Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Live Simply...

Why do we as women put such pressure on ourselves?
I have always been type A personality.
I want everything to be perfect.
Well ya know what?
Life is not perfect.
It's messy.
It's complicated.
It's full of twists and turns we never expected.
I feel like it's something in the air,
 as I have seen a few of my bloggy friends post similar feelings lately.
Mercury Retrograde anyone?

Mercury Retrograde Shadow Period

February 27 Mercury enters the shadow zone. On March 2 it makes its first conjunction to Scheat and we get a grand trine Neptune/Saturn/Moon. Mercury is square that Moon on the fixed star Betelgeuse. That will inflate and heat up matters. As this spot is going to get hit trice, I would pay attention to this day. Whatever happens here will have repercussions later on in the cycle. I also wouldn’t set sail around the Cape of Good Hope in a rickety old schooner on March 2, but crossing the English channel will be fine and you might even have that karmic encounter while sea-sicking your lunch up over the railings. Mercury will be quincunx Saturn this day.
March 5 however we get the potential for intuitive flashes and for those writers among us, the opportunity to plug directly into the collective consciousness. This day Mercury forms a conjunction with Uranus on the fixed star Deneb Kaitos on Cetus’s tail. “With Mercury: Active mind, writer or speaker upon subjects of public welfare, seeks to enact laws of benefit to the community, favorable for social affairs” Uranus will make the sea monster even more restless and volatile, but it’s great for effective, political speeches that move mountains for the common man
 No excuses, but I do find that fascinating...
I want to be the perfect wife.
I am so hard on myself to keep a pristine house 
{with two furry dogs, one who sheds the amount of 3 or 4}
I feel like I notice every piece of dog hair.
I never have it all gone.
I attempt these lavish meals.
I wan to clip coupons and stock up/save $$
I want to be a great daughter, daughter-in-law, sister, auntie, friend.l
I want to look like a super model every day.
I want to be the best dog mommy.
I want to have a full heart of gratitude and love for 
all those who surround me and I 
try to show it as much as I can.
I want to be a fabulous blogger and connect with all of you amazing women.
I wanted to have my Disco pictures up by now 
{sorry mama!}
I know that every time I get sick, things fall behind and I freak out.
Bad bad habit.
I just wish I could 'Go with the flow'.
I'm really working on not being so uptight.
It's difficult, but I know I can continue to grow as a person.
I am such a complex and complicated being, but why?
I just want to be simple!!
I am the only one putting this pressure on myself.
No one is telling me to feel or do any of these.
So today, as I sip my coffee and share these thoughts, 
I'll reflect on some of these quotes.
And hopefully do more yoga to calm my ass down.
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

And I have this magnet on my fridge; 
I need to listen to it more.

I feel better already. 
Here's to a great day!

Monday, February 27, 2012

My Favorite Things

One of the first blogs I read when I began blogging,
If you're not following her, you certainly should be!
Her blog is always full of helpful health tips,
beauty advice,
and lots of optimistic posts about life and love.
She's currently hosting a link up on
Favorite Things!
Butler, Favorite Things
Go link up!!
I decided to share some of my,
"I cannot live without these products."
For my mental/emotional well being,
I really try to read and listen to different self-help books.
Ones that I really felt spoke to me were:
 If these are not part of your collection,
I really suggest you add them!!
 I am always looking for new make-up.
I just bought this for the disco, 
but I can already tell it's going to be a new favorite!
I love that it shows you how to apply the two different looks.
Victoria Secret!
Lid & Lash Wash
My step-mother Tricia gave me this a few Christmases ago.
It's like magic; 
I just put a little on a round cotton pad and wipe away my
eye-makeup and my mascara. No more raccoon eyes!
 I stock up so I don't run out.
I will admit I did ask for something this past birthday.
I am obsessed with The Food Network 
and my favorite star Giada.
I noticed that on most of the shows, Rachel Ray, Paula Deen, The Neelys,
had this one thing called  a Dutch Oven.
I needed one.
I got one.
I'm SO SO SO happy I did!
 I use it for everything:
risotto, sauce, chili, baked no knead bread, stews, soups, you name it!
It goes from the stove to the oven.
 Scentsy has completely replaced 
candles in our home.
I have such a great sense of smell, I am obsessed with
things that smell good.
As much as I love candles, hubs doesn't like the fact 
that they can be forgotten about and left to burn.
We know a couple who left their apartment and
their cats knocked into a burning candle and they lost everything.
Yes, everything. :(
With Scentsy, if I forget to unplug, it's not the end of the world!!
I have several warmers throughout the house and far too many scents to list!
I cannot live without this makeup:
Bare Escentuals.
I didn't wear much makeup when I was younger.
Now that 30 is the new 20, I am having so much fun with it!
I love shopping at a store because they give you good size samples to try.
If you go in to a boutique, they also give you a little makeover and
show you how to apply all the fun stuff.
This could really use a post all alone; my favorite?
"WELL RESTED" under eye concealer--but it's a powder.
Being a housewife, I have a few favorite cleaning products.
I am loving these new Downy Unstopables.
I use scent free detergent and dryer sheets
and dump some of these magic balls into my washer.
I love the purple one.

And my daily cup of java...
My father-in-law aka a coffee connoisseur
turned me onto this delicious brew! 
I love Starbucks, but since they don't deliver,
 I get the whole beans of this stuff & grind it for a few cups every morning.
Like I said before, I love good smells!
Since Joe used to sell perfume/cologne, he's all about them.
He also shared with me that it's important to change up your scents.
Your nose gets used to a scent and so you may not smell it, 
and pile so much on that others around you are gagging and 
you have no clue!
Some of my faves:
And I wish I had a few pairs of these Seven jeans.
SO comfy!
They go with everything.
And I definitely need a few more of these bad boys.
I only have 2 and I'm constantly washing them!
Great for smoothies.
Perfect for a water with lemon.
Best part?
Joe calls it my 'sippy cup' since I'm clumsy and spill stuff
A lot.
I know I've mentioned it before, but I am a wine snob.
I don't like to drink cheap wine {especially because of how I feel the next day!}
If I'm going to drink some white vino, I will reach for this.

My favorite things could probably go on and on, 
but since I got sick last week my house has gotten rather dirty.
I have tons of cleaning to do today!
I'll share my disco recap tomorrow;
we had so much fun, I'm still recovering. 
This dancing queen's feet are so sore.
I haven't even put my photos on the computer yet.
If you follow me via Twitter or Instagram,
you may have gotten a sneak peek.
If not, here's a preview:

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hollywood Glam

I appreciate your sweet words of encouragement yesterday
and thoughts on how to fix my ghostly while legs!
So today, on behalf of the, err, academy,
I accept my award.
California Dreamin'!!
I think the only award I would receive is the 
best wife ever award!
And I'm totally cool with that. 
Anywho, I would love to actually wear this gown
or play Rachel Zoe and dress another fabulous 
Hollywood Beauty.
I just think simple is best for the awards shows.
Statement pieces.
I'd die if I ever owned anything like this in real life!

Hollywood by jennifer-delle-fave featuring white gold drop earrings

Go link up with AV from {long distance loving}
It makes me think of the episode of SATC
with Carrie all dressed up looking so elegant.
I never liked Aiden, but she didn't end up with him, so all is well.
 Love this.
 Seriously, before I had cable, all I'd watch on TV
would be SATC DVDs. 
I'm pretty sure my friend Norm and I know every episode by heart.
We played the trivia game and he won, so he may have watched
it more than I did!!
If you're single and haven't yet watched this show, 
I highly suggest you do!
And some randoms...
Here's a good quote for the weekend:
And I thank  God I married my husband.
He's always positive, no matter what the situation.
He continues to teach me how to be better every day.
I found this and it made me think of my fellow
winos who just love their wine-you know who you are!
{Like moi}
This is for us!
Totes random, but...
If you love Thin Mint GS cookies, buy these:
They were on sale and I picked them up for Joe.
{I never buy random sweets, so it's a treat!}
I had one bite and they are ridiculously good.
I am refraining however, since I have that
to get 
down in 
at the
Were the dresses really that short back then?
Stay healthy and have a fab weekend lovies!!
Any super fun plans to share??

Thursday, February 23, 2012

It's OK Thursday

It's OK!
...that I am so o-v-e-r this white stuff; Spring where are you??
...that hubs has been SUPER busy at work...
...but I miss seeing him/coming home for lunches...
...that I'm jealous of anyone on a beach right now...
...that I still haven't helped my pasty legs and they'll be glowing white Saturday night...
...that I'm still in my pjs; I am still not feeling my perky self...
...that I don't want to hear about other people's marital drama...
...that I just touched up the blonde hair; no cut this time...
...that I am craving Starbucks, right now...
...that I really don't have anything else to say!
Have a great day lovelies.
Link up with Amber & Neely-

Its Ok Thursdays

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Boogie Woogie Wednesday Pins!

Happy Hump Day lovies!
I woke up yesterday with a sore throat.
 As you may know, we have the Ugly Disco this weekend
and I am so excited and cannot be sick!!
After my dentist appointment yesterday, I came home 
parked my booty on the couch.
I have had lots of healthy foods, liquids and all of my natural remedies.
I'm still feeling icky, but I think it may be on its way out...
-wishful/positive thinking-
So today's pins are just some 70's inspiration for the disco!
Follow me via pinterest to see more fun pins.
 Let's get this party started!
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I love everything about this disco. 
Everyone looks so silly and fabulous all at the same time!
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Joe has worn this type of ensemble the past few years...
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

I am excited to play around with some fun make-up. 
Any suggestions?

Love the dramatics...
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Some Farrah Hair?
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest


And I'm thinking I need to slap on some disco sparkle nails:
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Just love these:
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest
Or even:

These are made for walkin!
too bad mine are majorly scuffed from the last 3 years!
Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

Is it weird Joe & I wish we could go back to the 70's and live it??

How fun would Studio 54 be?

And I did not find a fun colored wig, but my hubbers will be rocking a Jheri Curl.
 His inspiration? 
You may have guessed it {from this post}
 Rick James.

Yay for the Disco!!

I didn't even like this kind of music, until we went 4 years ago. 
I heard this song played live, and I fell in love with 70's music. 
Have you been to an Ugly Disco or dressed up like this?
I cannot wait to share our night with you!
My sister is going this year so it's going to be extra fun!!!
I'm so happy I got a new dress too.
I've worn this for the last 3 years:

Come link up with Michelle: