Thursday, July 28, 2016

I confess...

...KEEP is having a Flash sale today only! Super cute looks 30-50% off! Check them out and shop the mystery hostess link here!  You could enter and win hostess rewards.

...that I personally believe 1 1/2 is a very tough age! I remember having a little bit a tough time when Brookie was this age and I was pregnant with Bradley!  Now that he's this age, I try to remind myself it has to be easier because I'm not prego, but man--he is surely coming into his own!  The last few days he has been super duper cranky.

...that said, I think 1 1/2 is an incredible awesome age.   He's my little parrot and will repeat the last word of whatever I say, hence, "okay?" "Okay."  He is fast as can be and needs to be entertained and on the go all the time!  I wish he liked water more, but hopefully he'll grow out of that phase soon.

...We are going to Luke Bryan tonight! I even bought myself a pair of Cowboy Boots with my own money to wear tonight.  Pretty darn excited!

...I'm still obsessed with sunless tanners.  I can't pick one that I think is "best" but I gotta say if you're lazy, in a hurry and wanna be frugal, the Jergens is really my go to!  It' doesn't stain my hands and takes zero time to apply.  I do think some of the higher end ones work better, but then I need to use gloves or body sponges--totally worth it, but for every day? Not bad Jergens! Maybe I'll get around to a review of all of them....ha

....I finally ordered my Fabletics pick for July! I'm in love with the black dress I grabbed a month ago and love how comfortable and trendy it is! Need some cute workout or comfy dresses/rompers? Check them out here!

...even though this is my 5th year of not going back to work as a teacher, 'back to school' time is always exciting for me and I may be a *tad* excited for Brooke to be going to pre-school.  It means back to school shopping & all that jazz.

...I feel rather overwhelmed with all of the books that I want to read! It's a good thing, but I just wish I could hold up in a room for a whole weekend and read, eat pizza and drink wine. bahaha Anyone else?

...I miss my mom being here.  I know she will be back again, but it was nice to have her around so much!

...I'm not really loving my workouts this week. I just can't find my groove and I am hoping that changes soon.

...The ringing in my ear is really annoying lately.  I need to try and see if some sound therapy can work for it (tinnitus) but it's just finding the time to go...and with that I should see the chiro, my acupuncturist, and try to go to yoga.  Oy!


  1. We are at the 1 1/2 stage with our youngest. I have to say its one of my most favorite and least favorite stages. And yay for Luke Bryan!!

  2. oh the fun age of 1 1/2 I feel ya! Hopefully things will calm down for you! Good catching up with you yesterday! Miss you!

  3. 1 1/2 year olds are tough. I am right there with you. They are so much fun, but so exhausting. Always on the go and needing to be entertained. I wish I could hole up in a room with wine, pizza and my books too. I would love that. I have always loved Jergens sunless tanner too. My go to as well. Have fun at Luke Bryan!


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