Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Summer Lovin'

Well, the weather has certainly been whacky around here and we just have been going with the flow! If it's nice out, you will find us either out back or out front for sure!!  I truly believe being outdoors is so good for the soul.  I know that kids but adults too, just need to be outside, in the sun (with hats/sunscreen) in the shade, just sitting by an open sliding glass door has me feeling all zen.  That and the kids are napping so I actually have a few quiet moments to myself.  I have been somewhat selfish during nap times, and not always doing housework.  Which, of course, has resulted in the laundry piling up because I just can't get ahead of all the towels, blankets, bibs, burp cloths etc, a certain cutie 5 month old messes up on a daily basis.  Whatevs.  I just do what I can and know it will all be okay.  Joe's been working a ton still, and we've probably seen him a total of 5 hours.  I know it will be worth it when we are all relaxing by Lake George soon, but man it's tough!! I think that's why I'm not being so hard on myself with all of the chores…doing the parent thing solo 24/7 is super tough.  I give so much credit to those whose spouses are in the military and especially those single mothers.  I am by no means complaining because I know we have a great life, but 2 kids 2 and under ---and me on cleansing, which means no glass of wine, no cheese, no chocolate, you know all those little devices we 'treat' ourselves with after a hard days' work.  I am proud that I have only cheated once, but still kinda mad that I cheated haha.  Either way, almost done and almost time for vacation!!

I was looking through my old blogs to see if I wrote down where we ate lunch in Saratoga Springs, and oh my word, I got all teary eyed. If you look here at this post--HERE-- you will see how I literally spelled out my future.  Here we are, in a few days returning right back to where we took baby Brooke on her fist vacation.  Now I've got her all excited for "Lake George" and while I have no idea how much she truly understands, we've talked about a hotel, long car rides, lots of swimming and mountains/lake.  We have a countdown that she looks forward to ripping off the rings each day, so I'm having fun with it.  Until then…we've been busy!

I was worried I wouldn't get any pretty flowers this summer for my back deck pots, but my mother in law saved the day! She met us on her lunch break, bless her, and pushed the kids around and helped me get shade plants.   I got Brookie a pair of Minnie "glubs" so she could help me.  She had more fun than she looks!

Hoping this one makes it, as it looks a little rough

Black eyed susans and some pretty white something or others haha

I love the spiky curly plant!

What is that face?!

This one looks so pretty up front next to the grey house.  I just love flowers!

Little miss hasn't been feeling that great so we've been trying to get her feeling better. Nothing too serious, but still makes a momma worry. She was such a big girl at the Dr's, she got a sticker and a freeze pop--which she didn't even want.  Note crazy man bubs! He has been a fireball, screeching up a storm lately!

I snapped a shot of this song on the radio and sent it to my friend the other day, along with back then the only real "problems" we had were, which going out outfit to wear, and would we get into the club for over? what what?

My sister helped me take the kids to the Museum of Play and Brooke was running around enjoying herself.

Mailing a letter.

Shopping at "Wegmans"

Cinderella's Carriage

The troll *she loves his bridge

Daddy's Girl…loves the race cars!

He enjoyed it! He sat in his seat most of the time, but when we took him out he was moving all around and loved looking/touching everything.

Tried to get a train selfie haha

We ended with a carousel ride.  It was the first time I had taken her on one, since usually it's Joe's thing with her.

Joe got a little more sand for her sandbox crab, so we've been playing in that.

He won't sit still, so blur for sure, but it's time for the walker! He already scoots back a little bit.  He loved being in it and couldn't stop laughing and smiling.

In other news:

We interviewed a babysitter and she is going to watch the kids for the first time this week. I'm nervous, but I need some help because mama will go crazy without being able to get out for a few hours.  I need to get my hair done and more than anything, it's time.  We can't always get family to watch the kids, which is always our first choice, but just a little help here and there for me while Joe's busy working will make a world of difference I believe.  

We are looking forward to the 4th of July; I am hoping for some relaxing in the sun and a glass of wine or two, along with good food, company and fireworks!  

Friday, June 26, 2015

Fitness Friday & 10 Day Cleanse Eats

I am super pumped this time around for my cleanse.  The first time I wasn't as strict as I should've been, and those initial pounds were hard to budge.  I think a lot of it had to do with my lack of sleep, and now that baby boy is SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT -- (can I get a whoop whoop?!) I feel so much better getting sleep.   I literally feel like garbage when I don't get enough sleep, so if you're lacking in the sleep department, make sure you do your best to get some shut eye!!

I was originally going to start while hubby was working his crazy sale, but since I got sick, I could barely eat anything, I decided to wait.  I almost was going to wait until after we get back from vacation, but I really wanted to clean my system out since I had taken SO much tylenol and advil because of my fever and I really wanted to get this super probiotics in my belly!

I made my start date 6/22 (so that I could finish before the Fourth of July!) and one of my good friends is cleansing with me, so that's always fun!!

I decided to really try to take pictures of my meals this time around. Not only does it hold me accountable, but it also helps other see what one eats on our cleanse.  Now, keeping in mind I am not training for a body building competition or really looking to slash my weight drastically.  I just want to continue to nourish my body properly, feel better, and yes, get back to feeling good about myself.  My clothes are fitting from pre-pregnancy, but I still have some extra cushion around my belly and want to define my muscles more.

M-walk w/ the kids
T-family walk
W- upper body
Thurs- rest
F- Lower body

Breakfast- 2 scrambled eggs w/ leafy greens, ezekial toast & I share the bowl of berries with Brooke & Joe.
Snack- orange & cashews
Lunch- I pounded chicken breasts, a little evoo & italian seasoning in the oven, salad (dressing is a little evoo & balsamic vinegar) and sautéed some summer squash.
Snack- More chicken, hummus, tomatoes
Snack- Protein Shake blended w/ ice YUMM
Dinner- Mahi Mahi [recipe here] with quinoa & broccoli

I cannot express how much more water I have been drinking! I have filled up an extra pitcher and my brita.  You'll also find my water bottles all over the place. I LOVE this one I just bought!

Breakfast- Oatmeal, splash of unsweetened cashew milk, fruit & a dash of cinnamon
Snack--Ok, disclaimer, you really should wait til day 11, but I just had to know how these bad boys tasted!!  Plus, I was running out the door to grocery shop and it was meant to be.
Lunch- Leftover mahi mahi, quinoa and broccoli
Snack- Chicken, hummus, squash
Dinner-Grilled chicken wings (oh, I missed the hot sauce & blue cheese) but I had mine with sea salt.  Tomatoes on my leafy greens, evoo & balsamic vinegar
Snack/post walk- protein shake (my hubby and Brooke had ice cream! LOL)

Breakfast- Two eggs over easy, 1/4 avo & ezekial toast
Snack-watermelon & cashews
Lunch- last of the chicken, squash and broccoli
Snack/post workout- Protein shake
Snack-banana & organic PB [I find it easier to monitor the pb this way!]
Dinner- Sushi! I get it without the rice, squeeze fresh lemon & watch the soy sauce.


Breakfast- two scrambled eggs with leafy greens, 1/4 avo and ezekial toast
snack-watermelon & cashews
Lunch-  I was not prepared, but hungry, so oatmeal & a scoop of vanilla protein
Snack-carrot & avo
Dinner- I had thrown a whole chicken in the slow cooker, so I had that & asparagus
Snack- banana & pb

What's keeping me sane? My second cup of Spark in PINK LEMONADE OMG.  Seriously, I look forward to it every day. I try to do it before a workout with 3 catalyst, and I think that makes a huge difference.

Overall, I am doing much better this time around.  I am in a great groove with the kids, I am in a great mood because I am grateful to be healthy! Getting sick really shook me a few weeks ago.  I truly believe it was the universe giving me a big old bitch slap.  Ya heard.  I was in a weird funk/spot and getting sick just stopped me in my tracks and changed my outlook on everything.  

I have to say that a whole chicken is the way to go!! I also took time to meal plan in the beginning of the week. It's tricky because Joe can't eat a lot of veggies and nothing brown rice or quinoa, so sometimes I am making 4 different meals (Brookie is picky at breakfast lately) but the key for me is to make a big batch and just eat it for a few days. I store it in containers in the fridge and can grab/go.  Once you make it a habit, you don't think twice.  I have noticed that I feel better, I'm sleeping better and have energy to get through the day, if I've planned out my meals.

I also have noticed how many damn times I would have put "this or that" in my mouth, just because.  Brooke didn't finish a cracker.  I'm scooping out leftover pasta to put in the fridge.  Here and there all add up and I am so happy I have stopped that habit.  It also makes me excited to indulge in the future and really enjoy (a glass of wine or a cheeseburger) but again to not eat those things all of the time.  

So that's the scoop, 5 days in and 5 more to go and then onto the max phase! 

Tuesday, June 23, 2015


We survived the Tent Sale!! This year I really went into it with a positive mindset.  I usually get all frustrated, mopey, angry, lonely, sad, whatever you name it….because it is a really long time for him to be away from me (us). But I must say, going into it with optimism made it so much better this time. Sure it was hard to play solo parent and not see him until 1030/11 some nights, but he makes darn good money and allows me to stay home with these precious babes.  Plus we have vacay right around the corner so the countdown is on!

So what did we do?  A lot of just hanging around.

And eating. Eating and pooping is basically what happens all day long around here!

We visited our friends for a few hours…

We hit up the Farmer's Market for the first time this year!

Enjoyed the beautiful weather--sandbox is a hit!! Baby boy just loves being outside.

She ate her lunch in her playhouse.  Girl loves her strawberries!

LOL we made silly faces.

And took it easy.

Friday night we went to my inlaws for homemade pizza--YUM!  We made sure to take a nice stroll after all these carbs…so worth it though!

Brooke is OBSESSED with the fairy house.  Her and grandma need to make one!!

Brooke loves to 'feed her rabbit' like Grandma was feeding brother.

Saturday was HOT and SUNNY! We met my friend Alison for a walk along the canal.  Life is so much easier with an extra pair of hands

Sunday Joey had to move his office and cars back, but after that he drove all the way out to my dad's to spend a little family time.  Someone missed her daddy something fierce!

It makes me so excited for Lake George and all of the family time we will enjoy.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Feeling Better!

I don't even know where to start---any where in my life!! Last week I got SO sick with the stomach flu, it literally took me down for the count. I don't remember the last time I was that sick!  Without going into gross detail, I will say that I have shed about 5 pounds and all of my shorts now fit.  I had planned on cleansing, but I am waiting at this point because my stomach is still kind of sensitive.

 It started Tuesday morning at 2 am and that day I had my husband stay home with the kids in the morning until my sister could come help out for a few hours.  It was my mother in law's 60th birthday--and I totally missed the fun dinner and night out :(  Joe was able to take Brooke but I some how managed to watch the baby.  By Wednesday morning I felt even worse and called in for back up, because my husband could not take off any more time for work during his crazy sale.  My stepmom came and took the kids (thank goodness) I'm not sure what I would have done otherwise.  I literally just laid in bed and slept and slept--I did have Joe take me to urgent care because I was worried about dehydration but they said I seemed ok and to just keep doing what I was doing: fluids, rest, tylenol every 4 hours.  It was TERRIBLE!  I finally started feeling a little bit better and took a shower Thursday and by Friday I had to get my kids because my niece was graduating kindergarten. It took everything to drive to get them and then my truck died! Oh, not fun.  Luckily my mother in law met me at the dealership, helped me with the kids and we weren't there too long.   Saturday she took Brooke back to her house for the day and I was able to really rest some more and Bradley was so good.  By Sunday I was able to leave the house again and go get formula, wipes and see my hubby at the sale for a little bit.  I also cooked dinner for the first time in over a week.  Today I am still trying to play catch up and just try to do what I can, even though I am still not up and running 100%.

It takes SO much for me to ask for help because I am very much a person who likes to be in control and I can handle a lot, but when you can't even get up off your bed---you need help. I am grateful for my family who really stepped up and helped me out while I was sick.  I really appreciate it!!

So I figured I would share a few things here on the blog…

I found this shop Haute Mama Mala on instagram and I ended up winning her giveaway! How beautiful are these bracelets??  So pretty.

The stones are just gorgeous and the amethyst is stunning! I love love love them.   Here's to much love, happiness and spreading good vibes every where!

He has been so good.  You just need to keep the boy fed!! He is eating his fruits/veggies 3x a day along with 4-5 bottles of formula a day.  He still spits up a ton, but he's mostly smiling!

He gets so excited for his food!

And this goofball---she is just too much.   She has become a backseat driver and I was getting something for brother when the light turned green, I hear, "Green means GO!"

So I am super thankful to be feeling better, even though I'm not totally myself yet and know it will be a little bit before I am doing my sweaty workouts and all that…I just keep telling myself to take it easy, do what I can and be happy.