Monday, April 30, 2012

Sissy's Bachelorette Re-Cap!!

What a weekend!!!
My sister's bachelorette party was fabulous!
We started the day with lunch at her house
and sipped on mimosas until it was time to go get our mani/pedis.
She's so not a pink girl, but she looks so good in it!!
After our spa day, we headed back to my house where
we had already decorated in full effect...
Her friends and I pulled off a grand evening!!
***I'm not trying to offend anyone, all 'toys' were in fun 
and I wanted to share how silly we got for my sister!***
Cans of whipped cream vodka--super fun for nights out!
Pink Champagne flutes
Bachelorette stickers, bands, beads
Bride Cup
Silly straws & napkins
Diamond light up rings
Cupcake Wine--one of her faves!
The blow up man--The girls named him Roberto or something
{she carried him around the bars. 
Unfortunately a random drunk jerk tore his arm off and he deflated by the last bar}
Silly blow up decorations
Bermuda blue tablecloths to match her wedding color
 Naughty Vanilla Cupcakes
 The Deets...
 Equal parts champagne & vodka
Add pineapple juice
A throwback SATC drink!!
 Our hott limo driver, thanks babe!
 The Bride to Be!!
 There are more pictures still to come, but I wanted to share a few via my iphone!
 I also wanted to say thank you to Danielle at Dandy Designs for my
blog makeover!
She was sooooo helpful and very quick to design something that I just 
absolutely love! I think she did a wonderful job and I'm very happy.
Very me.
Thanks for your sweet comments on it already, lovely readers!
Next weekend is my sister's couples shower, so
I'll be busy prepping for that...and cleaning up the aftermath from the party
here at our house this weekend.
Hope you have a terrific week!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I may be MIA...

I wanted to say hello really quickly, but I have not
planned out my posts, and well...
I'm knee deep in bachelorette prep!!
I have zumba tonight woop woop
I'm so happy to feel so great lately!
{today's jeans are a bit baggy, such a great feeling!}
I have arranged for 
a girls' day Saturday
TONS of 
fun things happening Saturday night.
I may or may not have spoiled my lil sis,
but hey, that's what big sissy's do, right?!?!?
I don't know if she reads my blog, 
so I will have to share more later.
I have the hubs as our 
"limo driver"
since the price doubled in limos from last week to this week
freakin prom season!
So we will make the most out of it,
and I look forward to sharing that with you!
A sneak peek:
OH yeah, us Bliss girls go H.A.M.
Later lovies!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Soup Recipe

Recipe time!
I'm a tad overdue for some tasty dishes.
This one I sort of came up with on my own...
I had a head of cauliflower and wanted something
warm, earthy, and to just fill my tummy up with
this past cold & wet weekend.
I'm sure you could doctor it up with cream,
or butter, milk, any of the fats...
I kept it natural and simple.
It fills me up on a small bowl,
I can barely eat the rest of my meal!!

Cauliflower & Mushroom Soup
1 head of Cauliflower
1 bag of mixed fancy mushrooms{shitake, cremini, bellas}
 (I used frozen, you can use fresh)
1 carton of chicken broth (or vegetable)
1 large onion
3 garlic cloves
Good quality extra virgin olive oil
Parmesan cheese

In a large pot, heat EVOO on medium heat
I chopped the onion & sauteed it in the dutch oven until tender.
Add chopped garlic cloves.
Cut cauliflower into large chunks and add to pan.
Pour broth over
Let it simmer on medium-low 45 (+/-)minutes until soft
Using an immersion blender, puree all the veggies until smooth
Add sea salt/pepper to taste
I added a little Parm cheese for a flavor boost.

It was earthy and creamy...
A very thick soup!
You can add more liquid if you'd like,
I preferred it this way.
Eat some of this before your meal,
and you'll be full before you know it!
A little extra dose of vitamins from the veggies.
I'd like to add carrots & celery too.
I'm noticing you can add just about any vegetable,
chicken broth, and use the immersion blender and it's
pretty darn tasty! 

Winner & Current Song

And the lucky winner of my giveaway is...

Monday, April 23, 2012

Makeup, Movie & a Meal! My views on it all.

April Showers....
may kill our May flowers?
I am not so sure what the weather wants to do lately.
I got a sunburn while having lunch with my sister last Friday.
We sat outside and enjoyed lunch in 84 degree, cloudless weather.
There are numerous school closings and 
apparently every place south of us, has heavy, wet snow!
We just have rain...and lots of it here.
I hope it clears up a bit Saturday night when we 
throw my lil sis a bachelorette party!!
I had a wonderful Saturday with my girlfriend Kristin.
We stopped at the mall for a little Bare Escentuals visit
She bought a few fun items, including a gorgeous 
nude lipstick. I love how they let you try it all first!
I left with...
My foundation.
I run out of this most often because I love it!!
 I wanted a new blush,
but was sidetracked by this fun package
of bronzed & brilliant
She did my left side of my face with it,
and the difference was seriously
amazing! I love the little fan brush too.
 And I am ready to rock some red, red lips.
I haven't worn red lipstick 
(other than in dance recitals or shows)
and this one called, Strength
was calling my name.
I cannot wait to pull this off on my pout!
Next on our list was to see a moooooovie.
We wanted to see 
*all images via google images*
 Quick review:
  • Super cheesy (we figured)
  • A few tear-jerking moments, but no actual tears.
  • A bit of a far-fetched plot at times
  • A tad over-dramatic, I may have laughed out loud at a 'sad' scene
  • I did love the scenery & simplicity of their country lives.
I'm glad we went to a matinee & had $2 coupons off.
I am also happy I didn't subject hubs to it, as he would have fallen asleep!
I will admit, watching the characters truly "live" without technology all the time,
makes me want to throw away my phone and keep my computer off.
Don't get me wrong, they had Iphones & fancy flat screen tvs in the movie,
but they weren't the main focus of all the characters.
They were reading books & talking a lot to each other.
I'm starting to notice the importance of unplugging more and more.
I've deleted the Facebook App. on my phone.
Hubs put on jazz music for dinner last night & afterwards,
we went into the living room and just talked
[and I showed him some yoga moves she should try]
I don't care how talented you are, no decent convo
can occur when the television, iPad, iPhone, laptop, is on.
I don't want to be 'that girl on her phone.'
There is nothing worse than seeing people out to eat,
all members of the family texting, tweeting, facebooking...
what happened to the art of conversation?
I know with blogging, I should be recording all
awesome moments that I want to share with you,
but sometimes?
I just want to be in the moment.
Speaking of, 
after the movie, Kristin and I went to dinner.
It was a cute & trendy restaurant 
and I had one of those half-off deals.
Now, hubs eats a lot of pizza at work,
so he never wants to go out for it.
I am a true pizza lover and love trying new creations!
So, we walk into the restaurant, and it's a little after 5pm.
We walk up to the host, and tell him a table for two.
Him: Do you have reservations?
Kristin: Oh, no! We didn't think we'd need them this early!? So sorry!
Him: hmmmm...sigh....geeeeze, lemme's a small place so we fill up fast!
{I turn around and see a sea of open tables, and two tables occupied}
Him: I think we can squeeze you in right over here.
Kristin: Oh, thank you so much, so sorry..etc etc
I laugh to myself all the way to one of the many open tables.
Kristin looks at me, like what is so funny...
and I realize how much my husband has influenced me.
I explain to her, that there are a lot of open tables,
and just because they serve over-priced pizzas,
this is considered trendy.
The host is trying to make us feel guilty for no reservations,
but there is no need for a reservation at an early bird seating like this!
Look around!?! 
For instance, when we call to make reservations at one of the local
restaurants, no matter what time you tell them, for instance, 7:00, they will so say,
"Oh, well, about 7:45 or 8:15"
Because apparently it's really cool to eat at quarter after/of.
It brings me back to this scene of the movie 
Date Night:

{I remember watching this movie on our flight home from Rome on our honeymoon!}
K & I were dying laughing, and continued this joke all throughout our meal,
as the water took forever to be filled.
{He finally brought a pitcher with a slice of cucumber ooooo}
Our wine was served in mini carafes, 
{so we could pour it ourselves into a glass}
our appetizer was delivered..
and our my burnt bottom pizza took FOR-EVER 
to be brought to us.
Meanwhile, once the place was hustling and bustling 
there were pizzas flying out left & right...
So we attributed our semi-slow service
to having no reservations.
It just cracks me up.
It's one thing, if you have 5-6 waiters waiting on you, 
folding your napkin & placing it on your chair as you
use the restroom, scrape your table with a crumb catcher,
and order a meal that is so incredibly well cooked, you shed a tear.
But in a pizza place with brown paper table 'cloths'
I wasn't that impressed.
Was it terrible?
Absolutely not.
I would not have changed a thing in the world!
I had so much fun and we even commented how
all day we were together, but until we sat
face-to-face and were able to just,
it felt like we hadn't been able to talk about anything important.
And that brings me to my next point of,
I will no longer have an expectation of restaurant food,
but rather the experience.
The ability to sit down and be waited on.
The focus isn't on how well my meal turned out,
or when I'm going to get those dishes done,
but rather, how is that person doing that I'm with?
To just sit and talk, and talk, and put our phones away.
That is what is so important.
It is time to get to work!
I will consult my master cleaning plan:
Since we have a lot going on this weekend, I better
get my booty into gear!
Have a great week!!
And remember...
 ******Don't forget to enter my giveaway!!******

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fitness Friday-Weight LOsS

Sorry for the late post--
Today I helped my lil sis find the perfect dress
for her bachelorette party!
We got it at Arden B & I love love love it!
It will be wonderful to wear on the cruise too.
I wanted to do a brief update on my fitness goals.
I hate to use the term, "weight loss" but I am focusing on being healthy.
The scale has finally tipped, and I have lost 6 lbs. 
While I am not where I want to be quite yet, I am celebrating
the fact that I feel so much better, my body is firming up, my clothes fit nicer & 
my bikinis don't seem so scary!!
I attribute these 6 pounds to a few things...
  • eating smaller cleaner meals throughout the day
  • no mindless snacking
  • NEVER eating fast food. Ever
  • Rarely drink pop/diet sodas...can't remember the last time
  • listening to my body
  • drinking water before I eat, to see if I'm just dehydrated
  • eating healthier foods like egg whites & green beans 
  • I only drink water, coffee, tea (during day)
  • I'm still eating carbs, but I eat way more salads/veggies first & fill up on them
  • working out 4-5 times a week & logging workouts HERE
  • I drink smoothies every other day w/ spinach
  • everything in moderation
  • being kind to myself
  • allowing treats like dark chocolate
  • I surround myself with positive people live a healthy lifestyle
AKA My favorite fitness/healthy bloggers:
These are just a few!
I'm not sure they're even aware at how inspiring they are,
but they make me want to be a healthier woman.
Whether it's through texting, tweeting, blogging, instagram, HeyTell, these women
put themselves (their health) first and the importance of why we need to be healthy!
They never speak negatively about how they look, they simply do 
the best they can and share their secrets to feeling & looking good.
Attitude is everything!
I also appreciate my real life friends Alison who pushes me to workout 
(even when I want to spend the night in drinking wine!)
and Ann (who rocked her two piece recently!)
who checks in on me regularly.
I believe these homemade protein bars
have helped immensely!
I wasn't going to bother putting them on the blog, 
but a lot of people asked me 
about the "recipe" so I figured I'd just share!
I think they taste better than Luna or Cliff..
and I made them!
 What's in them: (organic)
-steel cut oats (gluten free)
-almond butter
-chocolate chips
-dried cranberries
-vanilla whey protein
-chia seeds
I just melted the almond butter & added honey, stirred in the rest
Wax paper in a square pan, squished it all down & stuck in the fridge
1/2 hour later cut into squares & individually wrap in wax paper
Veggie Wrap:
-whole wheat tortilla
-1 Roma tomato
-handful of spinach
-1 slice of cheese
-honey mustard dressing
 I really like Bethenny Frankel's books on health too.
She talks about your calories are like your bank account.
So, if I eat a lot or feel like I ate too much, I'll make sure to work it off....
Thank you My Fitness Pal
If I don't really feel like working out, I'll be a little extra cautious about
what I'm putting into my mouth.
She also says that you can have it all, just not all at once.
So, if I really want a burger & fries, I'll get it bunless.
If I didn't have too many carbs already, I may splurge.
It's all give and take.
I feel so much better putting the right foods into my mouth.

I definitely enjoyed some Bacon Pasta last night, pinot noir, & a huge salad.
Today I've made sure to stick to a smoothie, Ahi tuna salad, & healthy snacks.
I'll probably have another salad for dinner.
I absolutely love fruits & veggies, so I'm just being more aware of eating them
and not chips, crackers, too much cheese, etc.
I like fitting into a small & feeling great in it too!!
 And of course,
 Holly needed a photo opp.
Any questions ladies?
Any other tips?!
I'm all ears!!
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Guess Purse Giveaway!!!

 It's been a long time since I've done a giveaway...
and with all this Spring cleaning,
I've decided to give away 
a fabulous Guess purse!
I bought it last summer and used it only for a month
I can tell you that it is in very good condition.
It's medium sized and the perfect go-to
accessory for a simple outfit.
A pop of animal print--boo ya!
The inside:
The emblem:
And because you know I  love to read,
I'm also include two of my favorite books
by one of my favorite Chic Lit authors
(author of Devil Wears Prada)
Her last one that came out
Last Night at Chateau Marmont
 Everyone Worth Knowing
 If you haven't read her, you should!
I seriously am glued to her novels and won't
do anything other than read while I'm enjoying them.
Fun, easy, sassy, quirky...simple summer reading.
I am dying for her to come out with another!
I had Chasing Harry Winston,
but I fear I loaned it out, and cannot remember
to whom.
I love sharing good books and hate to get rid of them,
unless I know someone else will truly appreciate them.
**If you win and already read this books, I have
plenty other chic lit-esque novels that may tickle
your fancy!!**
Please enter via Rafflecopter & click "read more" if
it is not visible for you.
Good luck lovely readers!!
Please be a follower of my blog to enter, thanks!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Holistic Rems & OOTDs

How's everyone's day so far??
We experienced almost a 90 degree day Monday!!
Therefore, I rocked one of my new Tarjay Maxis!!
I snuck outside for a bit and soaked in some vitamin D
and so did Holly Wally!
*Note the hyacinths growing; I planted them & they came up*
Yesterday hubs had off, since he will have to work
on Friday which is his normal day off. 
 Cardi: H&M
Tank: Loft
Jeans: Vera Wang @ Kohls
Black peep toes: Candies @ Kohls
It was a rather holistic kind of day and
aside from my annoying allergy sneezes,
I feel great!
Anyone else having allergy issues??
The husband had a chiropractor appointment
and I went along.
This guy was fantastic and I cannot wait to go
and get my adjustment from him!
You can't just go to any Chiro, you really need
to find a good one.
He shared a philosophy that my husband and I 
are taking very seriously.
If you have any issues going on..
migraines, stomachaches, stress, anxiety, obesity, etc...
{the list can go on and on}
Strictly focus on the 
  • eat 6 clean meals a day
  • exercise at least 4 times a week
  • 8 hours of sleep a night
  • have fun
Before you have to go on all these crazy meds,
implement these core four principles and see if your
condition changes.
 I truly believe in this and it seems so simply stupid,
but really, how many of us eat 6 times a day?
And eat "clean" at that?
The chiropractor's wife is his assistant who runs
 the front desk. She made him
a protein shake as one of his meals while we were there.
It was such a positive and calming environment.
He really talked and listened to what shoulder/back
issues my husband's been having,
and he really cared to hear about us as people.
I told him how I stopped teaching to stay home
and his reaction was a lot different than most;
he literally clapped his hands in a circle and said
Good for you.
He really made my day!
We talked about how it's so traditional and 
to some people, seems backwards, but how
effective it is and beneficial to our health,
our lives.
{As I type this, the doggies are rolling around playing;
something they'd not be able to do if I was actually 
administering the ELA because they'd be stuck in their crates..
just sayin..}
After the chiropractor, we stopped over to get Joe's suit 
jackets taken in a bit & buy some new ones.
After that I went to some acupuncture for some stress relief.
She talked a lot about how it's in our genes and most of how
we are built, we cannot control.
She saw lots of 'heart heat' coming from the needles.
I am a bit lot more sensitive than most,
and stress over things Joe wouldn't blink an eye at.
It's not my fault, but it does get the best of me sometimes.
My acupuncturist commended me at hows
proactive I am about it; I can tell
right away when I'm just feeling
a little bit worked up.
She told me to lay off
pickles, hot sauces, cinnamon, and any
other spicy triggers.
Funny how food can affect us, but I believe in it.
I cannot wait to be sipping the drink of the day on 
The Carnival Dream.
On the adults only.
Serenity Deck.
Have a lovely day!!

Monday, April 16, 2012

Out of the Box Date Night Ideas

Hello Monday & lovely ladies!!
I am ready to kick this week's bootay.
Bring it Jillian Michaels!!
Today's topic?
We spend the majority of our time at home.
We stay in and pretty much cook dinner every night,
and sometimes get into that "at home" rut.
It's so easy to stay on the couch in comfy
pjs and sit back and zone out in front of the TV...
but I want to make sure we get out and about more,
especially since the weather is turning nicer!
I see so many successful marriages out there
because they take time for themselves as
a couple!
No distractions!!
Dinner date nights used to happen a few nights a week.
When I was working full time, we
probably ate out 3 times or more.
Obviously, that wasn't great for our health
or our bank account.
It's hard because we love to go out to eat,
but sometimes the food bothers his belly.
We really never know where it all comes from,
or how it's prepared, and his Crohn's makes it tricky.
Drinking also brings out the worst in it,
so going out to bars all the time isn't really all that fun 
for him either.
I need to think outside of the box!
I love getting all dolled up, but the most important
part about a date, is bonding, spending that quality time
sans phones, Ipads, laptops, playstations...
Some Date Night Ideas 
  • Comedy Club
  • Movie Theater
  • Climb a tree together {never done this!}
  • Coffee Shop with a band playing
  • Play darts at a bar
  • Bowling
  • Historic tour of our city
  • Rock Climbing
  • Hiking
  • Fly remote controlled planes
  • Couples Massage
  • Outdoor concert
  • Go Carts
  • County Fair
  • Paintball {although I don't want the bruises!!}
  • Drive-in
  • Amusement Park
  • Fly kites
  • Ride our bikes to get ice cream
  • Get our palms read
  • White water rafting
  • Cooking Class(we loved the sushi class!)
  • Golfing
  • Pottery Painting
  • Picnic in a park or on a beach
  • Museum
  • Art Gallery
  • Dance classes
  • Volunteer Work
  • Go star-gazing, cuddled up on a blanket
At Home Ideas
Because sometimes you just want to stay in! 
[must turn off phones & media distractions]
  • Movie theme night at home (ex. watch Godfather & make pasta!)
  • Ice Cream Sundaes at home with the works!
  • Roasting marshmallows in the fire pit 
  • Ask don't know everything about your love.
  • Decorate the new deck as a little restaurant bistro
  • Menu w/ wine pairing (tapas style)
  • Cook a foreign meal together
  • Play some board games {bring on the competition!}
  • With a blindfold, taste different foods & try and guess what they are
  • At home spa/massages
  • Dress up all fancy & enjoy a meal at home---feel free to dance in the kitchen!
  • If it's really hot, fill up a kiddie pool and lounge in there!
What are ways you keep your relationship strong?
Again, there is nothing wrong with a night in, reading, blogging, playing COD...
but it is important to spend good, quality time where the two of you
have to make a connection.
As great as the internet is,
there is a time and place to simply unplug.
Live in the moment.
Have a great day!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Weekend Run-Down

Know what I love best about Sundays?
Not getting up at 4:30 tomorrow morning
and making a 45 minute commute!
I love waking up with the husband,
making breakfast,
ironing his clothes,
and spending a short, but sweet amount of time
before his insane work week begins.
We made gourmet Sirloin burgers on the grill
(forgot to add the cheese, so there has to be a re-do!)
The workers have ripped out half of the old deck
and the old hot tub I've never even been in!
It's a beautiful sight...
We walked the doggies on a fun little trail near our house.
We are going to try and find a new park each week;
we shall see!
We picked up our custom framed
painting we bought in Rome, on our honeymoon
and hubs hung it
in the kitchen, where I can see it 
most often, each and every day!
I love the pinks and reds...
I love all of it actually.
He also hung our new curtains
{pardon the wrinkles, I need to iron!}
And we did get that new throw rug!!

We went and caught a 7:00 movie
The movie was just how I thought it'd be--
a great throwback to '99
the year I graduated too!!
It was stupid funny and had
my husband and I cracking up throughout the show.
It was just what we needed.
Hubs worked all day
The weather was pretty nice here,
so I spent about 2 hours raking and cleaning up the front gardens.
I am so sore!
Who knew working outside was such a workout!!
Now ladies, I do not have a green thumb...
I believe I inherited it from my mother!
[How are those moldy herbs? 
Did you try Maria's seed trick??]
However, I have grown to be much better as I
continue to play in the dirt. 
We still need to mulch and I cannot wait to
buy some puurddy flowers for some planters,
that will go on our new back deck!
I can hardly wait.
I had hubs pick up some pork chops
and he grilled them up for our dinner.
Apple Slather BBQ sauce = a party in my mouth.
After our delicious dinner, 
we watched a movie:
It was rather cute.
I didn't want to cry, but I did.
Joe did too.
Don't tell him I told you!
As always,  family day!!
We gave my in-laws a huge old picnic table
{for their awesome land, that I can't wait
til they have their big brick oven for wood fired pizzas!}
Grabbed breakfast bagel sandwiches and coffee
and took a little drive.
We stopped out at his Gram's house to say hello,
see everyone,
check on the Garage Sale
{I scored some more things for the bridal
shower I'm throwing my sis!!}
and enjoy some ol' fashioned pasta & meatballs.
So good.
We also looked around for some outdoor furniture,
but it is SO darn expensive!
Do we want a little 'hangout area' with a little couch
and table with chairs,
or an actual table to sit and eat.
OK, really I want both and a lounge chair,
but this deck is already costing a pretty penny!
So, any thoughts?
While we didn't find any furniture at Tarjay,
I did find some cute new jean shorts & some maxi dresses
{Thanks for the tip Amber!!}
Super comfy, cute, and it's the easiest outfit to put on. 
 Hubs is playing COD
and I'm ready for bed!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Giving Thanks on a Friday

Happy Friday!
I am thankful...
for wonderful parents,
for siblings,
for some really great friends;
the kind where you can tell them anything and they won't judge.
This goes for you bloggy friends too,
even though we've never met,
I'm glad to have a friend in you!
I am thankful for the shining sun,
my two crazy furbabies,
for saying goodbye to our old deck,
and hello to our new one!
I am thankful for
good people,
and bad.
Humans are funny creatures and
sometimes they want to bring others down.
It is then, that we need to stand taller
smile more,
live life to its fullest,
and recognize all that we are grateful for.
Life is tough;
there will be moments of confusion,
and heartache.
There will also be belly laughs,
contagious smiles,
and true friends.
Most importantly,
be yourself.
Be happy.
And not be sorry.
You really only have one life to live.
I am most thankful for husband.
I look forward to spending the whole day with him today!
Make the most of your today lovies!! 
Here's the current song in my head...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Beachy & Blissful Bridal {Couples} Shower

Happy Wednesday!!
Today I'm linking up to showcase some of
my ideas for my sister's bridal shower.
My sister wants a couples shower;
we had one before Joe and I got married.
It was low key, picnic-esque foods,
outside, warmer weather, cold drinks...
I loved everything about our shower!
I want to make hers just as special
and since she's getting married on St. Thomas,
I have been researching tons of ways to 
bring the beach up here to a little park in New York.
I am envisioning lots of blues and browns 
{her wedding colors}
fresh green plants
sea shells
twinkle white lights
mimosas & fun cocktail drinks
and lots of good tasting food!
 So today's pins?
All about the Blissful Beach Couples Shower:
Some fruity beverages to calm nerves & spark stranger convos:

Some festive decor ideas:


Maybe I could get my girl Molly to help me make a sign like this!!

I definitely want to make cute signs and have them look sharp!

We are in love with these super cute {and easy?} napkin/utensils!

The bride to be has requested cupcakes...
Love the White Pail with ropes!

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

And of course, I will need to have some print-outs framed to place around:
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

My favorite beachy quote!!
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I want to make a banner of some sorts,
what should it say?
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Of all the fish in the sea...So cute!

I am a bit intimidated by this, but I think it's soooo cute.
Any takers?
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I know it will be here soon, 
so we are getting a move on and starting to assemble things this week! 
She's marrying into an Italian family too, 
so amongst all of us, we have some fabulous food to top it off!
Ok, I know a lot of you are super creative, crafty, and organized.
What else can you think of for this beach theme?
I want it to be unique and meaningful,
especially since a lot of the guests will not be attending
the actual wedding, I feel the a bit of pressure in making
this day super special for my little sister, Brianna and her fiance, Eric.