Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lake George [ADK]

We were SO excited to have some family time together and our little family vacation was exactly what we needed!! I attempted to keep up with workouts, as I know how hard it is to get back into things, so I made sure to get one last workout in early Monday morning before we left.  I love working out on the back deck, minus the bugs, it's perfect!

We packed up and headed out by 10am.  We did a little pit stop on the thruway and little miss enjoyed her vanilla bean sweet treat.

She was pretty good with the car rides; on the way there was the toughest, but she really got used to it after a little bit.  I made sure to pack a few new items like books, color wonder markers, pretzels, and we did bring the iPad since the Suburban we borrowed did not have a DVD player.

We stopped in Saratoga for a lunch…it honestly wasn't my favorite {Korean something or other} it just didn't really taste fresh and I wasn't in the mood for it, but the waitress was really nice, we sat outside and we were on vacation!!

He's been loving his mesh feeder with fresh fruits.

We rolled into Lake George later that afternoon -- Brookie was SO excited! It's all we've talked about the last month or so, and she was ready!

The Holiday Inn was super kid friendly and she loved the silly glasses-I am not sure why she was looking like a mummy here, but she cracks us up!

We headed down to main street and Brooke couldn't wait to see the lake. 

This little man, was SO well behaved.  We were a little worried that he wouldn't adjust to being on the go, but I just made sure to always have a bottle and food ready, and he was golden.

For dinner we had Joe's favorite BBQ--Barnsider. It is pretty good, like their ribs are amazing--smoked and all.  Our first day was perfect and we enjoyed every second of our time together as a family!

Looking at this photos makes me want to go back already!!

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  1. Looks like such a fun trip!! Glad to hear those cuties did so well too! :)


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