Tuesday, December 16, 2014


Well, I finally wrote my entire post--thoughts, feelings, emotions, and tears.  I re-capped what happened that Thursday, over month ago.

And then it didn't save.

So, I have what's left, and I don't feel like writing it again right now…maybe later.

Today Sadie would have been 8.


Because before Brooke and before Brad and before Holly before Joe there with Sadie.

For some reason, I didn't think it would be this hard to get over a dog.  For now I'll blame it on my pregnancy hormones, since that excuse won't be valid much longer.. Growing up we lost hamsters cats and say goodbye to dogs. Heartbroken over beloved family pet Bacca, to this day still remains the best well-behaved dog I ever had...

But we grew up and we moved on I went to college there were other dogs.  Then there was Sadie. 

Perhaps it was because she was so naughty. Maybe it was because she needed so much attention. Or maybe it was because I found her in a moment in my life where nothing seemed right and she filled everything that I needed in that time and I think her I forever tried to give her the best life possible. 

I even remember Joe picking me up the first time, I wouldn't let him inside!! I knew how she loved to jump on people and was so naughty, I didn't want to scare him off haha!  Well that didn't happen.  He fell in love with both of us.

We became a family.

With her crazy seizures and her licking of the air, we were always trying ways to make her life better.  That included this crazy wrap jacket thing.  #didntwork

While I don't expect the tears to dry, i'm hoping that this kind of closes a chapter so remains open and unsaid. I've put off writing this simply because I didn't want to cry, and yet almost on a daily basis I find myself tearing up.

I know it's not just me as the tears well up in my husband's eyes, whenever I ask him if it's going to get easier…

I also know when I look at my little dog Holly and how she's still not the same. Sadie was all she ever knew, and although Sadie seems more annoyed than anything that was Holly's pack and now she's one. 

We used to joke about how much easier it would be to keep up with the cleaning without all the fur.   I will trade fur for cleaner floors any day. Every time I dry clothes in the dryer there would always still be tons of fur.  Well I can tell you now when I fold black pants, the pieces of fur are far and few. 

I will also say, once again I have a love/hate relationship with Time Hop.

So, yes, today you would have been 8 Sadie.  I miss you every day and think about you all of the time. I hope you have all the bacon you want in heaven, and get to run around free.  Love you Sadie Lady!

Monday, December 15, 2014

A Sprinkle for Baby Boy

I was on the fence of whether or not I wanted to have a baby shower/sprinkle.  I know it's a busy time of year for people and money can be tight…I didn't want to seem greedy either, since we just had Brooke 2 years ago, had a lovely full blown shower, and I will be able to use all of our 'big stuff' again since I made a really big effort to buy gender neutral "just in case."  

However, my mother in law really wanted to get close friends and family together to celebrate the life of baby boy to be!! I would be lying if I wasn't excited to have my friends and family all together;  I love the holidays and having a little party at my house was PERFECT.  More than anything, I think Brookie thought the party was for her, but that's ok.  She's got a big role to fill as big sis!  She had a ball.

My mother in law Maria has a friend Marisa who makes amazing desserts---she made these adorable cupcakes!  They were vanilla and chocolate.  Inside was a jelly or jam…I think maybe raspberry? SO GOOD!!

Aaaaaand my mother in law used Pinterest.  Check out her peppermint candy plate!! haha I LOVE IT!

In typical Italian fashion, there was a TON of food!! I didn't snap any pictures of the actual lunch, but here were just the apps!

Brooke lovin on my besties Alison and Ann!

Of course Miss Holly was all up in everyone's biznass.

Baby cards get me!

The foxes!

I just can't get enough of cute little orange foxes!

Outfit change.  I believe Joe's Aunt Phyllis got Brooke a big sister gift, which were Minnie footed pjs.  She of course had to take off what she was wearing and immediately put that on! #minnierules

Funniest gift:  Pee pee Teepee! Friends of ours have a little boy and she said they could have used these. Oh boy!! Of course Joe's mom shared a funny story of how he "wee wee'd" in his grandmother's face as a baby. haha

His first jean jacket! Look at that fur collar.

Great-grandma fixed us up with some wonderfully warm knitted hats.

And a baby blue blankie.

She also knitted the 4 of us matching winter hats!! {niners colors!}

Brookie got a scarf too.  Love the braids!

Silly girl and her stickers.

This gift made me cry.  My dad and stepmom made Brooke a name plaque, so of course we wanted baby boy to have one too!! This time they used a piece of wood that was cut from a tree at my grandparents' cottage [which we sadly no longer own] but my dad wrote a really nice note to go along with it, and it came out perfectly for his room!  It was very special and sentimental.  I was all choked up here.

Car booties from my mother-in-law!

A homemade lion, bought from a local senior center.

Whoever said baby boy clothes aren't cute was dead wrong!! I am obsessed with all of his new looks!

Thankful for these women in my life!

Getting a new set of jammies.

It was time for dessert…and someone, ahem, Aunt Brianna, made sure Brooke had a chocolate cupcake.

Wait, that's all I get???

She was unhappy when she was done with it, and wanted more…but mama said no!!

She was so exhausted from all the fun, she fell asleep at 7 and did not wake up until 8 am the next morning!  How cute is she?

Daddy's kangaroo from when he was a kid.  I believe it is from Australia.

Thank you Mama D for putting all of this together and for all of the amazing gifts.  Seriously, you put so much time and effort into it all, and basically did it by yourself.  Thank you!! I am so blessed to have you as a mother in law, and we are lucky to have you in our lives. Your grandson is well loved and I am so excited to bring him into our loving world!!  

Thank you for everyone who came that day and has sent us love.  It meant so much to me to feel the love from everyone.  I can't wait to see what life will be like with two kids.  We are so ready to meet you little one, so whenever you are ready, we are here with open arms ready to scoop you up!!  

Saturday, December 13, 2014

December Stitch Fix {review}

Woop woop!! My very first fix came the other day.  It couldn't have been a better day, as we were snowed in and being large and in charge, ain't nobody got time to waddle around looking for clothes that don't really fit anyway. Baha.

So, real quick, what is Stitch Fix? It's basically where an online stylist takes your personal info, {you fill out a cool profile about your style} and then you can write a note with any added information that you think may help your stylist.  For me, it was that I am super duper prego and about ready to give birth, so I was looking for more accent pieces and transitional items to take me into postpartum/nursing.

You do pay $20 for a styling fee, but once you receive your fix, that will go towards any items that you keep.  If you choose to keep all 5 items, then you will also receive an extra 25% off your purchase!

Another way to save money? Referrals. I love when companies offer referrals.  For every person that schedules a fix, when it ships, you will receive $25 credit!! I loved that I could give that to my girl Jamie that raved about this service.  So, if you like what you see and would love to give this a whirl, you can use my code here Stitch Fix Referral and then you will get your own referral code to share with your friends and family.  How awesome?!

I opened her up and she's so pretty! Hey, when you're this pregnant and pretty much house bound due to weather (and size) you get excited over silly things, mmmm k?

I ripped everything open as fast as I could and loved that they send you style cards with two different ways of wearing the items.  I don't have to think==winning--and I didn't have to waste time Pinteresting. Fab!

So, what did I love? Hate? Keep? Return?  Well, you know how I feel about this bad boy cardi. I'm talking old school Mr. Rogers, super soft and just hugs you in all the right spots.  I got a medium and it definitely ran a bit big, but I like that in the winter (and in the last stage of pregnancy/postpartum).


Navy blue cotton maxi dress. Feels like butter on your skin, for real.  I will admit, I don't know how flattering I feel in it right now, as I am the size of a house, but I am so in love with it.

I love that it is blue {for baby boy?!} and the top/breast part is already really stretchy, so it's perfect to nurse in!! Seriously, I am huge people haha!  I didn't realize how big my belly was until I saw it in this dress. It's also a size medium, and clearly fits a 9 month prego booty/belly and I am about 5'8 so I think the length is fairly decent too.



Next up, as my husband would say, "Bird bird bird, bird is the word…" no really, this adorable bird infinity scarf!! I thought it matched well with the dress even.   Soft, and just the right amount of 'fluff' to create that pretty, cozy, look for winter.


See how happy that grey cardigan makes me?!  It goes with the maxi too! I'm half tempted to pack this maxi in my hospital bag to come home in, as you just want comfort and looking sort of cute is always a perk!

I wanna say this length would cover my bum in leggings too.  #sweet

Next up was the faux leather sleeve jacket thingy.. Aka super cute and trendy, but I just have too many lady lumps going on to enjoy it…this medium fit a lot more snug than the others as well.


I know it doesn't even match the dress, but I just think it wouldn't really look right on me for quite some time and I just didn't love it.

Finally, was another cardigan, but more fitted.  This medium was smaller and while cute, I could not justify purchasing, simply because…

I already own this light grey gold sequin elbow-patched cardigan!

My stylist clearly nailed it, but I just bought the one on the right off Jane.com and so, mama doesn't need two.  Sorry boos!


So out of 5 items, I'm only sending back these 2!

Now I just have to toss them in the return bag, which is already postmarked and then pay for my goodies I am keeping.  Oh, and I have to patiently wait until my next fix, which oddly enough, may not be here until baby boy?!  I can't wait!!

Overall Thoughts?

I think that because I was brutally honest in my note to my stylist, she was able to really find things I was looking for.  Creating the profile was a lot of fun, but if you're picky about certain items, let them know!! I think it helps them create your fix a lot better.  I'm only sad I didn't start this service sooner! I obviously had so much fun opening it up and trying on things, even if I didn't love them, it was still fun to do.  I cannot stress enough, if you're someone who doesn't get to a mall that often or have the time to really dig around looking for things, give this a shot!  Ya never know what you may fall in love with.   The prices can be a little high, but you have to factor in the quality of your items, the shipping both ways is covered, AND you got a stylist.  Again, I can't tell you how nice it was to have new clothes without having to think and go out in a blizzard 9 months prego to get them!

Feel free to ask me any questions about this.  My thoughts and opinions are my own and I certainly just want to share things that I am loving on my blog.  

Do you already have Stitch Fix?  Leave me a comment below, as I love seeing what others get in their fixes too!! If you do sign up, let me know so I can check out your goods as well!  Happy weekend friends.