Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year, New You

Hi friends!

We are on the brink of a new year.  How awesome!?  I know a lot of people are asking about "this AdvoCare stuff" so I felt compelled to make a quick video the other day, so I wanted to share that and a few tips!

If you're looking to lose weight, tone up, increase your sports endurance,  or even add some extra income into your pocket,  I'd love to coach you.  I would feel wrong not sharing my passion for this company--I sincerely wish everyone would feel as great as I do!

The 24 Day Bundle is on sale Jan. 1st!! We never get sales, so this is HUGE!!  Plus, the new workout DVD is coming out---yay!!

So, if you're thinking of your New Years resolutions and any of the above are on there, remember there is something for everyone. I mean it!  We always say start with the 24 day bundle because it's the perfect way to jumpstart healthy living, but if you can only afford a box of Spark or some Catalyst, then do yourself a favor and order some.  Life. Changing.  I promise, if you make small attainable goals each day, every week, by a few months in, you'll be a totally new you.

I hated having my picture taken before---but to see how far I've come, and how much healthier I am, means so much to me!  It is possible. I didn't think it was...but it is!

Plus you get me as your coach, and I think I'm pretty fun to work with!!


What've you got to lose? It works for me, it will work for you!

Some inspiration....

Everyone should have something she wants to improve on in life; it's healthy to have goals and work towards being better.  I know my health goals are in check, for me it's my organization and clutter that needs some attending to!

Bring on 2014---it's gonna be amazing!!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Theme Gift: Picnic


I hope you're all enjoying the final weekend before Christmas; eep!  We have a few birthday parties to attend, presents to still wrap, and then we will be ready for Christmas.  I cannot believe how quickly the time went from Thanksgiving until the big day.

My friend Alison {whom I blog about often!} and I exchanged gifts already.  She seriously gives such thoughtful gifts, I almost stress out about what to give her; I kid...sort of! Ha.  Anyway, I just LOVED my "25 days of Christmas gift" last year---each day I had something to open from her.  It was so thoughtful and sweet, and my prego self really enjoyed looking forward to something to make the time pass.

Speaking of, gosh! I keep getting such waves of emotion and memories of this time last year.  I remember soaking up every last minute with my husband and knowing it was the last Christmas just us two.  I also kept hoping she would be here last year and we would have her for last Christmas, but she took her time and came a week late.  January 11th.

Looking back, it was perfect.  And now? Our first Christmas with our little girl is already so magical.  I love watching her smile each morning when I plug her pink Christmas tree in.  We have so much fun giving in, and watching her carry around a gift and then ever so slowly start ripping it open.

Anyway [whoa sorry for the tangent!] I wanted to share her gift THIS year, in case you're still in need of a something special for a friend.  Over the sumer, we'd get the kids together and go to the beach or the park.  She had this awesome blanket that zipped and was just so handy and sturdy--I loved it!  Well, she remembered that.  She also knew how I always want to go on a picnic with Joe and Brooke, but we didn't really have any of the "picnicking necessities".


Such a cute idea, right?!  I cannot wait to bust this out in the Spring!  Heck, I've already thought about packing it up and having a picnic in our living room!  But really, I love that I have this awesome set up all ready to go, and it will be like a "new" gift come Spring.

Thanks so much Al!!  You know we are gonna have to go on a picnic now too!!

And can't forget the baby. Thanks for these fun books!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

Spreading Holiday Cheer

I stepped out quickly to run some errands this morning; one stop included the post office.  It's normally fairly crowded, and on the Friday before Christmas, just before lunch time, I figured it'd be interesting.  The line was almost to the door, there were three postal workers and a bunch of people in a hurry.  I stood there holding my package, and took it all in...

The frazzled lady at the first clerk's station, was upset that the box she just purchased to ship her goods in, did not come with packing tape; she was even more enraged when the clerk said she could not tape it for her, but she could come back with it all taped up and then mail it.

The second clerk had a lady with a box of, I'd say 100 Christmas cards.  Some were over-sized and so they needed extra stamps.  The customer proceeded to put the stamps on every.single.card.

The third clerk was the man who always (no matter what the conditions) had a smile on his face.  Just as usual, he was smiling away helping an elder lady send her grand-daughter some mail.

The lady behind me in line, had a roll of packing tape.  She bought a bubbled envelope and printed out the address for its recipient.

I noted the packing tape, and glanced back up at clerk one and her impatient and frustrated customer; "I just want to mail this out now, and not have to come back, this is ridiculous!"  And the postal worker's face remained calm, her voice wavered just a little and she repeated that she was sorry, but it needed to be properly taped.

I thought about what I would do, if I had the roll of tape.  Part of me didn't like the way this lady was being rude and impatient, but I don't know her story.  I gave her the benefit of the doubt and knew that if I had tape, I would share it.

I looked to my right and smiled at the lady with the tape, looked down at her tape and looked back up at the clerk.  She muttered something to the man behind her, and then said "Here, I've got some tape for you-- Merry Christmas!!"

I wanted to break out in some carol, just because...but I refrained.  I will admit that "We wish you a Merry Christmas" may have played in my head.

As the scattered and grumpy lady thanked the lady with the tape, and walked off, I thought about the slip of paper I just received as I made a bank deposit.

While the lady with the tape was nice and did a nice deed by sharing it; I hoped that helping the other lady out was a good enough reward.

As I set my package on the scale and the postal worker told me how much I owed etc. I thought that in this crazy busy time of year, not many people probably do a random act of kindness.  So after I paid for my shipping, signed my receipt, I pulled out a Starbucks gift card my husband had won.  I slid it onto the receipt and wished her a Merry Christmas.  She looked at me like I was crazy, and I walked off.  I think she may have said thank you, but I didn't stick around.

No need.  She had many more hurried customers to wait on...

But I do hope she enjoys a small token of "thanks."

Human beings are interesting; we tend to be very much into ourselves and believing our problems are the worst.  I will admit when the lady at the bank handed me that slip I was like, Pssshhh OK. Way to waste some paper. Like I'll find someone random to do something nice for...

A small chain of events, and a few seconds of realizing what this time of year is all about.  Helping others when they need it, and not expecting anything in return.

As you're out and about this weekend, seek out these moments.  Instead of being mad or frustrated {or playing on your phone} be a part of this beautiful thing called life.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Currently: Holiday Edition

Hey hey hey!  It's crazy busy and I am sooo trying not to stress out that Christmas is a week away! Gahhhh.  When the heck did that happen?!  Oy.  I have a gazillion things to do and I just keep writing lists, crossing things off and then realizing I need to do more!!

SO?  I figured I would sit for a moment and blog.  Makes sense, right?



Just devoured sushi from Wegmans.  Slices of salmon and tun with a drizzling of lemon. I just freaking love sushi and feel like some day {not saying soon} but I will hopefully be prego again and that is one thing I will miss so much haha!  And because I am freezing, a bowl of soup.


I just got the book How to Win Friends and Influence People. I am getting mad at myself for trolling FB and Instagram aka wasting my time; I need a focus.


On the menu for tonight, my Mango Avocado Salsa Tilapia. I blogged about it back in February I want to say, I have no idea where though. Sorry!

Blackened sliders tomorrow night!

Pork tenderloin

Grilled Chicken wings

**I have been a bad housewife and failed to plan menus the last few weeks and then I get stressed and it AINT NO FUN.  So I'm back on that now...


Very Merry Cranberry in my Scentsy--Cranberry reminds me of my grandma; she loved cranberry anything and the holidays make me miss her so... I wish to visit her in California. I also want to visit my mom and my other grandma in SC.  Miss you all!!


Hubs is on vacay detail--I believe he is looking into Cuba {he claims it will be the up and coming place to travel?! Jay-Z and Beyonce just went there.  As much as I pretend we are basically just like Bonnie and Clyde, I am not so sure about Cuba??}  He also mentioned the Domincan.  Thoughts?

Cuba looks pretty nice though...

An ADK weekend with my family in Feb--as our "family" gift to each other; spending quality time.  In unison now, "awwwwwww".  PS there are two friendly ghosts at this house we are renting. I cannot wait to see what that is all about!

NYE reservations have been made! WOOOOOOOOP!  I found a restaurant we like and they're serving an overpriced fixed menu that looks fabulous; I cannot wait to get my sparkle and champs on!

Listening to:

I think there are SO many great tunes out right now.  I am just loving Christmas music though!


Well my friend baked the cookies, but Brooke and I are heading over when she wakes up to frost sugar cookies and exchange gifts with Alison and the twins; yay!

Making me smile:

My daughter. Can you stand it?  My MIL bought this cute outfit and she is so cute!!

She is stubborn and doesn't like being held back.  #excusemymessplease

My new Pottery Barn tree skirt is BIG enough and matches our stockings; hooray!

Looking forward to:

Friday I am getting my brows done--goodness they're horrible!! More importantly, we plan on taking Brooke to see Santa Friday too!

Working on:

Wrapping presents, planning Brooke's birthday, and finding time to balance it all.

Sometimes you just need to sit and write. I really feel like getting some of this out there, makes me see that I have some awesome stuff happening in my life and if I don't step back and take a look from time to time, I get lost in the holiday hustle and bustle.

What's up in your world currently?

Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Sadie!

Today our Sadie turns 7.  A few weeks ago, I didn't think she would make it...but she did, and we are sooooo happy to have her here!!  I thought I'd re-cap a little bit about her today...


I picked a name that I loved, "Sadie" {I loved that it meant princess!] and kept my eyes peeled for a female dog on our local animal shelter.  On Father's Day 2007, I "just wanted to go look" and I fell in love with her then.  A beautiful yellow lab mix, with her paw playfully poking out of the kennel---She was 6 months old; she was just a puppy! I wanted a quiet, older dog who just needed someone to love her.  "Maggie" {what they named her} was playful, energetic, and just a great dog.  Ok, so she was rather naughty at times, chewed things, had accidents, and didn't really "graduate" either of her puppy training classes.  But she was mine, and I was hers.  She got me through a few tough months [owning and living in my own home, bad relationship had finally ended, parents' divorce turned ugly, switched my graduate degree plan....huge life changes people!]  I have fond memories of getting my skinny on, by running the streets with her; trying so hard to just tire her out!! We'd make up for it by eating cinnamon buns and watching movies like Freedom Writers on Friday nights; nights where all my coupled friends had hot dates, or fun plans, and me?  I had Sadie.  

I knew Joe must have really loved me when he accepted me and Sadie into his home.  Apparently he never allowed dogs over at his house [neat freak] and didn't want to deal with the mess.  Well, we started dating in January, he took me away on a cruise in February, and on the cruise, he had his parents watch MY dog!  I hadn't even met them, and here they were offering to take care of Sadie.  By the end of February and beginning of March, I came to Joe's only to discover he had bought Sadie a crate.  Knowing her naughty tendencies, he wanted a safe place for her to be kept while we were away, and so that I didn't have to run back and forth between my house and his.  Long and short?  We moved in together.  All 3 of us.   I think back to when Joe and Sadie first met; it was so funny because she had this huge milk jug rope toy that she was run around with and then bam! Drop it right on his foot.  

The Runner 
I cannot tell you how many times Joe would have to run after Sadie.  See, I understood she needed a leash.  I tried a few times when I first got her to practice, sit, stay, come.  Yeah, well the first chance she gets, she runs.  I remember I was in my flannel VS pjs and Uggs, and somehow she slipped through the door or off the leash, and I somehow found her a few streets over, in the backyard of someone's house. Luckily they shut the gate and heard me yelling!   As for Joe?  He tested her time, and time again.  One of the first night's that I spent here, he went to let her out, and she ended up going over to the neighbor's house and he was running around in the winter looking for her!  

He did have her trained at one point to sit and stay in the backyard while he ironed his work clothes and made breakfast---this was back in the day when I was teaching; before we were even engaged! 

But I kid you not, I can't tell you how many times he's called me when I was at work saying, "Sadie ran away!" I worked 45 minutes away; what he wanted me to do, I am not quite sure!!

She still licks the air, but we will take that over her crazy seizures any day.  She is really great with Brooke and Holly is simply lost without her.

Happy Birthday girl; here's to many more!!

Some throwbacks...

Many moons ago---we no longer have that carpet!!

September 2008

May 2010

I may spoil her with some Frosty Paws and some peanut butter cake!!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Holiday Home Tour

Hi friends!!

I wanted to share some of my Christmas decor this year.  I decided to try and keep it simple; I didn't put out a lot of the breakables simply because, sweet miss Brooke is into everything! I just absolutely love Christmas.  I don't like to decorate until the day after Thanksgiving.  I love all the different themes people do too--from all white, to gold/silver, red...and of course traditional colored lights.  Sometimes I wish I had a "Pottery Barn" living room, but with two dogs, a baby and a fun and energetic hubby, white twinkle lights and silver decor just aren't our thing.

Maybe some day in my spare, formal room {whatever that may entail} but for now, it's a hodgepodge of fresh Pine, colors, sparkles, and stuffed snowmen.

Most of all, I adore sentimental Christmas tokens.  I wonder what will stick out in Brooke's mind as she gets older.  I remember a ceramic tree that lit up and a snow covered house that plugged in.  I wish we still had it!

Let's start outside, shall we?  To the right of the door, you'll see a large, real, wreathe. Too big to hang on the door, oops!

Inside looking out.


Table decor from the Dollar Tree and gold chargers from Walmart.  I am looking for cute Christmas dishes, but haven't found any I'm in love with.  Ideas?

Our dining room.  {Pardon the crooked star topper ha!}

I decided to go with a "glitter" theme. I put all of our glittery, gold or silver ornaments on this tree.

Buffet table with my adorable serving dishes!

Brooke LOVES all of these.

Snowmen galore!

In the kitchen.

My view as I do dishes.

Merry Merry.

You'll find holiday scented soaps in all 3 baths & the kitchen.

Yes, I have these on each and every door!

A little tree for our bedroom.

Brooke's first tree! Nana bought her a sparkly pink one.

Uncle Ty Ty and Brooke!

My Sunday.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

It's the Holiday Season

How is it December 10th?! I cannot believe it.  I am so happy to report that our house is MUCH happier, healthier, calmer and so much better this week....Sadie girl is doing well and is more like our puppers every day!! Thank you again for all the prayers and well wishes.  I believe they worked! 

Our little Christmas miracle.

Joe had the weekend off and it was a tad stressful [with the dog] but we made the most of it and enjoyed our time!  Friday we went to his grandma's house to "help"make some Italian cookies.  I didn't bring the pack-and-play {stupid}and so she was rather difficult to entertain and try to help bake.  It was so nice to see his family and spend some time there.  I was a rather stressed from Sadie and worrying about her, so I do hope to get some more cookie baking enjoyment in!

An Italian lunch...

Grandma feeding the babe....look at her belly!!

A *fraction* of the cookies made!

Great-grandma & Brooke {and Holly's sister Roxy!}

Saturday was kind of a "catch up" day.  Cleaning, laundry, {mostly towels} and taking care of the dog.   However, we snuck out for sushi and saw a movie---thank you Alison for babysitting!!--- I just love love love getting all dolled up!! I don't really wear super pretty and nice stuff when caring for Brooke all day.  I'm mostly covered in slobbery and food bits.  Our dogs shed a ton of fur and heels just aren't manageable with an 11 month old!! I really wanted to wear my new lace top from Express.  I paired it with a black cami, black skirt [from Urban Outfitters--never worn! I bought it right before we got pregnant!] black tights and my Aldo boots. I. Felt. Like. A. Million. Bucks.

Debating on how to wear this....

It was cold. Threw on a faux fur vest.

---As for the movie--OMG if you haven't seen Hunger Games 2--Catching Fire, you have got to do yourself a favor and go see it!  We really enjoyed the first one, but we were at home and watched it.  I believe it was the summer time and I was prego.  This time seeing it on the big screen was so amazing!! Joe and I couldn't believe that it was over when it was.  A great release away from our hectic and crazy [seizure dog] week.

Sunday we got up early and grabbed Panera breakfast sandwiches and headed to the Public Market to look for a tree.  None were big enough, but we did get a wreathe.  We headed back to our trusty tree place and found a winner!

My fur babies!

Doesn't it look like Sadie smiled?

We couldn't watch the game on cable, so we had the NFL Redzone on and the game pulled up on the internet!

My perfect Sunday Eve.

We enjoyed a cozy fire, decorating the tree, a Niners win, and delicious venison steaks on the grill.

Oh the holidays, you can't beat home, sweet home!!