Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday Randoms

Wooop woop Thursday!!  I am happy that the sun is shining, but could it just warm up a wee bit more? Next week looks like we will have 70's all week---that makes me SO stinking excited.  I think we may get a nice day Sunday too; let's hope!

Tuesday was a mix of cuddles and naps...

And mommy really needed a good cardio fix, so Daddy set up camp on the back deck to babysit.  {I cannot wait to get our deck furniture out of storage!}  I was so pumped after my run with the dogs, I ended up steam mopping our dining room floors...cray cray.

I tried to workout yesterday, but quite honestly I just wasn't feeling it.  I had a great ab sesh Monday with the beach ball workout and my abs were killing me!  I tried two different workouts, broke a bit of a sweat, but ended playing with Brooke, who was a dancing machine while I let her enjoy some nudey dudey time!

She even had her legwarmers workin for her!

I'm a bit leery of  doing ab work, as I am not so sure if my abs separated at my belly button. I try to do the "finger test" like all the sites suggest, and I think I may have some separation.  So, I am doing lots of planks and trying not to do too many crunches, but other forms of core work.    I'm not exactly following the Bikini Series to a "T" but it is making me feel motivated to workout and do what I can each day, and that has to count for something! I'm usually type A, but I'm slowly learning (thanks to baby) that sometimes you just gotta do what you can and not beat yourself up over it.  It's not about perfection, it's about progress, Jillian Michaels or something?!

I am excited to do the bikini strap workout today!

I enjoyed my acupuncture appointment, as it had been one full year since I had a real treatment!! I still have this ringing in my left ear, tinnitus, and my acupuncturist seems to think it's due to nursing and all the heat your body creates with the lack of estrogen and the large amount of progesterone it creates...which is interesting since I never had this problem before I gave birth??  So she cleared my heat with the needles and gave me some herb to try (which does taste disgusting) but it's worth a shot.

I went to the audiologist and she thinks it's due to hearing loss...which I have a little of, don't listen to loud music especially on your I-pod/phone!!!

The ENT is monitoring it and said to come back in's odd that the ringing is only in one ear and it's not the ear that was showing signs of hearing loss.  I'm not showing any signs of cerebral issues, she did a small series of tests, but it is still a bit odd/concerning.  I will get an MRI if it gets worse or doesn't go away.  Kind of scary...

It really annoys me, and I didn't even know such a thing existed?! The lead singer of Cold Play has it I guess...{if you know me, I always do a ton of research on things and I stumbled upon that in my reading} Apparently if you get it, it usually doesn't go away and there is no cure...I just hope it's nothing serious.  I am happy to still have my hearing, as I couldn't imagine not hearing my daughter's voice, laugh, etc. 

I'm just trying to stay positive with it and not think about it; it was nice when my friend was here all weekend; it really distracted me!  If I'm home alone without TV/music on or when I'm falling asleep it's the most annoying/problematic.

Anyone else deal with tinnitus or no someone who does?? It is an odd thing that I never imagined I'd have to deal with and I don't personally know anyone else who has it.

Seriously, don't play your music too loud, if that is what caused mine, I regret blasting my workout songs in my ear!  I make sure to not have anything too loud around Brooke now too. 

Enjoy your Thursday!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Brooke Buys

Happy Tuesday!!

---Side note---I did my first TIU workout! {found here} I did the bikini beach ball workout 3x and that's all I had time for yesterday.....OH...MY...GOSH!!  My abs are killing me! I love love love it! I don't remember the last time my core burned like this. I can't wait to workout again today.  Thank you for your encouragement and sweet comments yesterday. I think I'll start every week off like that! I'm just sorry I didn't start this TIU sooner!  It's great to be able to pull it up on the laptop and stop/start as needed with the baby.  21 minutes total. So awesome.

Onto today's post::
I hadn't made a video in awhile, so I figured I'd do a quick one on our recent baby girl clothing finds.  I'm hoping the weather heats up and she can get into them soon!  I apologize in advance, I didn't know a friend stopped by, and that was why the dogs were going nuts...but I had already attempted this video a few times, so I was not re-doing it again. 

There is shot of "little" miss at the very end in a ruffle pink dress, legwarmers....

Happy viewing!!

 awesome screen shot

Marshall's/T.J. Max

I know you can't always scour the stores on your own;  if you're expecting a baby girl or know someone who is, maybe you'll find an outfit in this video you really love!! I'm noticing a weekend trend with 30% off lately at Gap; not sure if it's all the time, but keep those eyes peeled for sales. I didn't show them, but I bought an awesome pair of green broken in straight-leg khakis, ohmageeeeeeerd, love em!!

Have you found any super cute deals lately!?

Monday, April 22, 2013

Motivational Monday: Workouts

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  My girlfriend from college came out to visit and we had so much fun!! From shopping to Thai food and sushi, to just lounging around sipping coffee and chatting, it really makes me wish we lived closer! 2.5 hours is just too far.  But I am so happy she got to meet Brooke and spend some time with us! Her children are 5 and 6--soon to be 7! I cannot believe it. She has worked really hard to get her body back into shape after having two kids. It motivates me!!

We talked a lot about different workouts to try, from the whole Beachbody series {which my little sis just became a coach for, woo hoo!! I can't wait for her insight on more workout tips} to Tracy Anderson's Metamorphosis program.
Now, I know that if I spent as much time actually working out rather than sitting and researching/reading about all these different programs, I would see results.  Easier said than done.  I just need to get into that groove; last night after Ann left I was dancing in the kitchen with my daughter to some Flo Rida station on Pandora, and that's all it took--just the right music and I was like I need to do something! So, after putting Brooke in her swing, I went back to the kitchen and did some old school Ballet moves--plies and what not.  I also looked on You Tube for some quick exercises to do before my chicken thighs were done.

I cannot get over how many exercises there are on there!! There is absolutely NO excuse for not finding some sort of workout, no matter how big or small, online.  You don't even need to own a DVD these days.  Of course not every workout can be found on You Tube, but come on.  Unless you don't have wi-fi, get on it!!

So here were my quick kitchen exercises whilst waiting:
Yes, I did the beginner, but there is an advanced for you hardcore folks! {I feel it today...lame, I know.} I muted her and just mimicked her moves, and listened to my Flo Rida!! Joe maybe laughed at me a bit, but whatevs.  I am sure the neighbors get a kick out of me too. 

I also have seen others doing Tone it Up series. You can find their site here...TIU I think I may take part in their Bikini Series, which starts tomorrow.  They seem like fun, positive role models {with amazing bods}. Something new to try, I figured...

I still love Yoga and my walks with the dogs or Brooke.  But I am ready to add more to my workout plate.

I love Zumba--it was my FAVORITE way to burn calories by far; but I will admit my post-baby bladder and my breastfeeding ta-tas, do not love the bounce, bounce, bouncing for an hour straight.  Plus, it's harder to get to a class with Joe's work schedule. I am lucky to make it to one class a week.  So I'm going to challenge myself to workout 6 days a week--and by workout I mean DO SOMETHING! I may not be running miles or killing it in a gym with weights, but I will move and just get active. 

::As for the actual baby weight:::
The scale still hasn't budged.  I'm still 18 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight and then another 10 away from my 'goal' weight. 

 However, I am only 1 size away from per-pregnancy pants, which is odd, if the scale isn't moving?  I'm trying not to get hung up on numbers, but you know we look at that scale.

My milk production is still going strong and I am trying to cut some of the 'bad carbs' and replace them with the good and add more lean protein.  I'm going to start doing a salad twice a day {Or a salad and a green juice} and really monitor my snacking.  I eat smaller meals all day, but perhaps I could tweak a snack or two.  I do try to eat when I'm hungry, as my milk production is the most important to me above all else.

 I'm still drinking a lot of water all day/night long.

I never eat fast food, ever.  {OK, the worst we do is Chipotle and that's only once in a great while for me.}

 I don't drink pop either.  {I'd rather have a glass of vino!}

So that's where I'm at.   I'm feeling much more confident, and my sweet husband even told me I looked skinnier today, woo hoo!  It may have been my black yoga pants though. But it was still nice to hear! 

And since I don't have a fancy pants trainer, I must motivate myself.  Here is how I'm kicking my own booty into action!!

~~Some motivation for you to workout this week~~


Friday, April 19, 2013

Brooke Weekly

This week was a good one!! I am so happy that weather is warmer {even though it may be 45 tomorrow....} It was so nice to get outside and go on walks. I've also been having so much fun dressing baby Brooke in summer-like clothes!! If it's still a little chilly, I just throw on a pair of leg warmers. I found a great deal on Baby Legs back in November and scored a bunch!!

I'm learning {daily} with this mommyhood thing. I've learned to not go just by "number sizes" alone, and to realize that I have a really big baby! My sweet bloggy friend Amber sent some of her gorgeous girl's clothes for Brooke to wear.  This adorable Ralph Lauren set is a "9 months".
Leg warmers from Baby
 I got the Robeez on for $13
Sunglasses from
My girlfriend Alison let us borrow her pink Bumbo.  I was surprised to see how well she fit! It didn't last but a few pictures, and I would never leave her unattended, but it was cute to see her in it.

Lovely little walk...She loves that little orange monkey!

We had a little diaper rash again this week; she just has such sensitive skin!! I am making sure to have "nudey dudey" time now each day; it cleared right up!!  She loves being naked...

 I love cloth diapers, but we still prefer disposable at night.  She needs to be changed every 1-3 hours; she sure poops a lot!!  I know that just means she's a healthy growing girl.

She loves being propped up on our bed, on top of her play mat...she watches The Food Network and falls asleep while I shower.
OOTD: Gap- Peter Rabbit collection from Aunt Kristin! (size: 6-9 month)
She was asleep before I got out of the house for this walk!  She woke up a mile into it though. I love those swaddle blankets to keep the sun from shining on her fair skin.

It was so warm yesterday I made a smoothie with my new blender!

It was so good! I used a scoop of vanilla soy protein, a few frozen strawberries & mango pieces, a large handful of spinach, some of the coconut water & Kefir.

I even made iced coffee with our K-cup machine.  YUM! Starbucks what? I cannot get over how much fun it is to have a little girl.  She's really starting to play a little more with toys and is just so curious. I look forward to many a warm weather day ahead!!
And a larger view of this shot---- This is also size 9 month...I fear she will be outgrowing it before July!? Kohls' line seems to run small. I think....or again, maybe I just have a really big 3 month old?!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Weekend Review

 Weekends go by far too fast!! Friday was nice; Joe let me sleep in until after 11.  Brooke got up at 6 for a feeding, but then I just felt like I needed a little more sleep to make sure I didn't get sick (again) and worn down. It was awesome!! I feel so much better now.  It rained all day Friday, so it was perfect to clean the house and get ready for some company.  {I could have dealt without the poo explosion all over my pants and our cream colored gider....but c'est la vie!} 

I bought this new throw rug for in front of the washer/dryer. I am in love with it!! It just adds a little feminine warmth to an area that I tend to spend a lot of time in! 

Friday afternoon the sun decided to show up to the party and it was perfect timing, as my husband pulled the grill out to do up some chicken wings!  We had some friends over and they brought their 14 month old little boy.  I can't wait until the babes can actually play together. 

Saturday brought a cloudy cool day.  Coffee and fruit standard breakfast essentials.

I was feeling really good, so I decided it was time to get moving again.  

I found this quick 20 minute yoga workout I used to do on the "Exercise on Demand" station on cable.  It's called Zen in Your Den, but with a barking dog and a crying baby, it's not too zen-like.  I still got a fab little yoga workout; I love the way it stretches you out.  It's a great one to keep in mind if you just don't feel like working out; it gets you to do something!!

Brooke and I then got ready and traveled out to the country to visit a mommy friend and her son.  We had a yummy organic salad for lunch at an adorable little coffee shop and went back to their house for a play date.

Brooke: Hey, I love putting my hands in my mouth too!!
Blake:  Hey girl, love the legwarmers!
 Brooke: My Daddy said not to let you touch me, you better stop!!
Brooke:  Yeah, for real. Mom's taking pictures again. Daddy's gonna see!
Blake: OK fine, I just thought they were cute.  Girls. Sheesh!

It was great to get out of the house and visit another new mommy!! We definitely have to make it a monthly thing.  The babies will be crawling around before we know it.

Saturday night my sister and her husband dropped by for a quick visit, as they were in the area for a party.  We drank a little wine and just hung out for a bit. It was really nice! It makes me wish we lived closer than we do.  I love family time.  Brooke loves her Auntie Bri!
After they left hubs and I talked about our FIRST FAMILY VACATION!!! It's already booked I am so freaking pumped.  It's not too far away, but just to get out of the house and venture around a new little area--we are so looking forward to our little family getaway...more on that later.

Sunday morning I went to Zumba and got a good workout in!! I must say though, it is SO difficult to keep up with all the bouncing with a post-pregnancy bladder and while breastfeeding. I wear 2 sports bras, and it still hurts like heck to try and do all the jumping jacks...oy!! I am proud that I went and worked up quite a sweat.

When I came home, my husband and I made Eggs Benedict.  It is seriously our favorite breakfast food! We both tend to order it when we eat breakfast out [which is a rarity  these days] so I figured we could give it a shot.
Not too shabby! We need to perfect our egg poaching abilities, but for the first run through, we were impressed. I also need to make homemade hollandaise sauce.

Brooke was a tad fussy yesterday, so after tending to her all day long and letting hubby nap {he's got a long work week with no assistant this week} he had to run out for a minute so I put him on dinner duty.
Here's a quick "Vine" video of our dinner last night!  Dinner!!

Follow me at "Bliss to Bean" on the Vine app.  It's usually just quick vids of my baby, dogs, husband, and food...Did you know your videos are then posted to the web? Yup.

It was a perfect mix of busy and relaxation this weekend.  What were you up to?  The weather is supposed to be warm again today, so I am looking forward to a long walk with little miss!! Happy Monday.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

3 Months

"Oh boy, here we go with the picture taking."
Our baby girl is already 3 months old?!  With Spring upon us, I am so delighted that she is really starting to take note of everything around her.  We did not have a doctor's appointment this month, but we will be going the first week in May for her 4 month checkup.  If I were to guess, I'd say she's got to be close to 17-18 pounds.  I'm not joking.  We had our friends over the other evening, and their son just turned one a few months ago, and he weighs 20 lbs.  Brooke doesn't feel a whole lot lighter than him!! 

She is currently wearing 6 month clothing.  We are using cloth diapers and so sometimes 6-12 or even 9 month onesies fit best, due to the bulky nature of the diaper.  I am hoping to get some super cute warm weather outfits on her this week, as the weather is supposed to cooperate!

Dear Brooke Lynn,
   You are seriously the love of our lives.  Each day is a little bit better with you in our world.  You aren't 'cooing' as much any more, but now you're quite talkative with a lot of "ahhhhhs" and "oooohhhhs"--they're pretty loud too!  At about 2.5 months you started getting quite cranky, and bit more fussy than we had ever seen you. I  thought maybe you were getting the sickness I had, until I peeked into your mouth, and lo and behold, your gums show signs of little teethers wanting to poke through!  You're not drooling a lot, but you're constantly putting your hands into your mouth, you love sucking on blankets--especially with satin edging.  You do not like teething toys yet.  When you begin fussing, I will rock you, sing to you, hold you, and sometimes you'll nurse just to soothe yourself to sleep.

You've been out and about a lot more, now that you're older and the weather is not as nasty, I try to get us out of the house as much as possible.  You absolutely love to explore and see all that is going on.  You've gone out to eat with us a few times, and were pretty good, even when it was so close to your bed time.

Your newest "thing" is that you try and sit yourself up.  For instance, if you're laying in your swing and I come over to pick you up, you lift your head up--daddy says it looks like you're doing crunches, working on your abs.

You're still sleeping in your crib pretty well.  You were doing this 10pm-6am thing which I really loved, but sometimes you'll wake up at 2:30 or 4.  Usually just once and it's just a diaper change, a feeding and back to sleep.  You love that mobile up above!! {Side note--she sleeps with NOTHING in her crib--just her and a swaddle me wrapped around her.  The pillows/toys above are for photo purposes.}

As far as feedings, you've been eating mostly every 6 hours.  I am estimating about 8-9 ounces at a time, as that is what I get when I do pump.  The last week you've been wanting to nurse a bit more, so you've gone 4-6 hours.  Last night you slept from 8:30-6. 

When I try to make you sit on my lap, floor, wherever, you'd much rather stand.  I cannot believe how ready you are to do this!?  I swear you're going to be walking before I know it.  It's crazy!!

You still love your bath time, and your favorite place to be is up on your changing table. You talk the most up there and give the biggest smiles.  Speaking of smiles, for the love of the camera, please begin to like it!! You have the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, and I am having the most difficult time capturing it! As soon as I get you to smile, I quickly take out the phone/camera and it's usually blurry because you will quit smiling when you see it.

  I just want you keep you smiling always!

Your personality continues to shine through.    I have a feeling you may be more like me, in the sense that everyone will be able to tell how you're feeling just by looking at your face; I'm an open book when it comes to facial expressions.  People can tell when I'm happy, sad, irritated, not amused...well, I do believe you're following suit!! {We don't make good poker players!}
 Not so happy...
 Little model pose.
 Great Grandma knitted these for you; they finally fit!!

I can tell you're going to have a true passion for life.  
You get so excited about the little things. 
Be like this always.

I'm thinking you may be a dancer like mommy was; look at this pose!
You are doing much better with tummy time.  We do a lot of you laying on your stomach, on my stomach, which you love, but you're going a lot longer on the floor now too!!  You've begun to 'talk' a bit, which shows me that you're not hating it so much any more.  You have almost full control of your neck/head, it is crazy!
Now that you're more awake and not sleeping so much, I'm having a hard time finding balance with all of the boring housework and spending time with you!  You love to be played with.  You laugh so hard when we blow raspberries on your belly, lift you up high above our heads, and make silly noises.

You enjoy the "rubber ducky song" and "Donald Duck" voices.  I read books to you before bed sometimes, and you seem to enjoy the ones where you can reach out and pat them best.  {You know enough to do this, it's so awesome!!} We've been singing songs and learning patty cake...

I am having so much fun being your mommy.  I love you so much, my beautiful baby girl!!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Brooke's Bathroom Re-do!

Happy Friday!! Is it still raining where you are?? Our backyard is seriously a pond...we can't even let our dog Sadie out back on her dog run it's so bad! Plus she doesn't even want to go out it's so muddy.  Hopefully it will stop soon and the sun will come out!

I have been looking for a way to make our guest bath, "Brooke's bathroom" a little more girlie.  I love that we have a beach theme in there, but I didn't love the dark blue shower curtain/throw rugs.  It made it feel smaller and just kind of manly.  {Hubs had decorated before I came along!}

So, when I saw this shower curtain online at PBK, I almost died!

I wasn't sure if Joe would go for it, but when we were a the mall last weekend, I mentioned that I found something I loved.  Well, since it was for his little angel and mama was in love with it, it was hard for him to say no!

I didn't want to make it all matchy matchy, so while we bought the shower curtain at PBK, I ended up getting the rest of the decor at Home Goods.  I still need some pretty pink fluffy towels, but it's not like she uses them now anyway. Plus, I like finding things that I am 100% in love with and not settling.

 The pink rug is so squishy and feels amazing!!

I picked out these hooks and an eco-friendly clear plastic liner {no smell!!}

Whenever my husband and I go away to tropical islands, we collect seashells/decor to put in this bathroom.
We have a few blue candles and a picture I bought before we were even married.  I think I may put her lucky bamboo plant in here too; I love the green accents!
 My heart melts when I see her little pink baby bunny towel hanging next to this beautiful new curtain.

Color really does make a huge difference when trying to make a space seem bigger.  I am so so happy with how this turned out!  Now when we walk by, it just smiles.
We love making all things happy for our baby girl. I hope she enjoys it for years to come! {I know I will!}