Friday, February 28, 2014

Currently {Friday edition}


I am currently…


I have so many goals and plans I sometimes get overwhelmed. I have my "Spring Project" and that will be our office!! I want to get the big old clunky desk out of there and spruce it up with a nice little white one.

I had my eye on this beauty!

I have to update about my February Financial Freeze, but I will say that I have learned to get creative and to go through items I no longer love and sell them.  This then gives me a little extra money to use towards new goodies that may serve a better purpose in my life (like said organizer!)

Proud of:
I am so proud of my 24 Day challengers who stuck through it until the end and had some amazing results!  Even this girl inspires me more than she probably knows!

Having a hard time with:
Miss Brooke acting all grown up.  Eating little snacks by herself why I wait for my Chiro.

I am LOVING these. I just don't want to forge for food or am running out the door so quickly, I whip one of these bad boys up and goooooo.  Thank you.

Thinking Spring:
I am not even in the mood to complain about this single digit weather, but I did try to bring Spring inside the house.

Goofy Girl.


I needed to SLAM while running errands the other day--OMG--everyone needs these in her car.  #getsstuffdone

Brookie slammed some water.  We have lost one of her sneaks.  She's covered in graham cracker.

Not doing:
This made me laugh.  I have SUCCESSFULLY not entered ONE Target (or online) the entire month of Feb. #hugeaccomplishment

She squats. A lot.

Got out of my comfort zone Thursday night by co-hosting a mixer with one of my local Advisors.  We just loved sharing the amazing products and business opportunities. It was a lot of fun!

Again, not going to complain bout the weather, but I am itching for "new".  I long for the days to get outside, garden, take walks, be one with nature…but I am not a frozen tundra kinda gal.  So I began this little addiction…#ohwow

Beyonce.  My brother burned me the CD.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.

I need to finish The Traveler's Gift.

What are you currently up to?!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Random Monday [a video]

Hey hey hey!!

I hope everyone is doing well and having an awesome day.  I realized by watching a few of my older videos,  that I really liked having them to look back at! So I know my family far away will like these, but I figured maybe some of you would as well.  Feel free to subscribe to my You Tube channel, as I may not always post on the blog…

I don't always love the way I look/sound but ya know what? Who cares. This is me. My eyebrows need a good waxing, and I could sure use some sun, but I need to embrace where I am at and love myself.

I am so hard on myself, as many women are, I know, and we need to just stop!! 

So I challenge you to love yourself and where you are at too!

Happy Monday!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

This Week in Workouts!

Good Sunday morning my sweets!! I hope you all and great week and that you're ready to rock this upcoming week with workouts.   Linking up again with Nikki and Ashley as we encourage and empower one another to break a sweat and be healthy!

Bliss to Bean

With Joe home sick with Crohn's for a few days (Sun-Tues) and Brooke still nursing her Bronchiolitis, it was not a normal week around here.  I did what I could and even when I didn't want to do anything, I still tuned into a few quick TIU workouts and burned some calories.  Nothing impressive, but better than nothing.

Sun-Weds notta.
Thursday: TIU Kettlebell--OMG LOVED this!  I could feel it for two days after too!
Friday: TIU Love Your Body Yoga 
Saturday: TIU Abs/Arms

15 minute Kettlebell = 108 cals; not bad!

I tried the TIU girls last year and they certainly worked me out and then I forgot about them… So when I saw the gorgeous Elizabeth doing their workouts,  I checked it out again. I am a girlie girl through and through, and nothing speaks to me more than a pretty scene, flowers, soft lighting and pink. Haha. I am not a cross-fitter nor am I a runner.  I may be one day, but for now?  I am happy with being me.  And if the workout is glam and girlie? Heck yes, I'm in!!  At least I own it.

What are your favorite workouts this week?  Any good sports bra recommendations? I am thinking of trying the newer VS ones.  

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cleanse Results {And Randoms}

I know "change" can be tricky.  Even for 10 days, to limit or restrict certain foods is a test.  It can be hard but the results?  Ahhh-mazing.   Trust me, I know it can be tricky to not have cheese. Or coffee. Or pasta.  But you know what? It's just 10 days. I cannot explain how awesome it feels emotionally to hit that goal, and physically to feel your best.

I bought this for myself as a "treat" as I continue on my health journey… {great issue, I highly recommend!}


I was up and out of bed waaaaaaay earlier than I normally am.  I am in love with Grape Spark and am now out.  Sad face! I need to order more.

While cleansing, I did all of this pretty much daily [minus the chocolate]

Cleanse Results after 10 days?

I wasn't looking to lose any more weight, I am happy with numbers on the scale, but clearly my body knows what its doing…so have at it! I can feel everything shifting and toning and slimming; I love it.

Oh and the big baggy booty---LOL.  Cracks me up that I have this poofy behind now, but really my bum is now way smaller.  Woot.

Thursday I got my hair done---did not chop it---just freshened up the length, added a bit more bang and of course, more blonde.  Hubby and I had a little date night and loved every minute of it!
I swear my hair is growing like a weed because of these amazing Omegas!! Shhh! It's my little secret.  Get yourself on some STAT if you're not taking this high quality supplement. It's a must. I give it as presents to friends and family because it's SO good for us.

I know I've shared my love for this product (which is on sale right now!!) Digest-ease is super helpful with digesting foods that don't always agree with us.  Whether it's a rumbling tummy or if you have trouble 'going' after certain foods, I see a huge difference in my husband when he takes these daily.  

I have fallen in love with Rehydrate as well.  I will sometimes mix it with my Spark in the morning or I enjoy it while working out…sometimes you just need to add flavor to your water and get some benefit out of it too!

And I was disgusted with these commercials while watching the Olympics…the one where athletes are biting their medal and people are biting their chicken mcnuggets.  So. Gross.  I hope to continue to educate myself and others on healthier eating habits.

**As always check with your Dr before adding any supplements to your diet.  I am not making medical claims with the use of Advocare, I am simply sharing what is working for myself and my family!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hair Help and Some Quotes

So I have this debate every year... My husband and my hairdresser usually talk me out of it. I posted this on Instagram last night. What are your thoughts friends?! Have you done "the chop"?  I cut mine super super short back when I was 19…I went for a Meg Ryan type of cut.  I loved it, but I thought it made me look older.  I'll try to find a pic.

And some quotes…

Happy Hump Day!!

Monday, February 17, 2014

Updates {cleansing and such}

Not to get all cheesy on you, but I am so grateful and blessed for Danielle and Nikki to have shared AdvoCare with me.  I really think it's funny (now) to look back at my former self and see how ridiculous I was being.  I had every excuse in the book, and I used them all, as to why those "last 10 pounds" would not budge.  [The oh, woe is me post here]

I would have never in a million years dreamt that my journey with AdvoCare would lead me to where I am today.  Sure I have lost weight and feel awesome {what mama doesn't want more energy and to fit into her skinny jeans?!} but I also continue finding myself.  It pushes me to read leadership books, get on phone calls, connect with people, and it gives me hope.

Do you still dream?  You should.  You know that saying, if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.  For some reason, we tend to just get comfortable. We settle for average.  The average American is overweight.  The average American has loads of debt. The average American eats junk food….


When I heard that, it downright bothered me.  I don't want to be average.  Is it bad to be just average?

In my head average was like in school, what, a C?  This girl didn't want a C. Or a B.  I wanted an A.

I still want an A in life. I want to know that I gave my all, did my best, and that one day I'll look back when I'm old and gray and smile because I lived a full and beautiful life.

There are times when I want to just stay in my cozy bed and pout because I haven't seen the grass or the sun in what feels like years, but really just days or weeks.  There are times I want to be lazy and do nothing…

And then? I read some more of my book, The Traveler's Gift.  [Disclaimer: everyone should own a copy of this book.] It took me back to my teaching days and how optimistic Anne Frank was.  I teared up as I pictured the room she stayed in, without going outside for fresh air.  In 2010 Joe and I went to Amsterdam and visited the Annex.

How dare I not be grateful for all that I have and all that I can be happy for.

Thank you for that reminder.

So even though most people are simply interested in the weight loss, this journey is so special to me and  I love how it's helping me through days that may not seem so great. [Like today, when Joe is sick with Crohn's and Brooke continues to fight off her Bronchiolitis/RSV and again fun family day plans are cancelled.]

It's more than just a Spark for me.  It's more than a number on the scale.  That's great and all, but the real relationships I continue to build, the more I work on myself, the happier I become.  I also just LOVE getting positive feedback from people who are on their journeys as well.

So with that off of my heart, onto the cleanse…

I keep it pretty simple and kind of routine, as the meals I eat are completely different from Joe's.  That's ok though, it helps keep me in line!

I eat 6 times a day. Every 2-3 hours, whenever I'm getting hungry I eat.  The first 10 days I try so hard to make it as clean as possible--no dairy, no processed, no refined sugar, no white starch.

For example:
Breakfast: Egg and fruit
Snack: Orange and almonds
Lunch: Salad with chicken breast
Snack: Apple & almond butter
Dinner: Clean Crockpot burrito w/ black beans and avocado
Dessert: Chia pudding with berries

I even made myself Chia Pudding-- Thank you Alison for sharing that recipe!

It was almond milk and it thickens with the chia seeds.

SUPER filling and really not that bad at all!

I know how tiresome it is to clean the dishes after every meal. To feel like the sink is never empty. That I am peeing every hour---but to me? That is WORTH it.  I always go back to my mom's "oxygen mask theory."  If you don't take care of yourself and put yourself first once in awhile, NOTHING will get done and NO ONE will get taken care of properly.

So to me, the excuse of "I don't have time to cleanse" is just that. An excuse. If you want to get healthier and feel better, you make time.  It's worth it, trust me.

WOW moment:

A pair of jeans that have not fit this booty since I was 26.  {as in when I first met Joe!!}

Still working on trimming the little muffin top…pardon the pink bra.

THAT impressed me.  I still don't feel "super comfy" in them, as there is no stretch, but the fact that they zipped up and fit over my butt? Woop!

I say this a lot to everyone I coach. I saw this posted and it's so true--

80% of what you eat should be clean.  That way you have 20% for wiggle room--to enjoy something deliciously naughty.  I hate saying "cheat" but let's be real. If you ate burger-like foods 80% of the time, you're not gonna feel well or look your best.

I cannot stress this enough; it's NOT a diet.  It really does teach you how to eat and what to eat.  Sure it's a "24 Day Challenge" but it's meant to transform you for life. It did for me and so many others.

Some of my positive texts this week! I have some real dedicated friends I am helping out. I love helping them get healthy and see results!!

And I cannot remember if I shared a photo or not, but this is Rachel.  Mama has it GOING ON!  She is 55 pounds lighter since starting her AdvoCare journey.  And? She is a nursing mama.  She is still giving her little girl all that good milk and losing weight.  The best part?? She is a SAHM who is now on track to making $500-1000 extra a month. How incredible?  I am so proud of you; you give me inspiration for when I get prego again one day! Keep on rocking Rachel!

So as of today, (day 8) I am feeling great. I lost 2 pounds in the first few days and have kept that off. Again, I wasn't looking to lose weight, I just really wanted to reset my eating habits and work on toning my muscles.  {especially my core--it is my weak spot}

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week in Workouts

Happy Sunday friends!!  It's time for our weekly linkup with Nikki and Ashley!!

Bliss to Bean

Each week I reflect and I cannot believe 7 whole days have passed. Crazy how time flies with a little one!  {or in general!}

I stuck with a lot of Yoga moves this week. I just felt that it was what my body wanted.  I feel great on day 7 of my cleanse and look forward to starting the max phase next week!!

Sunday-CU24 Supplemental Upper Body workout
Monday- Rest
Tuesday- Gentle Yoga on You Tube for [tmi cramps]
Wednesday- Yoga Meltdown Jillian Michaels
Thursday- Rest
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Zen in your Den Yoga

So my goal for this 24 day challenge is to lean out and tone up.  I don't want to lose weight, but I really would like to see more muscle definition.  So here is a picture to keep me held accountable.

I love this.  You just can't ever quit!!

This is no joke! It's definitely not a serene and calm yoga practice.  I for sure felt it the next day! Love it.

I didn't take pictures the other days.  I was lucky to squeeze a workout in!  Poor Brooke has been sick with Bronchiolits; I thought she was getting better but then it took a turn on Friday and I took her to the Dr. Not much to do, other than lots of fluids, rest, and love.  Stupid virus will have to run its course.

I see in my forecast that it may reach the 40's next week--HOLLA!  This girl is super excited to jump on the elliptical in the garage.  We have a space heater and if it's not crazy cold, I really don't mind it.

How'd your workouts go this week? Any new fun at home routines I can try? I need to get back into Zumba or dancing. I love that most.