Friday, July 29, 2016

6 Years


I married my best friend.  6 years later, we've filled our home with a little boy and a little girl.  We've gone through struggles, and triumphs.  We've wiped each other's tears and tried to mend each other's broken hearts.   We try to figure out this crazy world together, and for that each day I thank God I have my husband by my side.  

I will never say that life is easy.   But I will say, that the more work I continue to do on myself, (and Joe on himself) the easier our life has become.  I know there are moments I must drive him a little crazy, but at the end of each day, if we can honestly look at one another and say "We gave it our all," and had all the right intent for each other, our kids, ourselves, then that's all that matters.

You can choose to find the fault, or you can choose to find the beauty.   I truly believe that our optimism is what continues to help us grow; the second I start thinking negatively, everything crumbles.  So it's that easy; be happy.  Be grateful.  Be mindful.  Be honest.  Be loving. Be affectionate and for goodness sakes, GO OUT WITHOUT YOUR CHILDREN. 

So that is exactly what we did, 7.10.16 we were able to leave early in the morning, as my mom was here and watched our kids.  

I put on a face full of makeup and made myself purdy!

We stopped at a little coffee shop for breakfast and I had the most delicious Matcha Latte--and how pretty?!

We hopped into his car and went for a little drive.

I had switched bags and totally forgot my lipgloss. (I'm a total lipgloss addict!) But I didn't want to go back home because I hate leaving the kids, having them get settled, only to get them all wild again!  So?  Joe stopped at the mall and I grabbed some nudes and got a free little case!

Sunday selfie #ftw Look at that gloss!

We found a random road from wine winery to the next and Joe wanted to take a few photos.

This is where we said, "I DO."

It's the most spectacular view and the flowers look just like they did 6 years ago!

He had a little business to attend, but I don't mind.  He does it for us.

We are thinking for our 10 year, we'll need to go back with our closest friends and family and celebrate with them.  How fun would that be!

After a bunch of happy tears and oh my gosh, I cannot believe how much we've accomplished in 6 little  years...we went down into town and had a bite to eat.  Clearly we lived it up with some fried pickles! yummmmm

The sky was so blue with the gorgeous puffy white clouds; again just like our wedding day.

On the way home we went to the land and I took the obligatory sunset shot. I can't wait for our home to be here!

Dinner was sushi takeout and I could not have asked for a better day.  Thank you so much Mom for watching the kiddos for us!!

I have to say, Dr. Frank's is really our favorite wine out of all the wineries here on the Finger Lakes.  So we stocked up on some vino.
It's Summer, so it goes to good use with all the random get togethers, company stopping by and of course just relaxing.

We got some grape juice--so good! Plus some really good wine from Heron Hill.

I don't know what's to come or where exactly we are headed, but I have to say that the longer we are together, the better it gets.  And for that, I cannot wait to see what adventures unfold as the years pass by.

Happy 6 years my love and cheers to many many more!


  1. So happy for you guys!

    What I wouldn't do for that mango roll thing I got when I was there!

  2. What a lovely anniversary. You seem like a great couple!

    Charlotte x
    Fox Socks


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