Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Makeup Review!

I am not a makeup guru. At all, really. I just started getting into makeup in my late twenties, and now that I'm 32 {33 in July!} I really like finding quality products that make me feel and look good!  I've been watching You Tube and saw this little gem available for only $26 at Sephora. I went in to try it out and fell instantly in love.

I also grabbed that concealer which is fab too!

I honestly really like this foundation. I sprayed it onto the back of my hand and applied it with my brush [below] I really thought it'd be hard to apply, but really it went on perfectly! I also took note and decided not to directly spray my face.  The girl at Sephora sprayed the brush, but I didn't want the foundation all over my white carpet in the bathroom. I know, who puts white carpeting in bathrooms? I would like to know!!

The great thing is you can add extra coverage if you want, or keep it light if you're like me and don't want too much.

I ordered this off amazon. 

Even my husband noted that my makeup looked really nice!  He said it didn't look "too makeupy" and I know what he means.  Sometimes with my Bare Minerals foundation, I feel like it makes my pores appear bigger than they are and like I am applying too much powder, even though I didn't put a lot on.

I am now intrigued to try out some drugstore foundations, just to play around a bit. I clipped a bunch of coupons in Sunday's paper, so we shall see what I can find. {What else is a girl to do in NEGATIVE DEGREE WEATHER!?!? I'm over this ish.}

I am also in search of some zit cream, as I have these reoccurring pimples at the corner of my mouth, that once one goes away, another comes in! It's annoying and uncomfortable. Suggestions????  Sexsay, I know, I know. 

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Brooke Eats

I have had some people ask me what my daughter likes to eat...and I can say that I know that we are very lucky, our girl LOVES to eat!!  We haven't found much that she doesn't enjoy.

I thought I'd share some of her favorites.

Breakfast is pretty standard:
1 scrambled egg
Some banana and strawberries
Ezekiel toast w/ coconut butter

Daddy gave her some ketchup!
She LOVES pasta. My little Italian bambina
Ground turkey
{lemon and evoo}

We are still on organic soy formula and I mix in a little of the organic milk formula.  She won't hold her own bottle unless she's laying down!

We are working on the sippy cup...

She LOVES the squeeze pouches and enjoys feeding herself! She also loved right from the oven multi-grain beer bread; so good!

Pasta baby. "Bacon Pasta" and we just use the masher to make it small enough.

Daddy got her a "birthday lollipop" and they enjoyed a little of that together.

Bib off = I'm done!

I love that she loves food. I do find that she has some milk sensitivities and I hope that she will outgrow it.  She breaks out in a diaper rash if she has too much dairy.  She is not allergic to anything, and for that we are super grateful.  I just keep trying new and different foods and always have her taste what we eat.

I try to give her real food and feed her what we eat. So far so good! She gobbles it all up like a champ. She even drinks my spinach smoothie. I love it! 

What do you feed your little one?

This Week in Workouts {Link up with us!}

Bliss to Bean

Time for our weekly workout linkup! Join Nikki, Ashley and me!

I hope you're all enjoying a beautiful Sunday!  I love this linkup; it's only our second week, but man...if you're anything like me and really don't love working out, then join IN!! I'm telling you, holding myself accountable to this is really helping me. I did NOT want to workout.  I struggled, but ya know what? I made myself do it and for that I am so proud.

No, I didn't workout every day, and no I'm not going going to sit here and give excuses why.  I just didn't.  Next week I hope to be better.

Monday- CU24 Melt
Tuesday- Rest
Thursday- JM 6 Weeks 6 Pack [did you know that is on Amazon Prime?! Thank you Alison!]
Friday- Rest
Saturday- Light Yoga Stretches
My friend Danielle gave me this quote; love it.

I notice that the harder I workout, the more dehydrated I get [obvi] and How incredible is it that we have some tasty new flavors to enjoy!? I am obsessed with the Key Lime Cherry.  I am ordering Peach this week!  [Order here now! Won't last forever!]

One thing I want to stress is the need for lean protein. I absolutely love coaching people and the one thing I notice is that women especially, tend to not eat enough protein.  It is SO SO SO important.  I cannot even put into words how much better I feel when I get enough protein...I just had to share this.

I pretty much try to eat a lean protein at every meal.  When I say meal, I mean every 3-4 hours something goes into my mouth and preferably is a veggie or fruit and protein.  It's so important to create that balance! If I have a banana, I will have a little almond butter.  An apple and some walnuts.  If you're not losing the weight and you feel as though you're working out and eating clean, add some protein! So many options.

Lean and Clean!

Link up below and let's motivate each other!

Thursday, January 23, 2014


I am all about working hard, hustling and doing what ya gotta do.  But sometimes we forget to sit back and relax.  I got this in my inbox from Steve Chandler's email subscription. {He is the author of 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself Change Your Life Forever}---PS it totally did. I married the man who introduced me to that audio.

Anyway, he shared this:

      I learned...first from him and then fromday-to-day experience, that the quality and powerof my work always increased when I sloweddown to the speed of life. Conversely, thequality of my work and my relationshipsdegraded when I tried to think too much anddo too many things at once.
     This is still really useful to me:       "Creativity requires leisure, an absence of rush,  time for the mind and imagination to float and wander  and roam, time for the individual to descend into  the depths of his or her psyche, to be availableto barely audible signals rustling for attention.         "Long periods of time may pass in which nothing  seems to be happening. But we know that kind of space  must be created if the mind is to leap out of its  accustomed ruts, to part from the mechanical, the known,the familiar, the standard, and generate a leap into the new."   Nathaniel Branden

And I couldn't agree more.  I need to be better about relaxing; There is a difference between passive and active relaxation. I know one of my downfalls is that I will "relax" with my laptop on my lap.  Or my phone in my hand.  That is not allowing my creativity to grow!!

What will you do to relax this week?

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Weekend Reflection

It's Wednesday.  It's freezing cold.  I'm a little behind on housework etc.  I still have tons of emotions about my grandmother's wake last night...and so I just want to reflect on my super fun weekend.  [minus the whole 49ers losing; boo]

Friday the sun was shining--like whoa.  I went to my hair appointment, goodbye roots, hello blonde!  While I did that, hubby took Brooke to my dad's for the weekend.

After!! I got all dolled up, thanks to my amazing hair dresser doing my hair and we had a lovely date night.

Selfie alert.

We dined at The Revelry.  The food was pricey but very good!!

We were home and hubs was asleep by 9:45

The next morning I met up with my good friend Alison.  We had a girls' day planned: pedis, Barnes and Noble and lunch, sans kiddos!!  Gotta love the plastic baggie wrapped toes!

After our pedicures we went over to Barnes and Nobles, got some lattes and wandered around aimlessly.  We had no where to be and no one tugging on our pants; it was quite lovely! We had a delicious little lunch.  I enjoyed a side salad and croque monsieur. MMMM!

Joe and I debated over whether we should go out to see a movie or what.  We decided on sushi at our favorite place, and we ate right at the sushi bar.  Afterwards, we came home and built a fire.  I actually read a magazine. A whole magazine in one sitting! I don't remember the last time I did that!!

I am on a makeup kick again [thank you YOU TUBE!] and keep hearing all of this amazing stuff about this Sigma F80 brush and so I ordered it off amazon.

I then made asked hubby if we could stop at Sephora after picking up Brooke on Sunday.  I wanted to try this foundation {only $26} and it's kind of like an airbrush technique. I haven't played with it yet, so I will review it soon!!  I also scooped up this amazing concealer.  Mama's bags under her eyes are bad and needed something stronger!

Even though our boys lost Sunday night, it was still a great weekend.  I may have started to cry when Navarro Bowman hurt his leg--that just looked so painful!  I felt so bad for him. As much as we missed out little peanut,  I'm glad she was able to spend time with my dad and step mom. It also gave us a chance to just spend some QT just us two.

So what'd you all do last weekend?! Any other new makeup out there I should dig into?? Share! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

This Week in Workouts Link Up

From My Life to Our Life

It's Sunday, which means it's time for our Week in Workouts link up!!  I am not going to lie.  I am still hurting [in a good way] from these workouts.  My goal is to start small, 3x a week.  I accomplished that!!  I am no professional, but i do know that you need to start some place.  You cannot expect to run a marathon without proper training.  With that, I may have only done 3 little workouts, my body feels it and my appetite has increased!  Bring on the protein!

1.12-Sunday: Rest 

1.13-Monday: Jillian Micahels Ripped in 30 

1.14-Tuesday: Rest 

1.15-Wednesday: My new CU24 bundle came in!! [scoop it up here]

I only did the first cardio workout.

I literally had a ball, pun intended.  I need to work on my core, it's my weakest area by far.  I was rolling all over this damn ball and couldn't stop laughing at myself! If ya can't laugh at yourself, you've got nothing.  I cannot wait to do it again!

I will remember to put on my Polar watch next time...

1.16-Thursday: Rest

1.17-Friday:  Zen in Your Den Yoga.  I neeeeeeeded it.  20 minutes of stretching and planking oy! I just pull up good old You Tube and go.

I didn't even get dressed; I just did it in my VS pjs.

1.18-Saturday: Rest  [aka I still really feel it in my bum bum]

I will definitely be attempting to add more as I feel stronger.  You just can't get discouraged and know that it's not a race; you are not in competition with anyone.  This whole workout linkup should empower you to want to do your best and feel better.  Be sure to eat every 2-3 hours, drink as much water as you possibly can, and eat clean.  If you have any questions at all, I would love to help you!

Be sure to link up and share your workouts; I LOVE the inspiration and seeing what other people are doing as workouts too.  Happy Sunday!

Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF Randoms

I've done pretty well this week, so....I want to post again today!! I just scrolled through my phone and figured I'd share a few of our photos from this week.

1.  Daddy turned her seat around! Girlfriend's legs were all bunched up and I hear so much talk {like with anything parenting related} about trying to keep her facing backwards as long as possible, bla bla. Truth? She looked darn uncomfortable, so we turned her around.  She is one and almost 24 pounds and 31 1/4 inches. I think she's good??  I puffy heart this picture because it reminds me of the one I snapped leaving the hospital. A year ago. [insert frowning face]

2. Sunday we went to a "Choo Choo Look Who's 2" Birthday for our little friend Calvin. Brooke loved her Conductor hat and tried to blow the whistle.

3.  Tuesday was her big ONE year checkup!

4.  I did a little Smoothie action.  I usually don't use yogurt but I felt like I was craving a little dairy.
1/4 cup yogurt
handful of greens
A handful of frozen berries
A few splashes of OJ

5.  LOVE this from my Birchbox.  It smells so good and actually seemed to help. I may need more!
[so much for my gel mani]

6.  We attended our last baby signing time class on Wednesday---would I do it again? Sure.  I won't continue our 'formal education' but I will continue to work on the signs with her, as her frustration seems to grow because I don't know what she wants!  Brooke sure did love the bubbles! #teacherspetlikehermama

7.  Easy and tasty meal idea from Wednesday night!  Chicken Recipe Here.  Cauliflower here.

8.  Birthday gifts are still arriving!! Thanks Grandma!

9.  Less than a week left to scoop up a 24 day challenge ON SALE!! Purchase here.

10.  I will do a better review but HOLY COW this workout made me sweat!  There are a bunch to choose from and this promotional bundle is a GREAT DEAL.  Purchase here!

11.  This girl walked more than crawled yesterday!! WOOP WOOP!

12.  Everyone needs a hot stone massage in her life. OMG it was heavenly.  I feel so much better now!

We have an amazing weekend ahead, and I can't wait to share it all on Monday.  Enjoy today friends!!