Saturday, September 29, 2012

National Coffee Day

Not that anything is wrong, but....

Happy National Coffee Day!!
Grab a mug and enjoy a fresh brewed cup.
How will you be celebrating?
I'll be sipping on a small mug of Pumpkin Spice while catching up with a good friend.
There may be pumpkin bagels and pumpkin cream cheese involved as well.
Happy Saturday!

Friday, September 28, 2012

One Year at Blogging & 26 Week Prego Wall

TGIF lovies!!!
Today I am already 26 weeks preggars,
and today marks my one year of blogging!
I had no idea what I was getting into or where this path would take me.
I am so happy that I decided to put myself out there,
and really pour my heart into this lil old blog of mine.
It all began one rainy afternoon with a simple post...
I love that my family and friends who aren't close by can stay in touch with me.
I love that I connect with awesome women who share similar interests all over the place. 
I want to thank you so much for following along 
and for all of your thoughtful comments that you leave.
I love hearing from you all!!
As for 14 weeks left of carrying baby bean----
This week of pregnancy has really hit me!
I get winded just on short (10 minute) walks with the dogs.
I have been living in lounge wear these last few days;
my urge to dress cute and uncomfortable has faded at the moment...
I'm hoping that our dinner date tomorrow night will inspire me to look cute.
I get hot and dizzy if I sit or stand or do anything for too long.
My belly/uterus just 
[Like I need to hold it up, even though I know I don't.]
I am always fidgeting and moving around....
My lower back is super sore and heat feels amazing on it.
Sleep is still good, but I am tired most of the day.
I am face first in breastfeeding books, DVDs, how to make baby food
and next up? Happiest Baby on the Block  DVD
[how to get them to sleep?!]
Because I'm sure I'll remember ALL of this information when sweet
baby Brooke is placed in my arms and I have a little one staring back at me.
At least I'll feel better that I attempted to 'prepare'.
Or at least that is what I tell myself. 
I'm happy to report her baby bedding is coming right along, and I believe
I have purchased all that is necessary to finish, we just need to assemble!
I do love being pregnant; my favorite thing is feeling her move around
which is most of the time--I think she only sleeps like 4 hours, I swear!
I will admit I have had my vain moments...
I sort of miss my platinum blonde hair, my dark tanned skin, my fit body.
These moments don't last long because I am SO SO SO thankful to be carrying this baby.
They slip into my mind and I quickly push them out of my head.
But truth be told, from time to time, I miss being a hot wifey!!
{Even though hubs says I'm hot, I just don't always feel it in my achy, bloated, gassy, glory}
I know I'll get back to my old self, and I for now I am focusing on being grateful and blessed.
But let's face it, being pregnant is a huge deal and really you just don't feel the same!
I think I'm also getting antsy to meet her.
Who's eyes will she have?
Will she have my nose or his?
Will she be quiet or loud?
How much hair will she have
When will she actually make her debut?
Will she be super fussy or sleep through the night?
What will that moment actually feel like when we get to hold her in our arms and look down at 
a little being that we created?
So many fun experiences to look forward to.
My baby shower is November 4, so I've started looking for a dress...
before I know it we'll be feasting on Turkey Day,
decorating a Christmas tree,
ringing in a New Year,
and rushing to the hospital for the arrival of our little one.
What a year it has been;
thanks for being faithful my lovely readers!
I look forward to many more fun years of blogging ahead.
Happy Friday Bellas!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fabulous Fall Fun

I cannot believe how many childhood memories have begun flooding my mind
since I found out we were expecting.
I am beyond excited to share all of life's grandeur with our little one.
As much fun as it is carrying her around & feeling her move,
I look forward to the days where we can go apple picking,
sip cider,
eat freshly made doughnuts, 
pick pumpkins,
read books about Fall and Halloween,
go on long walks with leaves crunching beneath our feet,
and really enjoy this breath taking time of year.
I am already looking at my husband's hectic early October schedule,
and trying to find time to squeeze in some of these activities with him!
For now,
I'll dream up some ideas and hopefully put them to good use before the first
dare I say it
*SnOw FaLL*
Happy Wednesday!!
::Link up::
Curl up with a cozy blanket on the couch? 
Easily done.

Have our own mini photoshoot with baby bump & pumpkins...

Take some nice photos with the changing of the leaves!

Enjoy a scenic drive on many a country road...

An autumnal picnic!?

Someone puh-lease have a bonfire party!! 
[oh, and invite me? Thanks!]

There's an awesome walkway by the beach we need to explore! 
This reminds me of it...

I love Magic Bars during the holiday season, I need to try these!!

And some decor ideas...

Who doesn't love glitter???
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

And of course, some pumpkin pancakes!

I love walking my doggies with a hoodie on...
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

What fun Fall activities are you looking forward to? 
I'm ready to say
 "Goodbye September and Hello October!"

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Listening to: 
Fun, catchy & I just love his voice!!
google images
Thankful for:
Joey's Grams won this [before we were expecting baby]
A handmade quilt from her Senior Center she goes to weekly!
She gave it to us last week.
How perfect are its colors??
Loving this new scent:
Paris Night @ Bath & Body.
Sometimes Perfumes are a bit too heavy for me right now, this is perfect.
and it's glittery.
Obsessed with:
Option 1 of baby girl's coming home outfit!!
sneak peek
Daddy's favorite color--Red.
Reading for fun:
I read Glass Castle--loved it, so this will hopefully be as good, if not better!
Reading to learn:
What are some current happenings in your life?!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Getting Real on a Monday

Well, as much as I'd love to brag about how awesome 
my Sunday was with my husband,
I can't.
Instead of driving around,
enjoying breakfast sandwiches,
grabbing PSL's, 
snapping photos of pumpkins & my bump,
playing football with the guys,
jumping up and down, hooting & hollering at the SF game,
cooking up delicious foods and just laughing and enjoying time with each other...
We spent the entire day in repose & quiet.
The whole house seems sad when he's not well.
He must have eaten something that didn't agree with his digestive system,
and his Crohn's acted up.
It's days like yesterday
 {and even today, when he has to go to work for 13 hours because no one can fill in for him}
that make me so mad when people get pissed off and upset over dumb shit.
I don't usually swear on my blog,
but if there is one thing I have learned with my husband's Crohn's,
life is a gift.
We all need reminders of this from time to time.
I used to think, "Oh woe is me" and that I had problems...
well, when you meet a guy like Joe,
who smiles at everything and loves life more than I have ever seen anyone love life,
you realize if there's anyone who has a right to be angry and upset most of the time,
it'd be him.
But guess what?
Instead of being a miserable person,
on the days when he feels great and has no stomach pains?
He acts like he has won the lotto, because to him?
He has.
I am not saying you're not entitled to your moments,
or bad days,
because you are.
 But my husband never has them. 
His bad days, are like yesterday.
Where he can barely take a breath, 
without stabbing shooting pains through his abdomen.
He slept most of the day, since being up most of the night,
and fortunately began to feel a bit better as the day wore on.
I got him to dutifully sip his Gatorade
and eat some organic free range scrambled eggs.
He only awoke 3-4 times in the middle of last night.
So this flare up? 
Not nearly as bad as this one I wrote about here,
but still a damper on our lovely Sundays that we cherish so much.
He thanked me this morning for taking care of him,
and I tear up wondering if he really knows that he in turn 
has truly taken care of me?
He made me appreciate all the small things that I used to neglect,
because I was so wrapped up in all the day-to-day
that I thought was life.
Everyone else's drama and problems used to consume me.
Not any more.
I'm someone who is constantly reading, learning, teaching.
We believe in foods affecting us 100% and it is so hard to eat 100% organic,
100% of the time.
It's a constant battle of what's readily available, looks/sounds good and what is
really meant to nurture our bodies.
I know it's up to me to prepare fully nutritious meals and snacks for him,
and it's hard because there is so much he cannot handle.
So, I plan on making lots of fresh pureed soups, pastas, 
and other foods that I know are great for all (3) of us.
[baby girl is quite active this morning, I feel her moving as I type this!]
We pray that she doesn't inherit this awful, stupid disease...
This post is not a pity party,
but hopefully a not so gentle reminder to realize how good you really have it.
If you're angry or pissed off about something trivial,
is it really worth carrying that stress, or perhaps are you over-reacting?
Get over it.
Or yourself.
I did.
I'll admit, I was a complete stress-case all the time.
It takes a lot to control it, and I slip up, I'm not perfect.
But I do know that I am a hell of a lot different today than I was 5 years ago.
It's something I work on every day.
Stress plays a huuuuuuuuuuge role in your GI tract.
It's usually the first thing to become unbalanced when we're upset.
That's why I have learned over the years to slowly weed out those
who interfere with my family's health and happiness.
Stress can lead to all sorts of problems and can easily be avoided,
once you learn how to control yourself.
And perhaps eliminating those around you who cause strife.
And if you are healthy,
maybe take an extra look at your diet.
Even though you feel good now, are you truly giving your body the right nutrients?
Or maybe your stomach does get upset time to time, and  you just turn to
modern medicine to alleviate the's not fixing it you know.

Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

It really is as simple as:

Make the most out of your today and enjoy this crazy life!!
Eat your fruits & veggies.
Cook a real meal with real foods.
Go on a walk for some fresh air.
Do yoga.
Be nice to yourself.
 Think about the people you choose  to surround yourself with
and the person you're choosing to be.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

25 Week Bumpdate

How far along? 
25 Weeks!!
This was 24 weeks 6 days.
Don't mind my groggy morning, I haven't had any tea yet, face.
Baby is the size of:
Mostly maternity mixed with non.
Check out my new jeans--yay!!
Have I mentioned how happy this prego is that it cooled down?!
[however I'm just avoiding all trigger foods = I feel great!]
My lower back is starting to ache.
Maybe a bubble bath or heating pad will help?
My car seat warmers seem to make it feel better...
I am getting tired much easier again and easing my way back into napping.
Still have really, really, itchy ta-tas.
Oh, I'm a 38 E now, say whaaa??
Sleeping so great--cannot complain!!
Best moment of the Week:
Hubs finally felt/saw baby girl moving!!
She loves his voice and really moves a lot more when he's around.
I'm noticing a pattern of her awake times and when she's cool!
Miss Anything:
A glass of wine this week, not gonna lie.
As it gets cooler, I always love my red pinot time.
Mostly ice cream...
 I guess I was signing "C" for chocolate?? I dunno.
The fries with a side of cheese sauce were to die for too,
but my piggy-self couldn't take a pic because I was too busy stuffin ma face.
Belly Button:
Seems to be stretching and working its way weird!
Wedding Rings:
Stretch Marks:
Still no!! 
My favorite lotion is Mama Bee's Belly Butter. 
I lather 2-3 times a day. 
Excited to be putting together the nursery & feel her moving about.
Weight Gain:
I only gained 4 pounds last month,
but that puts me at about 35 pounds total since I got preggars...6 months ago.
Dr hasn't told me to back off the poundage yet, so I guess I'm good to go! 
Looking Forward to:
Picking our pediatrician.
We attended an 'open house' last night and I think we've found a winner!
This is our, "OMG we are really going to be parents" faces as we left the Dr. office. 
I also cannot wait to finish working on the bedding
and put the nursery together.
I don't want to just throw any old thing in there,
I really want it to come together naturally and be just perfect for us.
I'm off to my pre-natal yoga....
Happy Saturday bellas!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Five on Thursday

So excited for today!!
I get to hang out with my girl Alison & find some more nursery items for baby girl
and I hope to find a pair or two of maternity jeans 
[wish me luck, it's not always easy!]
--5 For Thursday--
1. This girl has been doing so well lately!
Despite her licking of the air, that meds did not seem to help,
I just want to say how much I enjoy her being my "normal dog" I remember as a puppy.
It's been awhile since she's had seizures, so I fear she may be due for some soon...
but I wanted to celebrate how great she is as of right now!
Plus I just got the Furminator (shedding tool) so I cannot wait to see if it helps
with the massive amounts of fur she leaves around the house!
2.  I've been laying my clothes out & feeling way more creative doing so!
It gives me a chance to play fashion designer with my limited wardrobe.
I don' think it looks too bad at all!
*note my disappearing toes*
and ignore the rootage
Shirt: Motherhood Maternity
Leggings: Gap Maternity
Sweater: My friend Alison's when she was prego with the twins 4 years ago!
Necklace: Charlotte Russe
Boots: Online buy a few years back...Amazon maybe?
3.  I opted to try something other than the PSL
and enjoyed this tasty lil treat!
I can only drink 1/2 of a Tall and I just save the rest for the next day.
Crazy how caffeine affects me now!!
It was kind of dessert like, and bordered more of hot chocolate, but I liked!! 
{google images}
4. I got my hair diddddddddd
Don't ya always feel extra special when someone else does your hair?
I just love leaving the salon feeling all prettified. 
Hi/Lo lights!!
5.  Mama-in-law and I have been working our craft on with our
DIY baby girl bedding!
Our curtains are complete and we started the crib skirt last night!
sneak peak
We ruffled the old fashioned way, cuz that's how we roll.
Thanks again for all the sewing magic ma!!
I cannot wait to show off everything when we're all done.
I am having so much decorating and designing this nursery!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Pinspiring For Fall

Do the Humpty's Hump day!!
I get extra giddy on a Wednesday that I get my herrrr did'!!
It's growing like a weed, but full of shine & body so I'm not complaining.
I just don't likey my roots!!
I'm not sure if I'll ask my hairdresser to do it the same way he did last time,
or if I want some even, {gasp} darker streaks too!!??
I'll let him decide.
He did say he won't let me make any cray cray decisions because,
well, I'm not myself.
And clearly he's done enough prego emo women's hair to know,
not to make any huge and drastic changes. 
 Moving along...
Do any of you find that if you put things into writing,
you actually make them happen?
Obvi not everything comes true,
but I do believe in the power of attraction and all that jazz
hello, The Secret.
And whenever I post PINSPIRATION
I tend to see those day dreams come true.
So, here's what's lurking around in this purdy lil head of mine.
First and foremost,
I want this baby to cook all the way til the end!
So keep growing lil bean!

As for her nursery, 
I'd like to see something sort of like this for the larger wall 
where we'll put her changing table
 [insert trip to Hobby Lobby with my girl Al tomorrow!] 
I'm thinking the key is the same color frame?

To simply spruce up some more Fall decor, orange candles above the fire place:

Some more mantle ideas...
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

How perfect this would be for the front porch!

::Pumpkin Everything:: Hubs loves Snickerdoodles, 
maybe he'll like these too?!

Ravioli? Sure, why not?!
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

Easy sounds great these days!

And I need to pull that waffle maker back out again!

I know a lot of you are desperately waiting for the weather to cool, 
I'm trying to send some your way! 
Today it's so chilly, my husband grabbed his Under Armor jacket 
I bought for his birthday last year!
 I am still obsessed with the brown & black look:

Does she look super comfy & hot or what?

And to spice up my lame tanks/tees, wear a scarf!
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest

I'm forever working on my makeup skillz. 
Maybe a stop at BE & Sephora will help tomorrow!

And some truths.
Source: via Jenn on Pinterest