Thursday, February 5, 2015

Breathing in this Season of Life [newborn & toddler]

My first week flying solo as a momma of two!  Other than my house cleaner, I haven't had any visitors either! I must say it's going pretty well.  I've had my moments where all (3) of us may have been crying/tearing up, but I've also had way more smiles and positive triumphs as well.  I just keep reminding myself they're only this little once!! He'll be crawling before I know it. It makes me crazy to think how fast time will fly, and this is my last baby, so I best enjoy every second of it!!

 Of course, in good old Western NY fashion, we had about 2 feet of snow dumped on us and the temperatures have stayed really cold, making it pretty much impossible to want to leave my warm house!  I mean really, where am I gonna go with a newborn and a 2 year old in this kind of weather?? Not to mention the whole measles outbreak freaks me right the…out.

We've actually gotten even more than this, but I'm too frozen to even think about snapping more pix.

So we've played inside and had some more cuddles on the couch.

She's pretty entertaining, I mean look at her.

My little chef.

What have a learned?

Not to start a toddler craft or try to do anything that requires too much focus on Brooke while baby is awake.  He is just very little and needs me, to hold, to fix his pacifier, to change him, to feed him…and it's very difficult to run back and forth between him in the swing and her at the table.  SO for today, I waited until Mr fell asleep and then I went into Brooke's room and we read a ton of books, worked on her letters and words and played in her tent…we pretty much put every single blanket in there and she loved it!

I've been making a real effort to spend some QT with her each day and work on something "school-like" to ease us back into a routine.   I just cut out some old school, fold the paper in half, hearts. She loved it!

To breathe and remind myself it's only a season.  I know my house won't be strewn with toys forever, I'll be back into my skinny jeans, working out/breaking an incredible sweat, and that I'll be whipping up fabulous dinners again soon…for now I just do what I can.  As long as we have food in our bellies and everyone is well, that's all I am striving for each night when I lay my head on the pillow.

I'm rather proud that I've gotten into a bit of a rhythm (that I know can change at any moment) with baby boy.  I never finished the book Baby Wise, but I guess it was what I did with Brooke anyway, I hadn't read it though.  It just makes common sense to me, to try and keep the baby awake, the house loud, lit up, and feed him every 2-3 hours during the day.  By 8pm, it's Brooke's bedtime, so as she settles down, the whole house does.  We keep it quieter and between 9-10 Bradley takes his last feed and then gets up around 2:30/3.  At two weeks in, I'm a happy mama! Granted, we put him in the crib from the 2nd night he came home, so the routine started then…he even napped in his crib today while Brooke and I played!

Sleeping angel.

He may have watched a little RHOBH with me…shhhh!

He tends to sleep a lot better, I mean like REALLY great after a bath.

Since I've been getting more sleep, I feel better overall.  My hunger is outta control with breastfeeding; I swear this kid eats waaaaay more than Brooke.  He feels heavier each time he's all done at the milk bar!!  I am not sure if what I am eating is affecting him; I never had that issue with Brooke but a few times he's spit up quite a bit and hiccups…if anything I think it may be an onion issue?? Not sure.  I had salsa yesterday and we ended up with like 5 outfit changes, so I am going to watch what I eat in that regard.  I am so happy that I am able to produce more than enough for him, so while I am not dieting, I do try to fill up on healthier options and the weight is slowly still coming off.

Not happy--mid hiccup--

February 26th,  I go in for my 6 week check up, so my goal is to start March 1 with my clean eating plan and workouts.  I am pumped to start the PIYO dvd I bought when prego. I tried to do it through that, but it didn't happen. So, needless to say, I'm so excited to be able to workout again!!  Tomorrow I am going to the chiropractor to help with my SPD--he was the only one who helped last time.  I am confident that I will be pain free by March.  It will be the first time Big Daddy flies solo with two kids!! Wish him luck ;)

We have some fun things planned for this weekend--tomorrow we are going to Joe's grandmother's house so she can meet her first great-grandson!! Saturday my dad and step mom are coming over to visit and Sunday Joe and I are taking Brooke, as well as going with another couple and their son, to Disney on Ice!!  I was going to just bring the baby, but then after talking with some people we decided maybe spending some time alone with Brooke would be good for her.  It has been a good transition, but she deserves some alone time too!  She flips out every time she sees a commercial for this on TV and starts singing and dancing, so I cannot wait for her to see!  So Grandma Maria will come watch little boy while Brookie gets spoiled for the day.

Both kids are sleeping at the moment; Brooke's bound to wake up at any second, but I think I'm going to go lay down until that moment happens!  I have an easy chicken thigh recipe all ready to throw in the oven…life is good!

I'll share more of our "daily routine" once we get into one…I feel like reading what other moms do all day with their wee ones is super helpful, so I hope to share that with others who may be interested as well. 


  1. LOVE seeing all these pictures of your sweet new baby boy, and of course your girl! :) I'm so jealous of that snow! We never get anything near that in TN. Hope you are adjusting well to having TWO kids now! :)

    1. Awww you're so sweet!! Thank you! I wish I could send you some of this snow…it's crazy and we are supposed to get more! I love being a mama of two. I was made for it!! :)

  2. Love all the pics! He is absolutely the most adorable little baby boy! How was Disney?! Can't wait to see your post!😉


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