Saturday, January 31, 2015

2 Weeks

Oh my goodness, how has it been two full weeks already?!  I cannot believe at this moment in time, two weeks ago, I was rolling on my yoga ball and yelling up to my husband to HURRY UP…we legit have a video that I should share because now it is comical.   But at the time, I was really in pain and ready to scoot to the hospital!  I cannot wait to share our birth story and have so much to say.

My mom has been here all week and that has been very helpful, since Joe's Crohn's acted up and it was nice to have some backup while he was down and out, and then he had to go to work.   I will admit that I think I rushed my recovery because I legit felt well the beginning of the week, so I ran errands and really tried to keep up with everything.  Baby was sleeping fairly well few nights and I think I just kicked into overdrive knowing Joe was not well, I had no choice but to step up and take care of everyone…but come Wednesday I didn't feel great, my bleeding picked back up and I just knew I had to rest more.  I can be such an over achiever at times (blah!) But I am smart enough to listen to my body.

My mom goes home today, so tomorrow we will be on our own.  No big plans for the Super Bowl, but we are hoping to go visit his grandma tomorrow morning, so she can meet her great grandson.

Highlights from the last two weeks:

My milk came in, just like with Brooke in FULL force.  The lactation consultant told me not to pump (like they did last time) but I just couldn't take the pain, so I pumped and I have a freezer stock started.  Phew.

Lots of outfit changes, cuddles, diaper changes…repeat!

Daddy giving him his bottle for the first time {1.23.15}

Sister thought he wanted to hold Daisy Duck.

Great Grandma Owl made some sibling shirts--thank you!!

My sister came over and helped out {1.25.15}

Her and her husband made us dinner. Thanks again!

Mr. Bradley had his second checkup {1.27.15}

Brooke had been adjusting fairly well!! She has not wanted to hold him, but she will give him kisses.  She is really learning to play independently quite nicely, and is becoming so imaginative!  The living room is usually strewn with toys, but she's a happy kid, so that's really what matters.  Daddy has taken her on a few Daddy/Daughter dates and that has been awesome for her as well.

Some nights he sleeps better than others and we are still getting into a rhythm, but he is such an angel baby and we are so blessed he's doing so well!  I have to admit going from 0-1 kid was WAY harder for me than 1-2.  Sure it's a lot more multi-tasking and I feel like I'm juggling things a lot more, but I am super thankful to not be pregnant any more.  Seriously, I cringe when I hear people say how happy they are pregnant, because I was not one of those people.  Pregnancy was hard on my body and seriously, I felt like a million bucks having him on the outside of my body and in my arms.  I am blessed to have had the chance to carry two healthy babies full (past!) term and we believe that our family is complete.

I did manage to sneak out for a few hours yesterday to get my roots handled--blonde for life!  I went to Target after for some diapers and wipes, and was ready to come home.  I have had some postpartum cries, nothing crazy but the hormones are definitely still regulating.  Annoying and weird, but it is what it is.

My goals for this week:

1.)  GET MORE SLEEP--especially when the babes nap during the day.  I know I need more and I get crazy if I don't get enough.  

2.) I also hope to get into a little more of a routine and maybe venture out to the library or something to get Brooke outside.  It's so cold out, but we need to get out at least once next week.  

3.)  Take some newborn photos with our nice camera!!

4.) I also want to blog more,  I just need to be able to get enough sleep to formulate coherent thoughts!!  I made myself sit down and just write something today, so there you have it.  Two kids, two and under, the first two weeks. I survived, with help of friends, family, and adrenaline! (and caffeine)   

Friday, January 16, 2015

41 Week Checkup: Induction Set

Alrighty then… Friday evening and we are almost 41 weeks! I feel like writing it all down this time, maybe so I remember all these crazy details…I don't know, but here we go.  I had my appointment today and the Dr was shocked to see me; I told her I was surprised to be here still!


I haven't gained any weight in like 2-3 weeks!

2cm Dilated
80% effaced

Induction is scheduled.

I will go in Monday 1/19 and have him by Tuesday 1/20.  That is, if he doesn't come on his own!

I am still fighting off this cold, but oh my gosh, am I having some pretty gnarly braxton hicks!! Maybe they're a bit more like pre-labor contractions, but there is no rhyme or reason.  They're reminding me of the ones I had with Brooke Tues-Thurs before I went in for morphine and my water broke!  So, this could make for an interesting night.  They were so intense I'd say they woke me up 4-5 times last night every few hours.  Today they've come a few times I put the contraction timer on my phone, but nothing specific. Some every 20 mins and then nothing for an hour or two.  If they continue all day tomorrow while Joe is at work and I'm with Brooke by myself that could be awesome too… yikes!  On one hand having a toddler makes me try to not focus on them because she needs me.  She needs to eat, diapers changed, nose wiped, etc. etc.  Every time I sit, I get right back up to take care of something, so on one hand that is good because I know last time when I was pregnant with her, it just consumed me! Now I just breathe through them, they're pretty intense! It's so weird how every person goes through such different labors.  My kids just like to take their time and sort of torture me haha.

I've been living on soup (finally made my homemade chicken stock/soup) and bagels.  Kind of just all I want right now…lots of tea and liquids.

I made my final solo venture out (after my appointment that is) to go grab Joe's meds.  I decided to stock up on my postpartum essentials, ya know those super sexy things like hemroid/numbing spray, witch hazel Tucks pads, prep H wipes, huge maxi pads, epsom salt to bathe in, some new mascara, a Glamour magazine and eye shadow because I and to balance out the stool softeners.  #keepinitreal  I am being very optimistic that I will indeed need all of these items like last time and will not have a C section.  I am really trying to stay calm about all of it.

So I have, at the very most, all of Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  I can do this! Joe is taking off Monday to help get us ready, take care of Brooke while I go to the Non-stress test and check on baby once again.  We will then drop her off and head to the hospital to bring baby boy into the world!!

Kinda weird to have a plan in place, but I am so relieved to know this is the deal.  If I deliver Tuesday my favorite Dr will be on call too.  My practice usually has me see all the doctors all throughout the pregnancy, but this time I mostly saw one, until these last few weeks…but Dr Thomas is from Jamaica and I really get along well with him.  Although last time I had Dr Piquain from France and she was pretty cool too.  I had never met her, as she works at another office, but she was great. Anyway, I am very confident with knowing he'll be there.

This also means by Wednesday I can have sushi!!!!!! Wahoo! I'm drooling thinking about it haha.

My ring sling came today so I've been braiding it, playing with Brooke in it and really trying to break it in.  I put her doll in it and I really think I'm going to love it!  It will be perfect to tuck him in and carry him/nurse him around in.

It's kind of fun to see my husband's reactions to all of this.  It is crazy because we've been talking about this baby since May and now we KNOW he will be home by next weekend.  I can't wait to see him hold his son!!    All these emotions are a lot and I have a reel of memories constantly playing in my head.  From my sister's birthday where I kept saying, "It's the perfect storm!" to St. Martin, the first few nauseated months, and the last uncomfortable weeks…I walked by pregnancy tests at CVS today and I was like wow, never again!! So surreal and yet I am ready.

As for all of our colds, Brooke seems to be doing a lot better today!! She still has a runny nose and a cough, but she was running around and dancing and acting a lot better today.  Joe has the same dry cough that kept me up last time I was trying to sleep before having Brooke, and I felt the worst today.  So I am hoping tomorrow I am on the mend.  Seriously, don't have January babies in New York if you can help it haha! So many germs.  Oy.

I am going to rest and try to sleep as much as I can before "it happens" whenever that may be!  Again, keep up with me on instagram and twitter!  We appreciate any positive vibes and prayers. Thanks friends!!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

40 Weeks 5 Days Pregnant

Still here, still pregnant!! I am actually hoping he stays put just a bit longer, not because I'm not dying to meet him, but because I have a bad cold!! Not surprising since I've been caring for Brooke and she has just been a hot mess these last few days.  There is no way I wanna give birth not feeling 100%,  I mean obviously I will if he decides to make his debut…but I have laid off any of the "inducing" methods that seem to work for some people. 

Last time around, I did have my acupuncturist hit me up with some work on my feet; if I am still prego next week, I will try that before induction.  Otherwise, I am just resting, eating chicken noodle soup, and enjoying the time with Brooke.  As anxious as I was a few days ago, I am really at peace with his late arrival.  I think part of it is that I know how much strength labor takes, along with the ability to care for him once he gets here.  I know that is what threw me the most with Brooke.  I wasn't expecting labor to be so hard (I don't know why) and I wasn't expecting to be so exhausted. (again, why?!) Now that I have gone through it and the whole breastfeeding process, I know what is expected of me and I would much rather have all my energy and strength to endure that.  So, maybe baby boy does know best and he is waiting until everyone is better!  

I'm definitely still 'nesting' OCD style.  I want my counters cleaned off and all of Brooke's toys picked up.  It's as if in my mind I'm like, OK, if we are to rush out of here, I don't want to come home to a mess!!  

I must say this living day to day thing is quite freeing.  I am so type A and normally schedule and plan everything (because it is easier to live that way!) but not knowing what each day/night brings, I am learning to be patient, let go, and to trust the process.  I also just ordered Jesus Calling, a daily devotional that I am trying to read a few times over each day.  I feel like the one passage a day is really meaningful and I have to let it sink in a few times to speak to me….pretty cool stuff! 

So while this post is kind of all over the place, I guess that I just wanted to document I'm doing well, sick, but emotionally/mentally I'm strong.  I've got this!! I just need to kick this darn cold to the curb!  I do have a hard time sleeping at night.  I am pretty much up every 2 hours to pee.  When he moves it sometimes really really hurts, but my goodness, he has got to be running out of room!! I do take comfort in feeling him wiggle around, and if I'm sitting up (like right now) my whole upper body sways if he moves----pretty weird!! 

Tomorrow I have my 41 week checkup and hopefully we can schedule an induction date that I am comfortable with.  My mom comes into town January 24th, and so ideally Joe would have a week off to be with me/baby/Brooke and then go back to work and she will be here…but who knows. Maybe everyone will be here now haha!

I will admit that the longer he bakes, the more I want to online shop.  I was going back and forth between the rock and play sleeper or a sakura bloom ring sling.  I have the bouncy seat and swing from Brooke, so I think the ring sling will be better. We already have some plans to take Brooke to Disney on Ice in Feb. so I know this little man will be worn A LOT!!   I also am interested in the Freshly Picked Moccasins, which are SO adorable.  But I have no clue how big his feet will be so I should probably just wait and measure when he is here. 

For now I will do a little more Essential Oil research, as I just got one more new on in the mail: Helichrysum.  I guess it can be used for labor, I really want to try it on my ear ringing/tinnitus that I have going on as well. 

So yeah, that's my scoop!! Follow me on Instagram/Twitter. I'll be posting any and all updates as they happen.  We are so excited to meet him and look forward to sharing our stories along the way. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Baby Boy Nursery Reveal

Baby Boy's room is ready…we are only missing one thing: baby boy!!  I am 40 weeks and 4 days pregnant.  Brooke's cold is still pretty bad and I fear my throat is indeed getting even more scratchy.  I cannot fathom giving birth/taking care of a newborn while being sick, so waking up today, I thought to myself, today is not the day!! We will see.

I didn't do a specific theme for his room, but we did do woodland accents, with animals and his sheets have little arrows on them!  The color scheme was blue and orange, with neutral tones.

Mama's hospital bag has been packed and ready for weeks now.  I keep it in here because it's never been used and it's got some snacks in it and I don't want Holly eating them. 

Lion friend is from Grandma Maria, little lovie fox is from Grandma Shari, and the little fox is from mommy.   Daddy and I got that blanket in Mexico on a vacation years ago.

Sheets & Bedskirt are from Land of Nod.

We are using the same glider from Brooke as well as the little "nursing station" cabinet which I've had for years.  The sound machine did wonders for your sister and I hope it will work as well on you too!

Great Grandma Tornatola made your blue blanket and Great Grandma Owl made your burp cloth.

Daddy picked out your lamp at Home Depot I think.  Both Boppy covers were handmade and purchased on etsy.

Sign is from Hobby Lobby.

The changing station.  The hamper was mine I bought years ago, I just bought a net bag for easy transport off of Amazon.

We are using the same changing pad and dresser we used for Brooke.  I purchased the cover off of Amazon.

I grabbed these baskets at Marshall's to organize with.

Your little onesie from Great Grandma Owl...

All of your toys!! I bought this blue basket at Marshalls for our living room awhile back, I think even before I was pregnant.  I love that it is blue and matches for all your toys!  Some are sister's old toys she doesn't really play with and some are brand new, just waiting for you!

Nana and Papa made your sign.

Your closet is full of blankets: some were mommy's, daddy's, sister's, and some are brand new for you! Lots of clothes from newborn-6 month are hung and ready to wear.

We have plenty of diapers too.

The "hole in the wall."  I suppose it's a cool architectural detail, since you can see it from our living room.  However, it was not safe nor sound proof until Daddy and Grandpa installed the plexiglass piece.

I found both the rod and the curtain on  I just wanted something sort of neutral and light, since the room can get dark. I also wanted thermo/blackout curtains, and these are perfect! I can tie it back too, which will be nice.

I love the arrow detail!

Your hospital bag is all packed!! I have some newborn sized clothing we were gifted, but I'm not sure you'll fit considering it's 5-8 lbs and you are already overdue.  Lots of soft and cuddle blankets to cuddle you with, and to take adorable photos of you in!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Brooke's 2nd Birthday {Frozen}

On Sunday January 11, our little Brooke turned 2!  To be quite honest, I didn't even think that we would be able to have a party because I thought baby boy would make an appearance!  I tried my best to not stress out and get all Type-A like I usually do.  It was hard because I LOVE party planning. I love hosting and having people over.  I absolutely love cooking and having a house full of people.  Well, when you're past your due date and aren't sure when #2 will make his arrival, ya just don't have the stamina to go all out and Pinterest-y.  [like her first birthday here]

When she woke up we gave her one of her gifts.  I found it on E-bay for $20--score!  My friend had told me that her kids loved having a tent to play house, put their babies in, or just go hide.  I thought it was the perfect size and she loves the crowns.  I will most likely put it in her room once the pack-and-play and swing make their way back into our living room.

She immediately brought her blankets and toys inside.

Despite her cold, she was a happy happy girl!

Even Holly checked out the new toy.  

As for the party details, it was a very short guest list.  I only invited close family, no friends.  I just didn't want to have to worry about calling too many people IF we had to call it off.  

My sister had our cake made. It was the same lady who did our wedding cake, bridal shower, and previous birthday cakes.  How adorable?  This is her photo:

We added the Elsa doll and Brooke just about died she was so happy with it!

The only other "Frozen" theme thing I did was find a punch.  

Recipe calls for: 
Blue Hawaiian punch
Splashes of pineapple juice
vanilla ice cream

Hubby went to the store and couldn't find Blue Hawaiian punch, so he grabbed a bottle of gatorade.  I didn't expect it to taste very good, but WOW. Everyone loved it haha!  It looked even cooler as the "snow melted" on top.  Definitely a hit with the girls.

Back when I was ordering Christmas gifts off Amazon, I also ordered just one set of decorations, cups and plates too.  Simple, yet added just a little something extra to make it feel like a party.  I know Brooke won't remember, but I will.

Our niece Adri playing with Brooke.  

Nana and Papa

Instead of a lavish spread, we opted for pizza and boneless wings.  Best idea ever.  No dishes to do and no real mess to clean.  This prego was happy.  And Brooke?  Oh she just loves pizza.  Just not the crust.


Adri was such a big helper and really such a wonderful big cousin to Brooke.  

She got her very own puppy purse like her big cousin's!!

She also received some new food to play kitchen with. 

Everything was, "ooooo" and "wow."  Once again, it was so much fun to see her open things.

Her first American Girl Doll.  It will be a "special toy" only to be played with highly supervised.

I think it will be perfect, especially if she's starting to feel left out while I nurse baby boy, she can play with her baby.

Showing Uncle Eric!

She got new oven mitts and a chef's hat to do her cooking with.

She loved showing everything to everyone.

Great Grandma picked out this outfit, I mean come on.  How stinking cute is it?!  I want one in my size haha

Daddy helped her cut her cake.

She was like, whoa!

This stuff is pretty good.

Man, why don't we get this ice cream stuff more often?!

We keep trying to teach her that she's "Two" and she says two, but shows us 4 fingers.

We had a moment in the kitchen and Mama D captured it---thank you!!  I just love this little girl.

I tried to keep the party short, as it it was a Sunday and I know people have other things they need to do, plus we were tired.  Brooke fell asleep on Daddy for a nap, which NEVER happens! 

I may have pulled out my Valentine's Day decor too, but only because I know I won't be thinking about it once baby boy arrives.  I just love, love.

It was a beautiful day full of lots of love.  I still cannot believe it was two years ago that we brought her into this world and are waiting (any minute!) for the arrival of her sweet little brother.  Here's to a wonderful year, filled with many incredible experiences to come.  This year will be many more 'firsts' and we can't wait to see all the joy you will bring. Happy Birthday Brooke Lynn. Mommy and Daddy love you more than you will ever know!