My next goal is to get my booty to a yoga class.

This whole weird not feeling well thing? It sucks, obviously.  Talking with T my trusted acupuncturist, she believes it's just stress.  She could be right. I put a lot of pressure on myself in a lot of ways, for no real reason at all.  I personally believe my Solar Plexus chakra is really unbalanced {causes digestive issues, etc} So I'm going to work on balancing these bad boys and trying not to be so worked up all of the time.  If you start googling, you will see all sorts of interesting info pop up! From songs, to wearing certain colors, and's amazing! 

I saw this that someone painted and I wish I could paint it myself!  I love the mantras though...

Did you know there are Chakra stations on Pandora?? Yes, there are and you should totally go check them out.
I'm sure this may be a bit woo woo to some of you, but I personally find it fascinating!  I may have a citrine crystal on its way, to help me balance the negativity as well.

And this?  Love it.  Makes me happy to see the bright colors and remember to stop stalling and just start doing. It's going to be imperfect and messy and not what I expect, especially if I sit and think about everything instead of actually doing.

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! We are just staying in and I'm working on trying to get all of us healthy.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thoughts on Thursday

I saw a mug on social media, and I'm totally blanking on the company, but it said "Raising Tiny Humans in Exhausting." and I couldn't agree with it more.  There have been a lot of moments lately when my eyes just close and my mind stops racing, and I hear the cries.

Baby is up; his teeth are bothering him.  I go make a bottle, since that always helps, I go in and rock him for a bit.  He cuddles up with me, no longer fitting in the crook of my arms comfortably, but rather his long one year old body snuggles up close to me, head in my neck, me kissing his head.

I calm him down and he lays back down, holds his bottle and blankie and falls asleep...and what feels like moments later, I hear the damn neighbor's dog across the street bark, like clockwork at 6:30.

A few minutes later, I hear the baby.  And then Brooke. and just like that, the day starts over, once more.

I rush to get a bottle made, let the dog out, run back up to get Brooke out of bed so we don't have any accidents in bed, grab the baby and change his dirty diaper.  Hear the dog bark as she is back and doesn't want to sit outside in the cold. Run downstairs, turn on the coffee maker.  Iron Joe's clothes, get breakfast started...

It's a pretty standard routine and we could all get healthy and feel better, I know that it would run a little more smoothly.   Joe's Crohn's has really been acting up, he needs to go get checked out.  I've been dealing with some odd digestive issues myself and it's really getting old.  Healthcare is a pain in the butt and trying to get to appointments and figure out what is wrong is such a process.

We said to each other we really need to start having more fun.  I know life has changed with kids, but we know how important it is to keep our marriage and relationship strong.   I'm trying to interview more babysitters because we just don't have time for anything.  It's so hard to find good help you trust, so I am asking for some assistance from above, for a lot lately...

Baby boy is walking. Practically running! He's into everything and anything.  It's all eyes on him, or watch out.

Brooke had a pre-school open house for next year.  I was so nervous she wasn't going to get in because they only take 16 people, but we were #12 signing up and so that was a relief to find that out!

Joe sent me an article on how terrible it is to multi task in long story short, it makes you stupid.  Well explains it mommas!  At this point I have counted 6 times (and I have only sat down for maybe 5 minutes?) to grab Brookie tissues (runny nose).  She needed apple juice.  She was hungry.  She needed help with her play doh princess tower.  I forgot to grab my coffee.  I spilled the apple juice.

So, my point, as a mom, it's pretty much impossible to finish a task without stopping for someone else.  And when I don't stop? I hear cries. Whines. And eventually those little whines aren't so cute.

7 times now. I've stopped 7 times. 8.  9.  10...that play doh didn't keep her attention very long!

Anyway, I know this is a season, and I keep telling myself I'll miss this.  But right now?  It's hard.  Life gets hard, Being a mom to two littles and a wife to someone who has a pretty crappy disease and me not feeling well?  It's tough.  I somehow was afraid to be here on this blog. I worry about what everyone reading it will think, but after listening to Amber from Mommy's Me Time, I realized I have to stop.

If I feel a little helpless and like everything is not under control, I am sure there are other mommies out there feeling the same way.  I keep listening to a lot of Joel Olsteen (in my car) and Terri Savelle Voy (On you tube) and I keep hearing about how I need to act like it's all better. I need to thank God for all that I have, to be grateful, but also to thank him for what I want, as if I already have it.   Basically, it's "Living Breakthrough minded" and so that is what I'm going to keep doing.

Before I feel like I'm on top, I have to go through some tough times..well folks, I think those times are present.

I really feel like I'm rambling today, but I never want it to seem like I have it all together.  That I'm super human or perfect, because I'm not.  I'm not bulletproof and I always strive to be my best, but sometimes life is a little messy and just not easy.

There is so much I wish were different, and I try so very hard to work on my mindset and focus on the good.  Like in my little business? I did reach my goal of Associate Designer.  I had a few amazing socials last month and I actually did it and promoted within my 2 months.  So awesome and I am so proud of myself.  I know that it's important to me to have my own little thing. I find it so fun to help people create personalized pieces that bring them joy.  I would love to be able to work on this business for a few hours a week at a coffee shop or have some more at home socials, because I know I need that basic girl connection.  But now? I feel like it's back to the drawing board with my sweet little family and trying to heal all of us...

It takes a village to raise kids and sometimes I feel like the village is Joe and I.  And that's ok, it just takes a lot of work on our part!  I know we need some kid free time, more than just 4 hours away for dinner, and so that is my goal by the end of the month.  I told him I just want to eat sushi in bed & sleep in past 7!! That sounds heavenly.

How do you survive the tough moments of mommy hood?  Aside from the coffee/wine suggestion, as those really aren't helping my tummy problems!!  I'm all ears.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Follow Friday

I cannot tell you how excited I am to be connecting with some truly beautiful people.  I love blogging and all of the different friends I have made in this internet world.

I reached out to one sweet girl, to see if she wanted to do a little collaboration with KEEP and her blog and my goodness, we had a ball at her online social.

Jessica was en route to her hometown and pulled over into a parking lot, since she had gotten stuck in traffic, to attend her online party!  I am so happy you were such a trooper and appreciate all of your efforts.

I had to share her blog and her post about KEEP.  Once again, it's more than just pretty arm candy; for sure it is so fun and gorgeous to look at, but when I saw Jessica's word of the year, "JOY" I knew she had to have some Keep pieces.

If you take a closer look into her life and blog, you'll see how much she has endured at such a young age.  It's women like this that even though I have never met in person, I know she has impacted me and my life in ways I can't even explain.

Thank you for being such an amazing hostess Jessica and for collaborating with me.  And a quick "Happy Birthday" to KEEP as it turns ONE today!

Who else should I be following in this beautiful blog world?  I love connecting with other women all over the country.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Slow Cooker Sweet Potato Basil Soup

Just stopping in for a quick minute to say hello!! I had my girls' night last night (minus Alison--sad face) and Matty made this soup. It was SO delicious, I kid you not, I had to whip it right up today and eat it again!

Of course, I wanted to share it with all of you.  It's seriously one of the easiest recipes, but it leaves you feeling nice and full on a cold winter's day.

You will need:

2 sweet potatoes, peeled/quartered or diced
1 small onion or 1/2 of a large yellow
2 cloves of garlic minced
1 can of coconut milk
1 cup of vegetable broth (I used chicken)
1 tablespoon of dried basil
salt & pepper to taste

Dump all of it into the slow cooker & cook on high for 3 hours.
Use an immersion blender or regular blender to mix until smooth.


Stay warm my friends!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Motivational Tip

Happy Hump Day!! 

Lots to say, but alas...I have not sat down to type. 

I did, however, make a *quick* video. 

Chatty vlog, but I try to make a point.

I'm trying something new.  Sharing some tip that helps me stay on track with,

Do this every. Single. Day. 

Feed your brain.

Stay beautiful. xox