Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Newborn Photoshoot {just a preview!}

With Brooke we hired our photographer and were able to get some awesome shots of her.  Since then, we have purchased a really high quality camera and while I am NOT a professional, I think I was able to get some fun/cute shots of our Mr. B.


Of course, big sister had to be a part of the shoot as well!!

While there are more, I want to get out our birth announcements first….so I figured I would share just some of the shots I took for now. {I am certain there are a few grandparents who are anxiously awaiting these pics!!}

I know my lighting isn't perfect, my angles are off and some are just not great shots, but I am happy with them and a few more that I'll share at a later date.  Love our little bubs!!


  1. great day on taking the photos. they are adorable. I love the 49ers gear... lol Hope you doing well . so happy for you

  2. Look at these little cuties! Your heart must be so full - he is absolutely the cutest (and I don't say that about every baby). I hope you're doing well - I'm sure you're enjoying every moment with these precious ones! :)

  3. So adorable! And good job mama on the pics! I remember doing kenzie's...takes so much patience ha!

  4. He's so alert! Good job mama!! Such a sweetie.


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