Wednesday, July 27, 2016


It's official. I'm halfway to 40!! Haha I really don't mind, as I've stated before, I'm happier, healthier and really enjoying my 30's.  I never understood why people would say that, but as with most things, now I totally get it.

Monday 7/25 I woke up to a sweet curly haired blond girl shoving a little red envelope in my face whispering, "Open it!"

Inside was a silly little cat card stating to pounce on it, because it was my birthday. I about died because I don't love cats, but that she was so proud of picking out the card herself.

Hubby grilled me some bacon and I made some eggs; we had a quick breakfast & I opened up my gifts from them.

An adorable new heart mug.

He totally gets me.

I'm obsessed with this cute tumbler!

How fun will this be?! I'm always toting my phone around and goodness knows the music could always be louder.  I think this will be perfect for upstairs in the shower, outside on the back deck, up front playing with the kids or even taking it on our land.

These two enjoying their 2nd breakfast and Paw Patrol, while I printed off voting registrations for myself and hubby (super celebratory, I know!0

Then came the random text from my husband, basically stating I needed to take a shower because the sitter would be there at 11 and I had a spa day waiting for me here!

Didn't have to tell me twice!! I was so surprised!  He sent me here last year for my birthday and I had not been back, but I didn't think he'd set it all up on his own again.  Totally fooled!

I stopped at Starbucks for me green tea latte.

And made myself right at home at the spa.

I was able to read some of my book and just relax in quiet.

I had a massage, organic facial and a pedicure. I felt like a new woman!

I knew we were going out to dinner, but I had no clue where and I thought it was just the 4 of us.  Well, my sister's husband shares the birthday with me and they ended up coming back in from boating and met us out for dinner!

I don't think we've ever just hung out the 6 of us, so the impromptu gathering was rather fun!

We went to a gorgeous little Italian place on the river, downtown.  The food was outstanding and the kids were really well behaved!

I love this man.  He told me that since I always put everyone else first daily, he wanted to make my day super special.  Well it was the best birthday ever! Thank you baby.

They even had my favorite wine!

It was so fun to get all 4 of us dressed up and I swear Bradley and Brooke knew they were going some place special.  It was such a treat!

Brooke loved her gold dress.

I went big and ordered Lobster French--to die for!

The gang shared canolis and I ordered the flourless chocolate cake as well.

We took a little drive around after dinner and caught a bit of the sunset overlooking the city.

I know so much more than I did 10 years ago.  It's crazy to think how just 5 years ago I walked away from my teaching job, and within those 5 years, we have had two beautiful children.  We've experienced loss, heartache, frustration and shared many tears.  But above all else, we have continued to work hard on ourselves individually and as a couple.  I cannot believe I'll be 40 in 5 years; I sure don't feel it!

I'm ready for a year full of blessings and waking up each morning with a heart full of gratitude.  I have big dreams for myself and my loved ones and I can only hope that everyone works as hard as I plan to.

Here's to 35; may it be my best year yet. 


  1. Man, looks like you had a great birthday. What fun gifts!! Happy birthday to you!!

  2. Oh my goodness. Happy Birthday Jenn. Your day was perfect and your husband knocked it out of the park. Love all your gifts. Especially your spa day. That is on top of my list. And your family photos are so cute. Here's to 35. You will rock it!!!

  3. Happy Birthday!! Smart, and sweet hubby surprising you with a spa day - cheese to 35!


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