Thursday, September 29, 2011

Awkward & Awesome

Just stumbled upon this cool little blog~check it out on my side button!


  • People asking me how school is going, since they don't know I took a leave. 
  • The confusion and weird moment of silence as they try to contemplate why I'd leave a job making $ to just "stay home & just be a housewife" 
  • The look on their faces when I say how truly happy I am, cooking, cleaning, & taking care of my home & family
  •  Our min-pin Holly running across the street barking her little head off, and reassuring other people she's really harmless....we think!
  • 'Dancing' with a stranger at a store walking towards you: you step right, she steps left, you step left, she steps right, & you both mumble sorry! and scurry away
  • Swiping my key tag at Zumba and walking away, forgetting to pay $8 for class...& running right back to pay oops!! Just yell at me already! :)
  • Making the PERFECT EGG
  • Having the Food Network or Cooking Channel on pretty much 24/7...I seem to live in our kitchen and it's great company
  • Figuring out how to make this awesome blog!
  • Curling up with some hot apple cider and a good book
  • Acorn squash w/ a little butter & brown sugar mmmmmmm
  • The changing of the leaves
  • Time for boots & sweaters
  • Zumbaaaaaaaa

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