Sunday, February 15, 2015

4 Weeks {real talk}

Monday we had a checkup and all was well, except for the white on his tongue.  I thought it was milk, since I had literally just fed him in the waiting room, but the Dr. said keep an eye on it, it could be Thrush.

It was the first time out with my two babes alone.  We survived!

Monday night my sweet friend Kristin stopped by and we had so much fun laughing and enjoying a glass of cab/merlot.

Tuesday my friend Alison offered to meet me at the mall so Brooke could run around the play area and we could get out a bit.  Thank you again Al!! It was quite the effort leaving the house, but once we got there it was good!

He didn't really seem phased.


I tried the shaving cream and food coloring--she thought it was fun!

He watches from the hallway, so he doesn't get splashed!

Thursday my mother in law came over and watched the kids for the afternoon--HOLLA! Thanks again Mama D!!  I was able to get my eyebrows waxed (oh they were bad!) take Joe some sushi for lunch and stock up at the grocery store, by myself.  It was awesome! She made this dress for Brooke's birthday, so I finally got her in it. So cute!

Hard to get a clear, still shot of her…always on the go!!

Friday I took him back to the Dr. since his tongue still had white on it and they did confirm it was Thrush.  The Dr said it's very common in newborns, who knows what caused it. I'm wondering if it was the antibiotics I had to be on while giving birth because of GBS+ {Although Brooke never got it so who knows}  We have a daily prescription of Nystatin…hopefully it clears up. I feel bad if it's making his mouth sore :(  I've been diligent with my daily probiotics so I'm hoping that I don't get it/pass it back and forth because that sounds terrible.

So we snuggle and love on him a little extra, if that's even possible, just in case he is in pain.

As if Thursday weren't good enough, Friday my dad and step-mom came by to watch baby boy for us! They hadn't seen him in awhile and had a humidifier for us.  I was able to sneak out for a chiropractor appointment and Joe took Brooke out on a Daddy/Daughter date to the mall and lunch.

I guess he was up a lot, so he was pretty tuckered out later on!

Friday the 13th was a series of weird things…I rebounded from them, as in the scheme of things, they weren't life changing, but just one thing after another.

-Dropped my Spark on the floor
-Toaster died while trying to make toast
-I burned the bacon (I never do that)
-I had to rush to the DR for Bradley's appt, so I took like a half of a shower
-I almost slipped/fell carrying him because the parking lot was so slippery
-Opened the cupboard to get Brooke a snack and pears came flying out knocking over her newborn photo
-I lost my phone in the truck
-Joe was asking me like 10,000 questions as I walk in the door….

Needless to say, to me, it was a bit of a rough morning.  I sometimes feel like I just can't be in enough places at once.  Being a mama of two littles and a dutiful wife is no easy task, but I take everything to heart and always try my best.  It's kind of like a juggling act on a daily basis.  Whose needs are most important at that time?  Nine times out of ten, it's the baby who needs me first, but there are times when he has been fed, changed, and is still fussy…but Brooke, Joe, Holly, dinner, or even myself need attending to.

I wouldn't change anything for the world, and I am by no means complaining, but I just want to share the realness of being a mommy of a newborn and toddler as well as a wife to a man who works crazy long hours, has his own rental properties business and is in the midst of starting up a new company.  I know it won't be like this forever, and perhaps there are other mamas out there who too feel overwhelmed at times.

The days can seem long and a tad lonely right now, in the sense that there really is no one else to talk to sometimes other than Brooke and Bradley.   It's a never-ending diaper changing, butt-wiping, peeing, pooing, puking filled day.  Not to mention the every 2-3 nursing baby boy that can sometimes just leave you feeling exhausted, because once you're don't feeding, you've gotta stay hydrated and full.  Plus, if you stress out, that never helps your milk supply.  So again, balancing everything, breathing in the moments and lowering my expectations are what work for me, when I am home alone.   I appreciate text messages and phone calls, but more than anything I am SO SO thankful for face to face time, like having people come over in person or meet up with me, as well.

In between the chaos of two kids, there are moments where both are sleeping and I can sit down and take a rest.  Watch my one show [Scandal] or even catch a nap while my munchkins sleep.  I call it the eye of the hurricane, because once that blissful time is over, chances are they both wake up and need me simultaneously and it's time to get my head in the game and stay focused! {especially because dinner will need to be prepared shortly thereafter, and we all know how that tends to be a witching hour for toddlers…}

Nothing could be more true than this statement--if it weren't for in-laws, parents, friends, my sister, I know for a fact I would not be doing as well as I am today.  I try very hard to let everyone know how appreciative I am, and I hope they realize how much their love and support means to me and my family!!

So if you're feeling a little like "WHOA"…take a step back and breathe.  Know that we all have moments, days, or times when life is just crazy.  We cannot control certain things, but we just have to breathe through the moments and accept what is, and change what we can.   I always try to focus on the positives, what I am grateful for, and all of the blessings in our life.  But I am human and I try to be very honest here in my space on the internet, and admit tears fall from my face sometimes and we all have times where we are just trying to get by.  

I hope to just come across as a real woman who certainly does not have "it all together" and just like every other mom, am doing the best I can.  I know I have so much to be grateful for and am beyond blessed for this live we lead, but I just want to share my honest thoughts and hope it all makes sense…I know others are going through really tough times and that some of what makes me tear up, is probably just because I am sleep deprived and my hormones are still regulating.  I just believe it's so important to support each other and lift one another up, and not compare ourselves.  Our good health is first and foremost the thing I am most thankful for each day.  Life is too short…

And so maybe purchase yourself a cute new cup to hold hot or cold beverages…I can think of several drinks I'll be sipping out of that fun glass!  I just love supporting work at home mamas, and Leah has such cute stuff!  {Simply Made With Love} 

As for now, I smell a toddler diaper that desperately needs changing and my mouth is as parched as the desert.  #gimmeallthewater

Happy Sunday friends!


  1. You are doing a great job! Your babies are adorable!

  2. aw mama! You are doing an amazing job! I know you know that too...but know EXACTLY how you felt! Ps. I have totally backed off from texting you thinking you maybe needed time to figure life out with 2 lil bebes ;) I wish we were so closer so we could have playdates or just get out to the park!


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