Monday, July 13, 2015

Catching Up {the 4th}

Since I have no idea where to even START today with my messy house, I figured I would upload some photos since I haven't blogged since JUNE. Oy! July is seriously my favorite month, with the hot weather, our anniversary and my birthday, I love it all!!

 We got back home Saturday after an amazing family vacation and lots of time off with my husband. It was so refreshing to just have him around and not at work!  I can tell it's already really hard on little miss Brooke, even though I tried preparing her that Daddy has to go back to work today, she is still asking for him!  They are too much.  Before I can share all of our Lake George fun, I wanted to catch up on the 4th!

We went over to dinner for some grilled Italian sausages at my in-laws on the last night my husband had to work late.  Grandma had lots of surprises for the little ones! It's hard to see, but she made Brooke an Elsa/Ana dress! So cute!

It is so adorable.

And for Mr. B?  LOTS and lots and lots of bibs.  Since he's still spitting up all the time, I can't ever have to many.

She did a wonderful job on the bibdnanas! Thank you so much Mama D!

We went to my Dad's for the 4th.  I have been taking these photos each year since I bought this silly VS shirt--

Prego with Brooke, Brooke 5 months old.

Prego with Bradley and Brooke is 1.5

How cute are they!?  Brooke 2.5 and Bradley 5 months

She was all about the red white and blue, just not so excited over all.

Bradley was so well behaved; I had some anxiety over whether he'd cry a lot like he had in the past, but he was totally cool! I just kept him fed and he loved chilling in a stroller my dad and step mom have.  Plus we could deliver drinks to people :)

I'm not gonna lie, it was super hot out and I was thoroughly enjoying my beverages and not being pregnant in the summer!

These two get along great.

Brooke loved the swan!

Some Sparkler action…

The boys put on a wonderful display and it was such a laid back and enjoyable time.  No drama, no worries and just a lot of fun.  We had a burger bar and great eats.  

Here are a few shots with our "good camera"

This would have been a great photo, if my sister and I were looking up!

Trying to get Brookie to eat…I don't think she liked the pasta salads.

The next morning I was trying to get a shot with all the cousins…

We came home Sunday, packed, cleaned, did laundry and took off Monday morning for Lake George.  More to come on that!


  1. How'd your mac salad turn out?! All the food looks delish! And love the beer cart :-P. Ps. Never stop with that shirt picture! So fun!

  2. looks like u guys had a great time ....

  3. What an awesome weekend I LOVE all your pics in that shirt, so awesome!! You gotta do that every year as the kids grow too!!


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