Monday, August 26, 2013

What Can I do for You?

Hi Friends!! I went away for the weekend, but I am back now!

 I am so excited to meet a few new readers here, from my guest post over at Erin's blog.  Hello, and welcome!! I had a lovely weekend out in the country visiting a dear friend and her family.  I will say that it was a little hard being away from my husband, and it was a little difficult for him to be away from us!  I am happy to be home, but there is much cleaning and laundry to do....not to mention how hard I'm working on growing my AdvoCare business!

It's been so amazing for myself to be on this healthy journey, and I must say as great as I feel, I just love the feeling of helping others almost a little bit more.  I didn't realize how much I missed that aspect of teaching.  While I have no desire to step foot into a classroom, I am in love with this business of helping people feel their best.

What can I do for you?!

Labor Day is a pretty big party weekend, perhaps a little cleanse would help? {I lost 7 lbs on it!}

Or kick off the new school year with a complete and total new you with the 24 day bundle!

Every busy household should have a canister of SPARK!

Meal replacements for busy moms on the go: {I am willing to send out samples at $6 if you'd like to try a few, instead of buying the whole box at once, just ask!}
What I love about this company, is that there truly is something for everyone.

 You just have to want it badly enough.  I hear so many people talk about the price being an issue, which I can agree it does cost some money...but I promise you, the feeling of sliding into your favorite shorts or pants or the amount of energy you have to keep up with your daily routine, is WORTH it!!
Products I will continue to take:
*Meal Replacement Shakes

I will be doing a post 24 day challenge post, I promise!! Life is a little crazy, and I'm loving every minute of it!!

This weekend we are headed to the lake, which I cannot wait for.  I am hoping to get some free time soon enough to catch up on many things, but I wanted to wish everyone a happy and healthy start to your week! 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Thoughts & Updates

I hope you're having an awesome day!! It's such a beautiful day here (again) I am so excited. I have lots of errands to do today, so the sun shining always helps!  I am hoping to find some tasty treats at Trader Joe's and stocking up on some essentials at Wegmans.  It will be the first time little miss Brooke will ride in the big girl part of the cart--wish us luck!!  

24 Day Challenge Update:
I'm on day 20 and I still cannot believe how amazing I feel, how many awesome people are here to support me, and what a difference 20 days has made.  I know that I will continue using the products to further my results, but I can't complain.  I am so happy where I'm at and I know I'll just keep getting better!! This cute workout top [from Target] is a medium.  I haven't worn it since I bought it over a month ago, because I felt uncomfortable in it.  Now?  I have some room to spare!!  And a medium pair of running shorts now fit, my larges are big.  WINNING!!


Down 8 lbs and roughly 11 inches.  That's a whole dress size!!

I'll admit too, I'm not a crazy workout person.  I love to walk, do Yoga, Zumba once in awhile, but eating clean & these products have really changed my life.  You don't have to kill yourself in a gym, to feel better. I promise!!

My mama is also on the challenge and one of my favorite texts was this last week:

See? It's not just about the numbers on the scale or how the clothes fit, it helps us feel better overall!  I couldn't ask for more.  Thank you so much AdvoCare!!  I'm also proud to say that I can go 20 days without coffee, as I know it's a slight addiction that I have.  Spark has done its job [and then some!]  I love it so much, be on the lookout for a giveaway soon!!

It's all about believing and achieving.

I am still trying to be creative in the kitchen.  Joe needs his carbs, and I need my veggies.  I went a little West Coast with our lunch yesterday--

Turkey bacon, spinach, whole wheat pita.  Instead of mayo, I mashed up an avocado and threw in a hard boiled egg for a little more protein. 

Monday- Crockpot Artichoke/Spinach Chicken {I had over broccoli, Joe ate w/ Orzo}
Tuesday- Italian Marinated Venison Steaks on the grill
Wednesday- Grilled Shrimp
Thursday- Turkey Loaf
Friday- Visiting my friend for the weekend!! Hubs, you're on your own!! :)

And of course, baby toes are delicious...

Have a fabulous day!

Monday, August 19, 2013

WeeKend FuN in the SuN!

Happy Monday!!

Our weekend FLEW by and was SO much fun!! I feel like our summer started off a little slowly, but we are just soaking up every last second now!!

Friday night we went on a walk down Park Ave {aka the trendy part of our small city} and grabbed a bite to eat.   Saturday was full of the usual, taking care of the baby, running Joe up some sushi for lunch while he worked, and then I got to get all dolled up for a night out! 

Thanks to my instagram peeps for helping me choose a little yellow number.   Seriously, if it weren't for AdvoCare, I would NOT have as much confidence or be getting my body back.  I am so proud of myself and very excited for what these products have done for me.  I'm on day 19 of my challenge and couldn't be happier.  I don't know why anyone wouldn't want to feel and look her best.  I'm telling you, it's changed my life.

My mother-in-law came over to watch Brooke [thank you thank you thank you!!] and off hubby and I went to his work event.  We need to take more pictures...we always forget! 

It was so nice to get out of the house, see some people from his work, and then we met up with some friends and my brother for a few drinks downtown.  I had so much fun!!

Sunday we got up and met some more friends down at the lake.  They invited us on their awesome new boat and we enjoyed being on the water and seeing the babies play.

 Blake is so adorable! I love how cute they are!!

Lil Miss is turning into quite the ham in front of the camera!!

 Daddy & Daughter

After our boat ride, we hurried home so I could run off to my first ever Fantasy Football Draft. Holy. Cow. I was so nervous!! I'm not that skilled in football, and I'm really just a newbie when it comes to what positions are etc.  I think I did pretty well, even though my husband said I don't need 3 quarterbacks--oops!  I will have to watch a lot more ESPN and keep a little more in touch with the games this year!! Wish me luck!! My team name? 

Trophy Wife

Bahaha.  I just couldn't resist.

It's another beautiful day here in New York & I have lots to clean and do.  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and that you make today a really great one.


Friday, August 16, 2013

Lately [crawling.soup.capris]


We have had lots of outfit changes. I swear lil miss just keeps growing like a weed! Size 9 month outfit was a wee bit snug around her head! She only wore it once too. #momfail
She sure is a wiggle worm! Hard to get a non-blurry shot. She is a moving and a shaking all over the place!  She especially love crawling all around.  Watch out world, baby Brooke is on the move!! Loves playing with her toys.

She spent an afternoon with Grandma while mama had her Neuro appointment {no news is good news, right?!}  And they had a ball.  Her 'so serious' look.

The weather has been a little cool, so I made some homemade tomato soup! {Fresh tomatoes from a Farmer's Market}
5-6 tomatoes sliced into large chunks
1 onion sliced
2 garlic cloves
2 cups of chicken broth
bring to a boil
[remove tomato skins, they fall right off]

Puree with an immersion blender.
Salt/pepper to taste.

I've made sure to get outside and move, move, move!! Brooke loves the outdoors and so do I.  My little thumb sucker.  She is such a happy girl.  sorryfortheduckface

I tried on a pair of capris jeans that I haven't fit into in a very long time & a size small tank from Express.  They fit!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! The jeans even had a little room to spare.  What.A.Feeling. [obvi look at my crazy face]
[down 8 lbs]

I try to give her a bottle outside as much as I can because I know it will be too cold to enjoy it soon enough!!  We waited for Daddy to come home by taking selfies...

And then mama snuck out for a mani/pedi and picked up sushi takeout...I went for Barbie Pink!

And Joe has to work a half day today, so we aren't doing much at all.  Tomorrow night we have a little drink & appetizer event for his work, so it will be fun to get dressed up, take his car & get out for a bit. 

What are you all up to this weekend?!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Unplugged, but now I'm Back!

Well, hello!

We took a quick trip to visit one of our favorite nearby cities, Toronto last weekend! It was a much needed break away from life!! With all of the stress I've been under {as far as my brain issues were concerned} it was perfect timing to slip up north and just "be." 

Our little angel was wonderful!! She loves people watching as much as her mama and daddy!

I kind of forgot I'd have to turn off my cell phone to avoid crazy charges, and so while it was abrupt, I am so happy that I did.  I forget how nice it is to sincerely unplug and keep away from technology.  I feel totally re-charged and ready to take on the world!! I was seriously getting into robot mode around here...and that is no way to live!  I feel as though a bit of respite was all I needed to jump back into our lovely little life here in upstate NY.

We just walked a lot, shopped a little, and relaxed.  Little Miss is now in size 12+ so I stocked up on some adorable goodies at Children's Place!

Joe picked out the yellow shirt w/ the bunny on the back.  I had to get the matching purple jeggings.  We are talking size 18-24 months people! My little baby isn't so little!! They don't fit her yet, but I'm sure come fall they well fit her little diaper booty just fine. 

So, as far as my "cleanse" I would say I did pretty darn well!  I tried my hardest to eat healthy, even though options aren't always the greatest while traveling.  I relied on my meal replacement shakes, my Spark, and when in doubt, a salad with grilled chicken and dressing on the side.  On Day 10 I did have a steak and a little wine, as it was our last night and we went to a really nice dinner.  {Barberian Steakhouse} But I think that's what is important about doing this cleanse/challenge: It has taught me how to eat right again. It's not about being 100% perfect all of the time; it's about making the healthiest choices you can.  Instead of eating fries, ice cream, burgers, pizza, etc.  I saved up for my dinner to enjoy a lean cut of steak and a glass of Pinot Noir.  And you know what?  I don't feel guilty at all.  Sure I could have had the fish and steamed veggies, but I ate clean the rest of the time.  And I certainly enjoyed that medium rare steak and perfectly poured glass of Pinot.

That is what I love so much about AdvoCare.  It's not a fad diet!! It's seriously about a healthy way of living.  You're going to be faced with food choices all.of.the.time.  It's about being smart when choosing what to eat.

And my 10 day Cleanse results?

I'm down 7 lbs so far!!

 I quickly checked my inches, and it seems I've lost an inch off of everything already.  I will certainly keep you updated.

I still have not had ANY coffee! Whoa.  I have so much energy and my clothes continue to feel baggier and way more loose on me.  It's awesome. 

I'm now on Day 13 of my challenge and doing awesome with the MNS pack.  If you're not taking a multi-vitamin or your Omegas, I highly suggest you start!! 

Why Omegaplex?
  • Helps skin issues [dry, dandruff, sensitive, eczema, even cellulite!]
  • Boosts your heart
  • Boosts your brain 
  • Can aid in weight management!
Here's an article on the importance of Omegas: Mercola

I guess since I have all of this 'brain' stuff going on, I just cannot urge you enough to just take the right supplements.  These are very reasonably priced [$21.95 for 45 soft gels], and our brain {and heart!} health is SO very important.  Just take care of your health now; don't wait for something to happen and try and treat it!!  If there is one thing I can stress, it's that you just never know what you'll find out about your wellness.  Don't abuse the one body/mind that we are given; you cannot put a price on health.  Cost should never be a deciding factor when you're looking to keep yourself in great health.

E-mail me with any questions, I just love helping others feel as awesome as I'm feeling now!! Have a great Tuesday.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Cleanse Day 7 & Updates

So today is day 7 of 10 on the 'cleanse' portion of my 24 Day Challenge and I am LOVING that I am already seeing results.

While I'm not going to talk numbers yet, I am waiting until day 11 & 24 to measure.  I'm going to let my clothes do the talking.  Here is a size small shirt I have not felt "comfortable" in since last year.  The pants are post-pregnancy ones I bought at a size 10.  Already starting to feel a little loose!  My arms are also feeling more toned and less "jiggly". 

My workouts aren't super crazy.  I've done Zumba, the elliptical, yoga, and lots of walking.

Day 6 was SO awesome! I tried on a few pairs of shorts just for the heck of it, and OMG. They fit. {Don't mind my face on the right; I was just snacking on almonds/dried cranberries!
It was so nice to have my friend ask me if I was wearing a new outfit; the answer was no! I' m just fitting into things I haven't been able to in sooooo long!  Do you know how amazing this feels?  I want EVERYONE to feel this excitement.

I am even seeing definition in my legs, which I haven't seen in forever!

I'm not where I want to be yet, but I still have a long way to go on my challenge!!  I'm just super impressed that already my trouble area, aka my belly, is seriously shrinking and clothes are starting to fit again!

I'm getting a lot of people saying how much they love seeing my food ideas.  So, I'll keep sharing!  I love cooking so it's easy for me to be creative.

The Zucchini boat --- usually you throw some cheese on, but I'm avoiding dairy. So I just scooped out a zuc, added fresh tomatoes, a little EVOO, garlic/onion seasoning, and some Italian seasoning.  Threw in the oven at 350 for 30 mins. YUM.  I made smashed garlic cauliflower and heated up a turkey burger and made it dinner.

I know I keep repeating myself, but if I'm hungry, I eat.  Dessert last night was peaches again.

1 peach, sliced, a few walnuts & sprinkle of cinnamon.  Microwave until warmed through.  A cup of Calming herbal tea.

It's awesome to already feel this good and like my old self again.  Yesterday my friend and I took our kids to the Museum of Play.  I don't hate what I look like in pictures any more!

Brooke loved the statues!

We rode on this silly train.

And Grace made Brooke a crown at the Fairytale land.

Thank goodness I brought along something to snack on...a few carrots and a little hummus.

I also threw into my diaper bag a  Meal Replacement Shake  just in case--what a great idea! I was starving before we left and I just mixed it up really quick in a water bottle and boom.  Totally satisfied. I will definitely be bringing these when we go to Toronto!! It's nice to have backup, especially since my husband can go hours and hours without being hungry.  I always need something every 3!!

**Neurologist update--- Thank you for all the positive thoughts guys! I really appreciated.  Here's what I found out...

I actually have 3 'weird' things on up there.

1.  One Pineal cyst.  He's not too concerned with it, probably born with it...we'll monitor.
2.  Arnold Chiari Malformation..  AKA my brain is too big for my head!  No really, my brain stem is growing out a bit longer than it should; something I should keep an eye on for any odd signs (seizures etc) again, something I was probably born with and not to be too alarmed with.
3.  He's not quite sure.  At first he said it was a venous angioma---yeah.  Whatever that is.  Then he took another look and said maybe is an MS plaque.  Since he's not sure, I have to go back in November for an MRI on my brain and on my spine.  Boo.  I also go back 8.13 to have a little more testing done on my hearing/coordination I think?  It was all so much information.

So, I guess this is all "good news" because it's not like have I have Cancer.  He didn't give me a few months to live or anything drastic, but when I went in there, I thought I just had a few 'cysts' I wasn't expecting all this odd stuff up there.

Oh, and to top it off?? He said that the ringing in my left ear (which is the cause of me going through all of this) DOESN'T HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH THIS STUFF.  I just find that hard to believe. But I'm not a Doctor, so what the hell do I know?

He really stressed to keep my blood pressure down, not stress, and to be healthy.  I told him I was on a cleanse and I'm really on top my health and now have an even more important reason to be super healthy.

You really just don't know folks.  Anything could be going on inside your body right now, and you'd have no idea.  This is why GOOD HEALTH is so important. I believe Nikki & Danielle and AdvoCare came into my life for a reason and I am SO thankful for this.  I just want to be in the best shape as possible and really enjoy my life.  However long I am granted to walk this earth, I promise to make it a healthy walk!!

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Review

I hope you had a great weekend!!  Ours was pretty eventful! Lots of good things.

Sami's Shenanigans

Friday we attempted our Beach BBQ--the weather was absolutely gorgeous and perfect...for about a half an hour.  It was just long enough to set up and grill some Chicken Wings...

It was beautiful and I want to do it again!!

I had to steal your photo Alison, I mean look at these two--perfection:

But once the rain rolled in, we had to bob and weave, and we went across the street into the park where there were pavilions.  We still had a nice time and it was great to just get out of the house and be some place new.  So what if we were wearing sweatshirts in August??

Saturday Miss Brooke and I hit up the local Farmer's Market for fresh fruits and veggies.  She was little miss popular!  Everyone stopped and told her how cute she was.  {I don't blame them!}

Of course we had to run to Target after because it was right there across the parking lot...

Sunday we kept it pretty chill.  We went and visited my brother at his brand new apartment downtown and walked around Park Ave Fest.

We totally bought Brooke this hat!! I love it.

There was a little "Fall" chill in the air so I enjoyed some 'calming tea'.

We had a delicious Taco Dinner.  I just made gigantic salad.  I used ground turkey--NO CHEESE. {That was hard! Cheese makes everything better.} It was still yummy. I threw some black beans on there too.

We practiced crawling.  She's almost got it!! She did one perfect crawl with her knee/hand, but then falls to her tummy and laughs.  She loves scooting around.  We also lowered her crib and installed her new car seat. Whoa.

I was in the mood for a dessert--so I heated up a sliced peach, a dash of cinnamon & a few walnuts.

This morning I was feeling a little more hungry, so I made the oatmeal and dumped my fruit in with a splash of almond milk and again, that cinnamon is really helping!

I'm feeling really good today--Day 5 of my 10 Day Herbal cleanse and of the 24 Day Challenge.  It's so rewarding to be fueling my body with healthy foods and ridding it of all the 'junk' I put into it on a normal basis.  I love that this is a lifestyle change and not just a diet.  If you're on the fence about getting healthy, just do it!! The benefits outweigh the cost, I promise!

I am a bit nervous about my 2pm Neurologist appointment, but I just have to think happy thoughts.  I have a lot of amazing people sending prayers/positive thoughts my way and for that I am very grateful.  Friends whom I haven't seen in years and people are offering their support and to help with Brooke--it is awesome to feel the love and know that there are good people who genuinely care. I cannot thank you enough.