Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Randoms

Today is a chill day...
Hubs has to work since it's the last day of the month,
he gets the whole weekend off + Monday.
I had a fabulous pre-natal massage yesterday.
Lunch with my mother-in-law 
{and buffalo chicken didn't bother my heartburn; score!}
Ran my husband Chipotle for lunch
My 35 week checkup at the Dr's went fabulous.
I made a yummy chicken marsala for dinner last night
and we caught up on Revenge.
Do you watch that show??
Now I understand why Victoria is so evil.
I have a small girl crush on Ems when she is dressed all pretty and acting all bad ass.
I need that outfit she had on; the white and the fur.

So for today, I am just cleaning up a bit; 
Ya know, daily dishwasher load, unload, re-load, wash, unload...
Do you run your dishwasher every single day?
Sometimes twice a day?
Do I cook too much?
Or just use too many dishes? 
What is my deal?!?
They never end.
I'm already starting to get the thumb cracks
{From cold weather and washing dishes}
Pick up after the doggies.
I need to wrap presents since my family is coming over Sunday for my
step-mom's birthday
{and our dining room table is full of Christmas goodies that they cannot see!!}
Do you know how tricky it is to wrap gifts with a big ole' belly??
I think I'll be using a lot of gift bags.
Oh and....
If you're in the mood for shopping for some pretty necklaces,
but realize that you probably shouldn't spend money on yourself this time of year,
head over to Steph's blog and enter her fun giveaway!!
OK, that's about all.
Happy Friday lovies!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Fun Christmas Gift Idea

Yay for Thursday!!
I have a little video for you to watch...
It's an AWESOME gift idea
and I promise to share each day's little present.
Thank you soooo much Alison!!
I cannot wait until December 1st!
I also bought a few things for baby at Carter's.
Hope you have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Positive Pins

I will admit, with 5(ish) weeks left of pregnancy,
I haven't been the most comfortable person in the world.
I could go on and on about it...
and I'll most likely share these symptoms in my next "bumpdate"
But for now,
I continue to work on my mental attitude.
It's the only thing I can control right now!!
We wanted a baby.
I so badly wanted to be pregnant.
I got what I wanted.
I need to focus on the positives and make these last
few weeks of my pregnancy as best as I can.
These are the last few weeks...
 my husband and I can go wherever, whenever,
without having to hire a babysitter.
...I can lay on the couch and watch tv.
...I can read a book.
...Or many books!
...I can feel my baby girl moving around inside me.
...I can take a shower alone.
In peace.
...I can leave the house without a car seat, blankets, binkies, stroller, diapers...
...I can sit here and blog without any interruptions.
        So you see?
The hip pain, the gas, the sleepless's all about perception.
Soon I'll be dealing with cracked nipples.
Sorry, TMI.
But it's true!!
I've been listening to this a lot...
It's the first "self-help" audio my husband introduced me to,
back when we first started dating in 2008.
I thought self help meant you were broken,
and that people only listened to stuff like this if they have issues.
We all have issues!!
It's how we deal with them that matters.
I'll put this on and listen to it before I do dishes, or clean...or when I'm feeling cranky.       

And I'll leave you with some quotes that are helping me.
It's all about attitude people!
Hope you make the right choice to be happy today.
Have a great Wednesday! 
Source: via Anaikia on Pinterest

Source: via Jeff on Pinterest

Source: via Linnea on Pinterest

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Advice for Couples

This is a post I shared last year over at
Holly's blog
I figured with the craziness approaching, it's a nice reminder!

We made through round one of the holiday season...
Another successful Thanksgiving as a married couple.
As soon as the first holiday rolled around, my then boyfriend, now husband,
and I made the decision to spend them together.
None of this, I'll go here, you go there.
He was my family, and obviously still is.
 We knew no matter who's family we were going to be spending the day with,
we'd be spending it together.
So here are some {first hand experience}
tips to make this upcoming holiday your least stressful yet!

Do not:
try to make everyone happy.
There is no way that every person in your life will be pleased about what you're doing.
{Apply this in every day life too.}
You will make family members unhappy, or at least a little miffed,
 if you can't spend that actual holiday with them.
You can't blame them though, you are fabulous, aren't you??
Well alright then, of course they want to be around you!
 It just may not be humanly possible to be everywhere, at once.
 Remember this: the only person you can truly make happy is you.
 If you're happy, then yay!
You're well on your way to an awesome holiday!!

Begin by asking, what will make you happiest on Christmas Day?
Is it waking up at your parents house?
How about his parents' home?
What about your own home, making a fire in the fire place and having a quiet, serene morning
 {sans kids yet!} and enjoying that simplicity {for now}?
 Whatever it is, talk about it with your significant other and make it happen.
 This is about your life.
**This year we are planning on just staying home.
We are not sure when baby girl will arrive, so we very well may be
celebrating Christmas in the hospital?
We will see!!**

Do not:
try to be superheroes.
We tried to eat a full Thanksgiving dinner at my parents and then his parents our first year together.
We were so full and rushed, it just was just not a great combo.
Nothing ever seems to go as planned,
so be sure that you allow extra time,
{for let's say, certain happenings, such as someone putting the turkey in the freezer,
not the fridge a few days before Turkey Day.}
Dinner took a little bit longer that day!
Christmas brunch with my dad's side ran a little late one year
and by the time we made it an hour back to our house,
 people were already waiting in the driveway for us to make Christmas dinner!

We have started alternating holidays.
 One year with his parents, one with mine.
It does make it tricky with divorced parents, or family far away.
 Simply rotate each year,
and still make time for family gatherings even if it's not "Christmas Day,"
it's still time together, which is most important.
Just host and invite everyone.
Whoever wants to show up, will!
 {We may do this next year, as I'm ready to cook my own turkey!!}

 remember that family always loves you and thinks of you no matter what.
A specific date on the calendar makes us all a little crazy.
If we can't be in several spots at once,
just stop by a day early and drop off a small gift
{bread if you can bake, a craft if you're creative, flowers, anything!}
 To me, family is more than just being related by blood.
Friends whose hearts are warm and deep,
are often times closer than any of our relatives.
 Make time for them too!

Start new traditions.
The holidays are a time for old traditions,
 but they all start form some place.
 Find what works for you, and run with it!
We invited his family and some friends over for Christmas dinner one year and I cried I was so happy.
  I finally felt like I found "Christmas" again after many years being single
and working through my parents' divorce,
I'll never forget the magic I felt with a house full of people,
a table full of food, holiday cheer, Christmas carols playing,
 and presents being unwrapped.
I won't let go of that now that I've started!!
 I love love love Christmas Day dinner!

Do not:
Remotely or completely freak out if things don't go as planned.
Life happens and it's not always perfect!
If you burn the main course or if the smashed potatoes are still cold, is it worth tears and frustration?
I'm sure you had a half a dozen other sides or snacks that most people won't hardly notice.
Don't blow minor mishaps up into negative memories.
Trust me, I want everything to run perfectly 100% of the time,
 but setting a bar like that is ridiculous.
Now, my main goal is to be sure that I'm having fun & not stressed.
 If I'm good, I've noticed others are too!
 Focusing our energy like that does wonders for one another.

Laugh it off.
 If something happens, just laugh.
It's the best reaction.
If you haven't seen the movie
 Four Christmases, I highly suggest you rent it! 

And if none of this advice works, then simply go away for the holiday.
Our first Easter together, we were so stressed out over who's house to go to,

which restaurant, who's turn, bla bla  bla.
We went to Toronto and had a ball!  That was 2008.
Since then we've spent Easter away, just the two of us.
Two years ago we were flying home from our cruise.
 Last year we flew home from Charleston, SC.
I understand Christmas is a bigger deal,
but don't lose sight of what's most important in life: spending time with loved ones.
Don't wait for the man in the big red suit
 to remind you to have a meal with people whom you love.
  Make it happen all year round.
Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Perfect Sunday & Help!

Happy Cyber Monday!
Any good deals out there?
I finished up some shopping on Gap/ON/Banana 
with their 30% off, free shipping & extra discounts already on items.
I had a lovely Sunday--best one in a long, long time!!
You see, my husband is an ah-mazing cook.
His culinary skills completely wooed me in the beginning...
to the point where I was nervous to cook for him,
because I feared I wouldn't be as good!
He loves to try new recipes and isn't afraid of anything.
I was more of a reserved, follow the recipe, I don't want to mess it up kind of cook.
Obviously, since I quit my teaching job,
I took my cooking to a whole new level.
I began really experimenting with different flavors, spices, meats, and food cultures.
I must say that both my husband and I are most inspired by the Food Network.
I love my cookbooks,
but watching someone make a meal on TV 
really makes you feel empowered that you can do it too!
Friday night I had on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives
and we watched an episode or two,
and were completely salivating by the end of it.
{I'm still dreaming about a crazy grilled cheese sandwich & tomato bisque we saw}
Well, he turned to me and let me know he wanted to make me dinner,
and well, I certainly was not going to say no!!
I can't tell you the last time my hardworking, busy man, planned out a meal,
grocery shopped and cooked it himself!
I can tell you that I am SO SO SO happy that he did,
and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world.
I still had to do the dishes,
but it was still far better than any restaurant or take out we could have bought.
He kept asking me how I liked being a guy;
I was laying on the couch watching football while he slaved away in the kitchen.
He made garlic cheese scallops for an appetizer
and chicken a l'orange for dinner!!
It was excellent.
The 49ers won woop woop!!
We enjoyed a fire and hot cocoa as well.
I hope you all had a relaxing Sunday!
Now to clean and decorate for the best holiday everrrrrrrr....

I have pictures, but as I attempted to upload, it told me I've reached my limit?!
I now need to upgrade and pay to put more photos onto my blog?
Has this happened to any of you?!?!
Is there a way to delete photos I don't need on there?
I don't wanna pay $$$$

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Mini {34 Week} Bumpdate

34 Weeks
I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!

I tried my best to relax and stay off my feet.
Not a ton has changed from 33 weeks to 34 weeks for me,
so I'll just share a few things on my mind...
My heartburn is pretty bad the last few days;
I'm attributing it to too much food at once 
{Turkey day}
and eating foods that I don't usually eat...
Hopefully it will subside, as my love for Tums is slowly fading.
My hip pain was really awful after my maternity shoot;
I've been trying to rest as much as possible.
My feet and ankles have begun swelling.
I usually have boney/veiny feet, 
and by the end of the day they're rather puffy.
Cankles are slowly making their debut.
I'm getting up more frequently to use the bathroom at night.
Getting Ready for her
I've washed, dried, folded & hung the last of baby girl's clothes.
Her cloth diapers have been prepped. 
I ordered white frames from Amazon for her gallery wall.
Now I just need photos to fill them!
The nursery is almost complete and my goal is to get a video/photos up 
by the end of next week. 
Next week:
We have a Dr. appointment Thursday (every two weeks now)
I'm going to have Joe bring up my Christmas bins so I can decorate.
[Her stocking is the only thing hung right now!}
I hope to get our Christmas tree next weekend!
Overall Thoughts...
I expected pregnancy aches and pains,
but I never anticipated being in so much pain I wouldn't want to walk the grocery store.
I really hope everything re-aligns post baby and that this pain does not stay forever.
I spend a lot of my time in the house, 
cleaning and cooking what I can in between taking it easy.
I know that my first priority is growing this big healthy baby,
and that's really all that matters at the end of each day.
She sure is moving a lot and has gotten quite strong.
I can't get over how hard her little body is;
it really is quite a miracle going on inside of me!
Papa and Nana even got to feel her move the other day.
I hope these the next 6 weeks fly by...
I'm getting so anxious to meet our little one!!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Giving Thanks, Football, & Shopping!

Happy Tuesday!
Just a few more days and we'll be dining on a 
deliciously prepared meal with friends and family.
With music playing,
glasses clinking,
memories will be made.
This will be the last Thanksgiving as "just a married couple."
Next year, our little girl will be trying some of these foods!!
I'm so blessed and cannot wait to experience all that comes from now til then...
via google
I have so much to be thankful for this year,
it's almost overwhelming. 
I remember a year ago, as I drank wine and moped that I still wasn't pregnant...
It's easy to forget how much it hurt to see so many people around me have babies,
while I patiently/impatiently waited for it to be my turn.
As much discomfort as I am in,
I would not change any of it, so long as baby girl arrives safe and sound.
So I try to remember that no matter how rough life seems,
I have come a long long way.
Some where some place, someone else is feeling upset about something I once did.
Yes, we should be grateful every month of the year...
but I think it's safe to say, as holidays near,
our heart strings are tugged on a bit tighter.
A tear sheds a tad easier,
and it's just natural to want to be grateful for simple every day things.
google images
On a silly sports related note...
Anyone else see that game last night?!!?
I'll admit, I still don't know all the ins and outs of football.
I know a lot of the 49er players and I know the basics.
I'm now working on learning all of the different names of positions and their purposes.
I can tell you, I was a little nervous about the backup quarterbacks 
and how our team would do...
facebook image
But he was phenomenal! 
I never really cared for football because no one really taught me the game.
I think my husband actually enjoys teaching me about it,
so long as I don't annoy him too much during the games hehe.
There's something special about being able to enjoy a team together
 and be excited about all of it...
Although it's way  more fun when we win!!
These two, the "Smith brothers" were something else last night!
It was so fun to watch.
facebook image
I also want to gloat for a minute and say that I'm about 90% DONE 
with my Christmas shopping!!
google image

This is unheard of.
I can be the biggest procrastinator most of the times.
since I have no control over when little miss makes her arrival,
I figured I'd rather stock up on gifts,
take my time to wrap.
I will admit that Amazon has become my best friend.
You can't beat free or minimal shipping,
and waddling is just so painful.
I'd share what I bought,
but I know many of these people read my blog!!
I did get some shopping done at stores,
but I am very appreciative of online shopping.
Can I rant a second about Black Friday?
I feel like it's being made to be such a big deal...
and overshadows Thanksgiving in a way...
I don't know. 
I'm just old fashioned and sometimes 
I just don't like where society is headed.
But that's another post, for another day.
I won't be standing in lines;
never have.
Never will.
Clearly it's the last place a prego should be anyway.
I don't like the craziness and madness that comes with it!
I may however peruse online "Cyber Monday"
since I have a few people left on my list.
How are you doing with your shopping?
Do you have a lot left or do you shop all year long?

Monday, November 19, 2012

33 Week Bumpdate

How far along:
33 weeks down,
7 to go!
My grocery store casual look:
 T-shirt: Liz Lange Target
Maternity Jeans: Motherhood
Button down: Husband's old shirt
My attempt to look cute in stripes:
Kohls top & Motherhood Maternity Jeans
Baby is the size of:
Durian Fruit
 Has anyone heard of this?!
Lots of heartburn.
Left hip/pelvic pain.
Hoo ha pain.
Very emotional/moody.
I'm trying not to be a prego monster, 
but it's hard when I'm so uncomfortable.
French Toast, pancakes, maple syrup.
Fruit and chocolate.
Hence, dinner one night:

Some good nights, some bad.
Up 3-5 times to pee
Naps are a wonderful thing.
Stretch Marks:
I get unreasonably upset over some things;
I am going to work on this more...
I am getting anxious to meet her and excited to hold my baby girl.
Belly Button:
Still just oddly stretched out...
But I have GOT to ask;
what part of her could be poking/creating a hard/somewhat painful to the touch feeling,
directly under my belly button??
Her shoulder? 
Is it the umbilical cord?? 
So bizarre!
Wedding Rings:
Still on
Best moment of the week:
There have been a few!
Daddy put together the 'big baby items'
(Click on the names for links, if interested in more)
We put the car seat attachment onto the stroller to see what it looked like.
Graco Pack-and-Play {So proud of this purchase!!
 $99-we got to use 20% off, & get a $25 gift card back to Buy Buy Baby!!}
We had our maternity photo-shoot!!
{I shared a few on instagram}
If you don't follow me there, 
here they are!!
They were taken at my dad's land...

Outfit Deets:
Thanks again to my peeps for telling me to wear red!!
Red shirt: Motherhood maternity
Skinny leather belt: Target
Skinny Jeans: Motherhood maternity--Heidi Klum "love"
Faux Fur: Arden B
Brown Boots: E-bay
Chunky Gold necklace: Express
Taupe tank top: Target
Cream sweater cardi: Express
Black Ugg boots with fur
Red Scarf: Target--just bought last week!! It's sparkly!
 Baby boots: Zulily
On Joe:
Sweater: Banana Republic
Jeans: Sevens
Sneakers: Merrills
I cannot wait to see more!!
Another "Great moment" was our date night
out at my favorite restaurant Black & Blue
Dress: Kohls (a few years ago--non maternity, just a large!)
Brown Belt: Charlotte Russe
Boots: E-bay
Faux Fur: Arden B
Necklace: Won in a giveaway from Brighthouse Baubles
White Bracelet: Stella & Dot
MK Watch
F21 bead bracelets
Rose Gold earrings: Stella & Dot
Flower Ring: 
I shamelessly admit a few years ago I ordered it from Theresa Guidice's website haha
Miss Anything?
I am a {tad} independent and stubborn.
Ok, those of you who know me, know I'm really both of these things.
It is very hard for me to ask for help... 
My feet are beginning to swell throughout the day,
and I am so sad that I have begun to stretch out my beloved Ugg slippers.
They are a bit big in the morning now
le sigh.
I have had to ask Joe to do much more to help me and it's very difficult.
I need to just swallow my pride and get over it.
He's not a mind reader, did you know that?
So all I have to do is ask.
Simply not always so simple.
I also really miss just walking. 
It hurts so bad if I walk for a bit, that I really need to take it easy.
Walking around for our photo shoot really hurt..
I just miss walking the dogs in the fresh air!!
I know it will all be over soon, but I will be so thankful to be pain free again.
What I'm looking forward to:
Definitely looking forward to Thanksgiving dinner!
Gravy & Mashed potatoes and I will be a happy, happy prego.
We are not traveling around for Christmas this year, 
so this is it for the 'holiday' hustle and bustle.
After this I'm hunkering down til baby makes her debut!
please don't make my BP go up like last week's game!!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Brooke's Baby Shower

I guess I needed a little blogging break...
{and possibly a new computer, as my laptop is rather temperamental!}
I've been enjoying having my husband around more this week,
and am rather sad his stay-cation is coming to an end.
I don't have a ton of photos from my baby shower, 
--waiting on some from my mother-in-law---
But I still wanted to share a few from our iPhones!!
It was a beautiful event put on by my 
mother-in-law Maria
step-mother Tricia
and my sister Brianna
 I found an adorable black lace dress from 
Motherhood Maternity.
I threw the pop of pink scarf on, well because baby is a girl!!
I also wore black flats from Land's End.
My shower was at a local country club.
It was the perfect sized room and everything was lovely!
An adorable banner...
Tables had pink accents and little eiffel tower name card holders!
They are perfect for cute photos,
and Brooke's nursery isn't 'themed'
but I do have a little Paris going on in there!!
 Everything had a spot.
 Outside of the room was the buffet.
Rolls, croissant, danishes
Cheesy scrambled eggs
French toast
It was so delicious!
I also had requested mimosas (and they had bloody Mary's too)
for those to sip on while we gathered for this event.
I always love it when there's a little somethin to drink.
And most importantly hehe
Pink Velvet Cupcakes
  Our family friend made the tutu to go around it,
and the same lady who made our wedding cake
made these adorable and delectable cupcakes.
There was sparkle frosting.
They were amazing!
There were cute little pink diaper pins we all wore...
Here's one shot of my step-mom and my sister
and one of my "girls' night gang"
One 'special' gift I received was wrapped in a box,
with a card saying it was from my baby, Brooke.
My adorable niece was helping me unwrap it,
poor thing,
as we unveiled what was inside...
A disposable diaper with poo.
No, not actual poo!
My mother in law likes to be funny.
She puts spicy mustard and chocolate covered raisins,
mushed up and inside a diaper.
It was priceless.
I guess she did it a lot when my husband was younger,
for baby showers she would attend,
and so he requested it.
My niece was still asking about the poopy diaper later in the night!
It was a lovely day and we are so blessed 
to have so many wonderful people in our lives.
My friends and family went above and beyond
to put on such a special event.
This little girl is going to be styling too, 
with all the amazing clothes she received!!
Thank you everyone who has been a part of this baby's life,
and to think she's not even here yet!!?
I'm beyond ecstatic for her to arrive.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

32 Week Bumpdate

How far along:
32 weeks--less than 8 to go!
 This ON wrap is pretty much my favorite thing to wear.
Hat: Target
Sunnies: Target
Leggings: Gap
Tank: Non-maternity Target
Flats: Land's End
Necklace: A gift from a friend
How big is baby?
I feel like I'm on the home stretch.
My left hip/pelvis hurts bad when I walk.
Leg cramps in my calves start to happen, but haven't gone full blown.
I just stretch my leg out and they stop.
I think she turned or moved or something...
If I sit on the couch, I feel like my lungs are squashed.
Heartburn is pretty bad again.
I'm at the point where I'm not really "getting hungry"
I just realize I need to eat because I feel a little faint/nauseous.
{And it's been a few hours}
Anything mint or chocolate. (preferably together)
Ice cream.
Stretch Marks:
Totally thought I had some--
but they were marks from laying on my left side
and are gone now!
I am still using the belly butter and the oil.
If I nap, I have a hard time sleeping at night,
but I'm so tired that sometimes I just fall asleep on the couch.
Last night I had my Snoogle and two pillows propping me up
It hurts to roll from side to side.
I get up 4-5 times to use the bathroom.
It was a rough one last night.
She was having a dance party from 12-1.
Good times!!
{Plus hubs whacked me in the head in my sleep on accident!! ha}
Happy and excited!
I get frustrated that I need to rest more and that my body is huge and slow...
but I know it's just a little bit longer!! 
Belly Button:
Still super stretched out, but not popped out.
I still wonder if it will??
Maybe it will be like those buttons in a turkey and when I'm "done" it will pop.
Wedding Rings:
Still on!!
I'm not swelling in my hands or ankles...
my calves seem bigger and my feet a tad swollen but really not bad at all.
Best Moment of the Week:
My shower last Sunday!!
I've been so busy putting away all her goodies.
I hung another organizer up in her closet:
Bottom up:
Joe's baby blanket
My baby blanket
Brooke's baby blanket!
Looking forward to:
We are touring the hospital tomorrow.
I hear the birthing suites are nice and everyone is great.
It's the same hospital where I was born, so that's kind of cool. 
  Taking it easy...
My hubs has his "staycation" next week so I hope to get
"Christmas" up and out of the basement
and the rest of our baby gear up and assembled!
Our maternity photo shoot is Wednesday!!
I plan on reading a lot...
I like the ideas behind this book;
clearly it's all mumbo-jumbo until I actually have a child to care for.
It's kind of like the next "Dr Spock" book...which is what my mom read when I was a baby.
 A few outfits this week included...
Which included:
Sweater: Express
Tank: Target
Leggins: Gap Maternity
Boots: E-bay
Scarf: Express
 Based on my instagramming friends...
I may wear this red shirt for my maternity shoot!
They say red is my color...
Motherhood Maternity clothes
Scarf: Target 
I want her in here as long as she needs to be...
but I'm getting to the point of missing my body/energy
and I just want to meet my baby girl!! 
And just for kicks...
This is when I thought I looked pregnant. 
12 weeks & 15 weeks.
Time is flying by!!
Happy Saturday.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

It's the Holiday Season via Pinterest

I am trying to keep some "normalcy" going...
but everything is baby crazy (all good) lately!!
We received so many beautiful items from Brooke's shower,
I've been busy opening gifts,
taking tags off,
My hips/left side of my pelvis have been so sore.
I can literally only do an activity for about half the time I usually can.
So it's like,
unload the dishwasher,
then go sit and do something.
Come back and load the dishwasher,
and then go lay on my left side.
I feel a bit pathetic,
but I am just trying to listen to my body!
I need some pinspiration in my life...
so here we go!
I am BEYOND excited for Thanksgiving.
I just want to relax, eat, and be with family.

I'd love to try these soon

And let's get real.
My mind is all over the place right now...
and between baby on the brain, my next focus
Holiday Season..
I'm like Mrs. Christmas. 
I love love love everything about "The most wonderful time of the year." 
And as far as I'm concerned? 
I had better get my decorations up and out and ready to go SOON!
Who knows when lil B will make her appearance!?
 My hubs is all Mr. "Let's wait until after Thanksgiving"
...and normally I smile and oblige.
 But this year?
 I am afraid I won't be up for much decorating if I'm already this uncomfortable!?
 I've gotten some of my Christmas shopping done, but I fear I'll have to just finish up online. 
It's just not comfortable to walk and wait in lines...with all this extra weight!
Any great deals online lately!?
SO yes, Christmas is on my mind:

I'm dreaming of a White Christmas!

Get in my belly!

I want to print this!!
Maybe all of us adults should adhere to it as well...

I refuse to stress out this Christmas.
{It may be a first}
I plan on enjoying all things that come our way.

I just want to snuggle up and watch Christmas movies right now!?

I think I need Christmas in the bedroom this year too...

I've certainly been "nesting"
 But I'm curious to see how crazy I become?
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

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