Monday, June 15, 2015

Feeling Better!

I don't even know where to start---any where in my life!! Last week I got SO sick with the stomach flu, it literally took me down for the count. I don't remember the last time I was that sick!  Without going into gross detail, I will say that I have shed about 5 pounds and all of my shorts now fit.  I had planned on cleansing, but I am waiting at this point because my stomach is still kind of sensitive.

 It started Tuesday morning at 2 am and that day I had my husband stay home with the kids in the morning until my sister could come help out for a few hours.  It was my mother in law's 60th birthday--and I totally missed the fun dinner and night out :(  Joe was able to take Brooke but I some how managed to watch the baby.  By Wednesday morning I felt even worse and called in for back up, because my husband could not take off any more time for work during his crazy sale.  My stepmom came and took the kids (thank goodness) I'm not sure what I would have done otherwise.  I literally just laid in bed and slept and slept--I did have Joe take me to urgent care because I was worried about dehydration but they said I seemed ok and to just keep doing what I was doing: fluids, rest, tylenol every 4 hours.  It was TERRIBLE!  I finally started feeling a little bit better and took a shower Thursday and by Friday I had to get my kids because my niece was graduating kindergarten. It took everything to drive to get them and then my truck died! Oh, not fun.  Luckily my mother in law met me at the dealership, helped me with the kids and we weren't there too long.   Saturday she took Brooke back to her house for the day and I was able to really rest some more and Bradley was so good.  By Sunday I was able to leave the house again and go get formula, wipes and see my hubby at the sale for a little bit.  I also cooked dinner for the first time in over a week.  Today I am still trying to play catch up and just try to do what I can, even though I am still not up and running 100%.

It takes SO much for me to ask for help because I am very much a person who likes to be in control and I can handle a lot, but when you can't even get up off your bed---you need help. I am grateful for my family who really stepped up and helped me out while I was sick.  I really appreciate it!!

So I figured I would share a few things here on the blog…

I found this shop Haute Mama Mala on instagram and I ended up winning her giveaway! How beautiful are these bracelets??  So pretty.

The stones are just gorgeous and the amethyst is stunning! I love love love them.   Here's to much love, happiness and spreading good vibes every where!

He has been so good.  You just need to keep the boy fed!! He is eating his fruits/veggies 3x a day along with 4-5 bottles of formula a day.  He still spits up a ton, but he's mostly smiling!

He gets so excited for his food!

And this goofball---she is just too much.   She has become a backseat driver and I was getting something for brother when the light turned green, I hear, "Green means GO!"

So I am super thankful to be feeling better, even though I'm not totally myself yet and know it will be a little bit before I am doing my sweaty workouts and all that…I just keep telling myself to take it easy, do what I can and be happy.  

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