Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Toddler Time

We pulled out some paint and did a little artwork last week.  She was digging it! I'll let her try her fingers/hands next time.

Monday brought a little warmth and sun.  We went outside and collected leaves!  Thanks to fellow blog mama Leah, who shared this activity on her mommy school blog post! Everyday Love.

She had a ball collecting all sorts of leaves, acorns, walnuts, sticks…

My easy 'lazy go-to' lunch for her…
-Organic apple
-Organic tomatoes
-Turkey & Cheese
I've tried making her a sandwich, but she doesn't really love it all together, and the bread doesn't get eaten. So I just serve it like this.

I like getting this kind; it's nitrate free, no hormone/antibiotics.  I can find it at BJ's and it's not terribly expensive like other store brands.

Tuesday we attempted to look at BIG GIRL BEDS.  OMG.  I'm ready and then I'm not.  I kind of have to be, since we plan on using her crib for Jr. come January.

She was more into the shoe chairs.

I loved this one.

And how funky is this corner bed?? I would just love it if I were a little girl.  Who am I kidding, I would love it now haha!

I don't think so…no daybeds Brookie!

Perhaps a pink chaise lounge?

She is all about playdoh…for about 15 minutes and then she's like, peace out.

This was today after we had our last gymnastics class and a little shopping fun at TJ Maxx.

My thoughts on having her in Gymnastics, Swimming and Soccer….I'm glad I did it! I think it was a little tricky because Soccer is very laid back, no real structure whereas my sister's gymnastics class was really quite routine.  Brooke HATES the word "wait" and doesn't like having to take turns…it is very embarrassing as she doesn't quite "grasp that concept" and I don't know how to make her understand, other than, holding her back and explaining "wait" until the other kids are done.  {which she screams and yells bloody murder until she can take her turn} I also tried removing her from the situation and trying to talk to her, but that didn't really help either. I'm hoping she outgrows it... I have a feeling January will help this issue, as she will have no choice but to 'wait' at times, when baby needs things too. 

While I didn't always want to get up and go, as being prego and trying to get out the door on time hasn't always been the easiest.  Heck, it didn't happen once, but I liked having things scheduled and it kept her (and I) active when we would otherwise be home.  Joe loves taking her swimming, so he is actually going to continue that on Thursday nights.  I'm super excited, because I don't have anything actually 'scheduled' for her.  I am trying out another mommy meet up group tomorrow (wish me luck, as the last one did not go as well as I hoped!)  I am hoping these other mamas and their kiddos and I all click and we can start meeting on the reg.  I really envision being comfortable enough having other mamas/kids at my home and going to their homes, and even still doing so when I have baby boy!

The activities are great, but they do add up and they're a lot of go go go.  Sometimes you just want some socialization, without all of the hassle. Ya hear me universe? hehe So we were overly ambitious early Fall, and I think we will enjoy a lot of time around the house with the holiday season. I'm already stocking up on Christmas goodies to craft with her and coming up with toddler friendly activities to pass our days away!! 

I think the real key to keeping her busy, is to make sure I schedule ME time as well. For awhile there, I fell into all mommy all the time, which just doesn't work for me. I know some mommas don't like leaving their kids ever, but I know I need little breaks frequently.  I'm excited to have some fun mommy timeouts all lined up in November…nothing crazy, just little things like a pre-natal massage, a holiday open house where I am sharing AdvoCare, an old fashioned GIRLS night as we re-unite one night, a ladies only event for Advo, a party, and I'm sure I get ma hair did some place in there too.  

I don't feel guilty for taking an hour or two, here or there.  I actually feel guilty if I don't!  Just a little time away gives me enough breath of fresh air, to come back rejuvenated and ready to be the best mommy I can be. Plus, it gives others like Daddy and Grandparents time to bond with this special little girl.  Life just sometimes gets quite busy and hectic and all of a sudden you realize you haven't put that oxygen mask on you.  Can't let that happen…gotta take care of you! 

Friday, October 24, 2014

Belief, Good Health, and a Cash Prize Contest!!

July 2013 I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and take care of my health.  I was 6 months postpartum from having Brooke and still had quite a bit of weight to lose. I didn't feel like myself. I was tired and grumpy all of the time, and had a really crappy outlook!  I should have been on cloud nine.

I had a wonderful and supportive husband, who worked hard so that I could stay home with our precious baby.  I LOVE staying home, but feeling the way I did was not doing anyone any good. {If mama ain't happy, nobody is happy was the truth.}

As I've mentioned before, my friend Nikki reached out and basically told me to cut it out.  Here was an excellent opportunity to jumpstart my life into an entirely new direction.  I felt a sense of rebirth; from the moment I decided to join this team of champions, I have never looked back.  I have never felt so supported in every sense of the word, when it comes to weight loss, health, and just being involved in an incredible community of people who just care about each other.

From losing over 30 pounds with these amazing products and sharing them, I have been able to grow my business.  I may not be able to attend every Success School due to certain circumstances, but I am confident that my timing will be perfect and I will continue to grow.

The amount of people I have helped lose weight, gain better health, feel better about themselves, and help them earn extra income really makes me feel a sense of accomplishment.  My goal is to help even more people in 2015.  I know that I am a compassionate person; it is one of the main reasons I went into teaching. I love watching others grow and learn! AdvoCare completely allows me to fill that while I'm staying home and raising my babies.

I'm not gonna lie, I also enjoy having a plan B source of income.  It's a crazy world we live in and although my husband has a great job and we have started our own rental business, I still like having something to call mine.  I am my own boss; how cool is that?  Long gone are the days of me thinking I would forever be a teacher.  It was a great career for the 8 years I was in it, but I have no plans of looking back.

I also want to share one of my accomplishments. While this is not me bragging or being boastful, I am so proud to share this little gem that arrived in the mail.

A Silver pin, which is proof of how many lives I have changed, just by me saying YES to an incredible opportunity.  I didn't get this by being selfish; I earned it by planting TONS of seeds, sharing my story and helping others get what they want in life.  Once upon a time, I never dreamed that I would even achieve this.  I doubted myself, I had negative thoughts, and thought maybe it was just something for others.

Guess what?  I proved myself wrong, along with others who have told me it's just a scam and no one ever really does well with Direct Sales…bla bla. I just kept with it; that's the thing with this biz, you just can't quit and you need to BELIEVE.  I have some of the best leaders who are constantly coaching, answering questions, and always there for me.  I follow their lead and do my very best to provide that same support to others.  I know there are more people who need "better" in their lives.

I've never been an "energy drink person" but I definitely had a bit of a coffee problem prior to meeting SPARK.  I will be honest, I was nervous to try it because I was so anti energy drinks.  Well, once I tried it I haven't looked back!  No jitters, no crash, no weird fuzzy feeling (like I'd get after drinking one too many cups of coffee because I was so tired.)  Not to mention all ingredients I had no idea that were going into all those cups of coffee…and how about the price?  I'm happy to have made that substantial switch!  If you've never tried a SPARK, let me know! #lifechanging

I definitely love this new Holiday flavor.  I'm a pumpkin gal and it helps with the sweet tooth that creeps in from time to time.  SO YUM! Pumpkin Spice Meal Replacement Shakes

I may have bought a few more boxes so I can try these!

Or maybe even this!

We also have some awesome products to help keep us healthy throughout this germy season.  I swore by Immunoguard last year and Joe has already been handing out the chews at work to people who are feeling yucky.  Don't wait until you get sick--be proactive and don't get sick this year!

The last thing I wanted to share is this group challenge we have!  We did one in the Spring and it was so awesome, we wanted to squeeze one more in before the holidays.  We have cash prizes for the top 3 transformations.  It's not just about losing weight; we have challengers who are looking to define abs and see more muscle definition as well!

24 Day Challenge video

Please connect with me if you're interested in joining!  I also love referrals, so if you share this with someone and she signs up, I'll happily compensate you with a FREE thank you gift!

-Free personal coaching with 24/7 support
-Meal plans/recipes/grocery
-Fun, supportive and encouraging environment 
-Top 3 transformations will win CA$H prizes just in time for the holidays!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boxes and Bumps

How is it that we are one week out from Halloween tomorrow?! Oh my gosh.  I am super excited to dress up our little one, that is for sure! We have a family member's housewarming/Halloween party this weekend and may go to our Zoo Boo, so I will get to dress her up!! Weeeeeeeee!

What have we been up to?  Oh ya know, this and that.  

Boxes.  For coloring. Climbing in. Stuffing everything you own into. Pushing around.  I love how kids just love such a simple thing, and really can be entrained for awhile with it!  Nevermind the toys and all…just give a kid a box.

Last Saturday my pelvic girdle pain was pretty rough…so we lounged for a little bit.

Because prior to, I chased her around in Soccer tots.  She loves it!

Holly is obsessed with this chair lately. Such a weird little animal!

Panera lunch!!

My friend Alison entertained my tot while I perused Hobby Lobby for crafts and such!

Smellin the candle.

This happened today when I was blow drying my hair.  She loves this silly old bear.  

I'm getting visions of little brother being dressed up…bahah.

Speaking of, I've never been one to parade my bare belly, like everrrrr.  But, I thought ehhh what the heck.  Here it is.  He's growing great.  We passed our glucose test with flying colors and have NO iron deficiencies this time around. Holla!! Props to my Advo supps and a healthy babe.

Hubby's at Swim with Brookie, dinner is in the oven. Life is good!! Hope you are having a great night!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Inspiration and a Healthy Pumpkin Spice Treat!

You are what you tell yourself….

I am just so proud of anyone who steps up and starts changing her health habits, in whatever shape or form.  It's so easy to be stuck in a rut, eating fast, processed foods and not getting a move on.  So when someone takes the time to put herself first, I just love being the one coaching her along!! I know first hand how hard it is to get going.  

So today? Props to this mama, Rachel!! We became friends through blogging; you can find her over here #mommylife.  She is a SAHM with an adorable little girl!  

She's currently down 7 pounds on this challenge, and that was just from the cleanse phase!!  She has lost over 50 pounds with our products and has seriously seen some amazing results.

She has shared her results and products with others, resulting in the ability to stay home and earn an additional $500-$1000 income.  It makes me so happy to be able to help others like her, so she can stay home and not have to leave her baby girl to earn some extra income for her family.

The biz is super simple, but it takes dedication and you need to be teachable and coachable.  Rachel is all of those for sure!   Just keep reaching girl; I can't wait to see where you go!

Sidenote~~It is so so so very important to eat small meals all throughout the day.  It's also equally important to know what to eat, but this small change can do WONDERS for your metabolism.

Pretty much!! #truth

And for kicks, I saw these floating around. I have NOT tried any of these recipes, but I thought maybe one of you might?! Interesting for sure and healthier than some of the tradish pies and such that are out there.  So maybe you have a big event coming up, or want to get festive with some of our staples…

I wish I had this over the summer to try!  Muscle gain always help curb that sweet tooth.

Oh, and if you want to be festive AND keep it super easy--here ya go!! Pumpkin Spice Meal Shakes!

Holiday editions tend to sell out SUPER fast.  Get them while ya can! I've ordered and stocked up on my boxes!!

If you're on the fence of pushing yourself, just do it!! It's totally worth it….and seriously, it is fun to go against the grain.  

Disclaimer: I am an independent AdvoCare distributor with the company and it is my goal to help others with achieve their health and financial goals..AdvoCare products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. AdvoCare does not endorse products for pregnant/nursing moms or any persons under the age of 18. For more information on the key benefits of our products, please visit the product pages

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Brooke Lynn: 21 Months

What up? What up? I am feeling a-w-e-s-o-m-e.  Maybe it's the 70 degree weather, the sunshine, the fact that our baby boy's carpet will be installed in just a little bit!?! I just have been super busy playing single mom lately, as hubby just wrapped up his THIRD and final tent sale of the year! WOOP!  It is game on now.  What do I mean by that? Well, you see, he has a week of vacation coming up in November, January brings him home for a few days with a new bebe and he doesn't have a crazy sale again until June.

Home. Free. My friends, home free.  My man works so very hard and there is nothing I can do, but love him to death, support his desire to bring home the bacon, and do my best manning the fort when he's away.  I know I've mentioned his grandparents before, but I know that Joe is so much like his grandfather, (right down to marching out of the carpet store because they were being a bit ridiculous about pricing, money down, etc.)  As I told my mother in law about this scenario, she just laughed and said something about, how many countless contractors were hired/fired throughout the years her father did business.  Oh, I just love my Italian family!! hehe

Also?  I have a 21 month old. Ahhh!  

She's wearing 3T-4T really it depends on the brand.  I am loving GapKids because the 3 Year sizing is a little big, so she has some room to grow, the quality is excellent and it fits her well and looks great. Her 3T sleepers are getting tight, so I am holding out on buying more, because 4T is still big? Oh the struggle with a long tot!

She's about 32 pounds and I don't even know how tall.  Super long and really needs to be potty trained because she's far too big for the changing pad now!

Speaking of, she has had two great potty moments (both with a very proud Daddy) she was mid-poo and sort of made it to the potty one day, and just Sunday she legit peed in her potty!  She's very obvious  about hiding in a corner to "go" so I just need to bite the bullet and work with her a little more.  I just don't catch it sometimes, if I'm taking care of dishes, dogs, or laundry!  But she's getting there and we are very excited.

She has 3 of her last molars in; the bottom left is taking its sweet time coming in.

Bedtime is around 8(ish) sometimes we stay up to see Daddy come home.  She sleeps until about 7am and takes a 1.5 hour nap around 1:00 every day.  She does well with this routine.

Breakfast she eats her eggs, toast, and fruit.  Joe can't eat eggs without ketchup, and unfortunately she picked up on that too…so while I don't love that, whatever.  Choose the battles!  She is such a fruit and cheese monster. Girl loves both of these all day every day if I let her.  She's digging our pears and apples from our CSA.  But she's really good about eating whatever I make for dinner and prefers real food over any toddler food, which I find a blessing.

Her little personality is shining through and I am so excited that she's starting to really become a little girl, but a little sad too.  We are going to get her a nice bed/dresser and give her current crib etc. to baby boy.  I can't wait to see her meet him in a few more months!

 So here are few photos of what little Miss Brookie and I were up to while Daddy worked:

Playground by the library.


Breakfast for dinner.


Sorting through her baby stuff and organizing. She's such a helper! ;)

Mama being sentimental about all these curls.
Snuggles before our bedtime….prego mommy gets sleepy!

Some Halloween artwork…

She's such a goof and her hair---I just die.

Ok, clearly I can be goofy too.

She hates the carwash, but we are singing songs and trying to see the joy in the bubbles…

My living room looks like this on a nightly basis. It's getting super hard to pick up with this big ol' belly!

We had such fun shopping date with my friend Ann yesterday; it was just what I needed.  Brooke saw these silly carts and was obsessed.  She wanted to play, so I let her for a bit.  Funny how it much resembles her little red car she has here at home, but doesn't want much to do with.  Maybe it needs a safety belt?? Oy!

We've got a busy week and I'm grateful for that.  Tomorrow we have gymnastics, a mommy meet up (kinda like an interview of sorts, I'll keep ya posted on that for sure!) Thursday brings me a hair appointment--wahoo--and Brookie has swimming.  Friday I have my Glucose test and Daddy is going hunting, so we are having lunch with Grandma Maria!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!