Monday, June 1, 2015

Weekend Recap!!

Friday was hot hot hot!! Loving little man's summer outfit.  Easy to clean!

We have yet to clean our deck off, but I think that will be our numero uno thing to do this weekend.  It's about 48 here and rainy today, so it's not like I could use it anyway. But, little miss B doesn't mind the leaves and dirty feet…

She is such a a good big sissy! She ends up in just a diaper too. [[hopefully not much longer--potty gods are with me today--keep it coming!]]  How I love summer.

Friday night we went out for a DATE NIGHT!! I really didn't think we'd get one in for May, but we managed---thanks to my super amazing best ever mother-in-law Mama D!!!  She came by to hang with the littles so we could get out on the town… I got to wear a cute dress, do my hair and wear a new necklace. Woop woop happy dance.

In my hubby's new ride!! He is so sexy and he's all mine.  He's so funny about how much he loves his new car. I even joked around a bit and said, who are you taking out on this date me, or her?! (the car) but it was such a blast.  We had an amazing dinner outside and drove around with the top off--perfection!

Totally didn't take my phone out at all during dinner, but I assure you--the champs I had along with some old world red vino from Portugal---Oh my word---mini wedge salad, oysters, and filet, lobster tail…freaking amazing.  Best meal all month!

My life was made complete when my favorite wine EVER followed me on Insta.  #winningatlife

Can I just TOOT my own horn for a minute?  I mean, I am so stinking proud of myself. While the scale hasn't budged much and my clothes are still tight, I am getting there people. Legit, loving myself from the inside out is working! I can literally feel myself getting stronger and that is just an amazing feeling.  The elliptical has become so much easier for me and I am actually enjoying workouts again. Yahoo!

Trust me, being fat, out of shape and working out is NOT FUN.  I won't lie to ya.  When I haven't worked out in oh, say, 9 months--cough--cough---and I go and try to start up. It sucks.  But sticking with it, doing something a little different each day or even just 3-4 days a week, I am feeling it!

Oh and if you haven't made this buffalo chicken quinoa salad, go do so stat!! You're welcome.

Recipe here  (pictured below is my version) I switch it up and just use whateva I have on hand. Sometimes it's beans, broccoli ---creamy blue cheese --- a smidge people!  Or a little ranch.  So darn good!

It's legit been so hot my oil melted and I had to put it in the fridge. Now it's 48 and rainy out…boo. I can probably take it back out now.

Some lazy Sunday morning drink fest.

And we attended an engagement shower for someone that works with Joe.  It was so cold we couldn't really go outside, plus it was raining, but the lodge had a little fire and we lasted about 2 hours before mr. started cranking out.  No not here, even though he looks petrified haha

I told my husband to go get Brooke a cup.  He repeated to me, (or so I thought) a cup? Yes dear a cup. She needs water…

He came back with a POP. With caffeine.  She had a few sips, swirled and twirled around for a few minutes and threw a football that almost landed in the salad, but hey guess what?! She survived.

I could probably go on a rant about all this crazy parenting advice that I have been falling for and sharing the last two years, but all I am going to say is, I have stopped.  Stopped what, you say? Stopped the crazy insanity.  I am no longer going to try and live "that" way.  I will always have my children's best interests at heart, but for goodness sakes the lengths we all go to try and keep things pinterest perfect has stopped at my house.  Sure I will still use pinterest, that is not my point. But everyone has a damn opinion about something (as is his or her right) but that doesn't mean I have to feel guilty about things such as…my daughter having a few sips of a coke.  She survived!! No I don't plan on giving it to her (like ever) but my point is, I have started 'unfollowing' more people than I care to admit because I am sick and tired of parental advice being shoved down my throat.

This is my pre-workout cray cray face.  I may or may not have had a Spark and some arginine before attempting PiYo Drench. Holy mother. I couldn't even finish it, partially because my toes are peeling---stupid dry feet---I am using some stuff called Foot logic and I "think" it's working, but they girls at the Spa told me to keep using it for about a month to notice. Anyway, 45 minutes was a long workout and I made it about 35.  Not bad.

So yeah, I guess you can say my throat chakra has been opened and that my outspoken self has re-surfaced and I am crazy, full of life and love with my whole heart. Take me or leave me, but I am just loving this journey I am on called life.

Peace lovies!! Talk soon. xoxo


  1. Great read! Bradley is getting so big!! Have fun with those babies!

  2. 1. I love reading your posts. 2. Do you mama! Those babies look healthy and happy so you are doing something right!

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  5. Love you! And yay for your outspoken self coming out!


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