Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Viva Las Vegas: Red Rock

My amazing husband was asked to come back this past year and speak on another panel for the Auto Financial Group.    My mom came up from SC to spend some time here and watch our kids so we could get away.  My sister took them over the weekend and brought them back home to us by Sunday.  We left on Tuesday afternoon and returned Sunday evening.

I was so worked up and anxious about leaving the kids; it's never easy and we were flying across the country and I literally had to plan out every day/detail with schedules, eating habits and try to make transitions smooth as possible.  I can see why many parents don't bother leaving their kids, as it's hard physically and emotionally!

I knew my babes would be in excellent care and I knew in my heart, Joe and I needed this getaway.

Once the plane took off, there was nothing I could do but relax and enjoy the ride.

We stayed at The Red Rock Casino, as that is where the conference was held.  It was a bit of a tease to see the strip all lit up each night and the sunrises were spectacular.

We got into LV about 730 their time, but it was 10:30 in our minds/bodies.  Luckily I slept on the plane and was ready to stay up a little while.

The next morning we got up and headed to our first Vegas buffet.  In all the times before, we've never eaten at a buffet!  I had an incredible omelette and croissant.  I pretty much devoured it all so quickly--darn time change! I didn't snap a shot.

We had some time to relax before our spa appointments, so Joe played black jack and I lost some money at the slots.  Not a terrible way to spend a Wednesday.

We hung out by the pool for a bit and lounged in the sun.  It felt so good!

I don't know when I'll see this type of blue sky again.

I can't ever get over how cool the mountains are.

So after a little lounging by the pool, Joe wanted to go back in and play cards.  I was told that there was a mall super close, so after a few mimosas I walked over and found The Guess store.

I was the only person there besides the girls working, so I told them I needed some clubbing outfits.  I'm obsessed with the faux fur vest and it was half off!  I may have bought this entire outfit.

I realized the time and had to scoot back over to the hotel to meet Joe so we could go to our spa.

I had the best massage.  She worked the knots out of my neck and back and I literally felt like I was floating.

Joe headed back to the cards and I went upstairs to get ready for the meet and greet.  I went with my red tunic dress from Express, the Harper statement (without feathers)

We had fun catching up with the people from last year and enjoyed meeting some new people.  There were some fancy eats, mashed potatoes in martini glasses etc, but we were still hungry... we had to hit up Fatburger.  OMG worth every fatty bite.  It's probably a good thing we don't have this fast food joint around here!!

We knew we'd have a long day at the conference the next day, and well I learned my lesson the year before to not get too wild this night, so we went up to bed at a decent hour.  This was also the night the Cubs won the world series!! Pretty cool to see everyone in the casino going crazy.

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  1. Love Las Vegas (for visiting). I was just there last week. Love In N Out as well. Did you hike around Red Rock at all? It is really beautiful!


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