Monday, May 15, 2017

Mother's Day 2017

I hope that everyone had a nice day yesterday!  Hubby was so sweet and made 'my breakfast' of spinach, eggs, tomatoes & feta. I even had a little mimosa to start the day!

We relaxed and took it easy; Joe decided it was time for the kids to have a Power Wheels.  We hit up the sidewalks and headed out to the back parking lot.  Maiden Voyage!

Here he tried to make it go faster, aka 5 miles an hour. Neither kid liked it!

They love 'balancing' on this log.

He's getting so big.

Behind the scenes, #momlife

I wanted to get a few photos of just the kids and I...

I just love her little grin.

Thanks for the photobomb dad!

"Girls Rule, Boys Drool."

I think I got a few good ones for my mother in law to print off for me haha!

Of course I may have ended with one more little glass of bubbly.

Cheers to all of you who work your tail off each and every day.  You put everyone else before yourself, take pride in washing, folding, putting away little pajamas. You clean up countless crumbs and wash off never-ending sticky surfaces.  You still find time to love your husband and be a good friend.  You shower at 4pm and sometimes forget how nice jeans feel. Cheers to being awesome; no matter what season you're in, I am sure that #momlife is no easy task, but once you're living it, you'd never go back.  I'm not going to lie; I got quite emotional looking back at newborn photos wondering where on earth these last 2 & 4 years have gone.  Being a mother has certainly challenged me, changed me and for sure has made me a better human being.  Such a special task that should never be taken too lightly.

We ended the day with Joe's ribs & grilled asparagus. I also had him grill me up some chicken breasts to eat for lunch all week!

For dessert I made this Tastefully Simple sugar cookie wafter thing---I dont know but it was SO GOOD.  Joe wanted to put ice cream & fruit in it.

I was "SORT OF" healthy with some greek yogurt and fruit...omg. Addicting!

How did you celebrate Mother's Day?

Friday, May 12, 2017

Fashion Friday

Happy Fri-yay!!

I thought I'd share with you a few of my favorite shops I have been loving lately! My wardrobe needed some help, since I am finally at a size where I am happy and know that I won't be gaining 70 pounds for another baby any time soon.  

Express has been a favorite of mine...I love the choker neck and the cross/tie/strappy top look.  I also grabbed this cardi since it's still kind of chilly. I also picked up these gray stretchy ankle jeans--SO comfortable!

My other obsession is Apricot Lane Boutique.  Jena Green (a fellow Stella Stylist) is on point when it comes to fashion and trends.  I trusted her and ordered her "Spring Box" and wow.  I was so impressed! I received this bomber jacket (something I would NEVER have tried otherwise!) and I love it. I also got this strappy bralette --it's like a sports bra-score! It looks adorable under Z-supply tees, another item I received.

Apricot Lane Boutique

As for my go-to bag lately? Our Covet Highline Bag.  It's from our luxe line and it's only $149!

Covet Highline Bag
This white top is another item that was in my Spring Box.  I got so many compliments! It is sheer, but the ruffles cover all the right places and I wore a sticky bra so you couldn't see anything in the back.  I felt girly, sexy and feminine all at the same time!  Our Gita tassels are going to be on repeat this Summer too. I adore them.

I went with a white manicure and accented with my gold Trove Ring & City Slim Clutch. Both from Stella!

I had been on the hunt FOREVER for a moto jacket. I knew I wanted one I just had a hard time deciding which one to get.  I saw this on Express and could not be happier! I love that it's got so much stretch to it.  I am wearing a lot since our May weather has been rather chilly. Total score!
Express Moto Jacket

I have my eye on these.  I had never heard of Vince Camuto, (how dare I?!) And during a fun little incentive I actually won $100 gift card from my Stella team to pick out a pair of shoes.  I'm thinking I will go with these, because I can't stop thinking of them!!

Ankle Tie Sandal

Our Trunk Show Exclusives are going fast! We had to replace the sold out bags with this adorable Capri wrap.   Spend $50 and get any of these for half off!!

A customer favorite, we will soon have rose gold hammered hoops!! I love my small silver & large gold, and for sure will be grabbing a pair of these beauties! Rose gold are currently available through our hostess boutique.  If you've recently hosted a trunk show or book one today, they are yours!


Tip of the day:

Every girl needs a good arm party.  Stack up some gold (or silver, or both) and layer it on!  Our sweet deal right now is to buy 2 and get the 3rd half off!
Arm Party
If you see more jewelry than your budget allows, host with me!! I do quick and easy online Facebook Styling Sessions and most of my hostesses earn over $150+ in accessories!  Let's chat.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Girl Chat: Favorite Makeup/Beauty Products

I'm linking up today---yay!!

I've wanted to share my current favorite beauty products for awhile now.  I just pulled a few of my recent go-to must haves that I have been loving!

For my hair, I only use this line of products.  I find that spending a little more money, washing my hair every 2-4 days, and not curling/straightening every day has really helped!  This spray is fabulous for spraying directly on my hair before I use my curling wand.  The curls hold and last longer for sure!

Sealing Spray

Curling Wand

This is what my hair looks like right after I finish curling. I love to run my fingers through or even a brush to give it the looser look too. I let it cool down first though!

For my eyes I've been loving Younique!  I find this palette to really compliment my brown eyes.  My sweet friend Elizabeth has an amazing group on Facebook where she shares tips, tricks & lots of amazing deals!

Glamour & Grace with Elizabeth

I typically wear Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue daily, but for a night out on the town or if I'm doing any photos or filming, this is what I prefer.  It lasts and really gives a gorgeous glow in a photo! I use the shade Pure Beige.

If I wasn't a Stella & Dot Stylist, I would probably be a LipSense lady! I am obsessed with this product for a few reasons.  I have always been a lip gloss kind of girl, but love the look of lipstick.  The problem with lipstick is that it ends up on my teeth, my husband, and all over my straws and cups.  It's annoying! I tried Gingerbread back around the holidays and I was hooked.  It tingles a little when you apply, but man oh man, it's so fab!  I also love that I can layer colors and create custom looks.  It helps that one of my best friends (maid of honor!) sells it.  Check out her Facebook Group for some deals and lots of pretty lip looks!

Ann Gets Lippy

I tried this bad boy out last night--a little out of my comfort zone but I totally think I rocked it!

I also only have to tote around a gloss or two when I'm out and about.  Winning!

I'm really into self-tanners and I have tried quite a few! Hands down, this has the best smell, least streaks and gives a natural glow.  Even my husband commented how much he likes me tan!

Ann Gets Lippy

Here was my "Purple Reign" lips.

Here I'm wearing Roseberry.

Date night was Napa.

Beige Champagne is my favorite for a mom on the go look!

Being a momma of two kids, 2 & 4, I feel like I am finally starting to feel like a woman again. I'm taking the time to make myself pretty--yes, I get that beauty is on the inside, but let's be real.  I feel my best when I am working out, eating healthy, and getting my glam on!! I am blessed to have such amazing friends who are total girl bosses and I feel like I have such a support team.  

Taking time for ourselves is so important.  It's impressive what a little makeup, lip color & some jewels can do for me!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Brooke's Pre-School Circus

Hi, I'm Jenn and I used to blog over here in this part of the interwebs!!

I'm not really sure how to "ease" back into blogging, so I figured I'd just start sharing some fun happenings. We finally booked our family vacation for this Summer and I was showing the kids our previous trips to Lake George, and realized how much I love looking back onto it.

So here goes!

Brooke had a Circus at preschool.  The kids got to choose which animal they wanted to be and she chose a lion.  #thatsmygirl

Grandma, Daddy, Mommy & brother were all there cheering her on!

I didn't have "brown clothes" to dress her in, but I did have a faux fur vest!

She was the best little lion out there!!

Grandma loved her performance!

We took a Mommy daughter day a little while ago and stopped at Starbucks and checked out the mall.

I also got to go in for a Mother's Night for preschool.

This is what her project said.  What 4 year old says, "she gives me love." ?! I totally teared up.

She showed me her favorite puppies (at the moment) and we played.

She has also become quite the fashionista!! I tell her to nap and this is what she does.  PS I love big bubs in the background.  Just chillin.

So that's all for now but I am making a promise to myself to keep up with blogging! {Like, more than once a month.} I have a million excuses as to why I have not slid my fingers across my keyboard in far too long. I hope that this little break will have refreshed me a bit.  

Stay tuned!