Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Mommy Monday {on a Tuesday!}

Whoa nelly!! September has come in like a hurricane.  I'm trying to juggle my many hats over here chez Delle Fave, and although I'm triple booking myself here and there (whoops!) I am having so much fun with all of the "new" that's happening in our lives.

I hired a sitter to come and watch the kids so I could go to a yoga class Monday night.  I have been telling myself for years I would go to one. Still hasn't happened yet! LOL

I also made plans with my good friend Alison to meet up at a pumpkin patch.

I then had Keep Collective Social online at 8pm.

Needless to say, I cancelled everything but the social and was glad to just be home and be mommy.  I had been away a lot of the weekend and honestly?  As much as I love getting out here and there, it was a little TOO much time away! It makes me very grateful that I can stay home with my babes.

Our rental properties are all running fairly smoothly, and all of the school taxes came in so I'm a little busy with that.

I also have had quite a few Trunk Shows & Socials, so that's keeping me going.

Today I just received my first "craft" for the preschool to start cutting out.  LOL I may be a little nutty, but I am actually really enjoying all of this "stuff" that's keeping me busy.

I had to share some of our fun moments, so I can look back and remember this crazy time!  I busted out the big girl camera to practice some shots before the first day of school.


This one is just getting SO big.

I swear he looks like neither of us at times...but he's so darn cute!!

And miss b?  Oh my.  Her faces say it all.  She was SO excited to go to school.

New kicks, owl shirt, skort and backpack.  She's the real deal!

Of course bubs wanted some attention too.

 She's such a little goof.

We made a healthy zucchini bread {recipe here} snuggled on the couch watching some good old fashioned Road Runner cartoons, took a nice evening walk and had a nice day.

Since I wasn't getting to Yoga, I at least juiced a bunch of goodness.

Kale. Apple. Lemon. Ginger. Parsley.

On a random note, I jammed my finger...really freaking hurts!! Do you know how much you use your middle finger? A lot.  It's a little bruised and swollen and I probably should try to not use it...

This morning (Tuesday) was our first run to the grocery store without Brookie.

Her first "full" preschool day.  She just stays for 2 hours, and was NOT happy that I picked her up.  She was hoping for Daddy!  It was quite the sight trying to drag both kids crying out of there, (Bradley wanted to stay and play with toys.)

I know it's all new and we'll get into the swing of things...I'm confident!

It always works out the way it is supposed to, doesn't it?

Thursday I go in for a "Helper Day" and bring the snacks! I am excited to see what her time there is like.  Thursday night I was lucky enough to grab the sitter I cancelled on, so Joe and I can sneak out for a little one-on-one date night.

Last night we had fun watching half of the niners game--it's been awhile since we have actually high-fived each other over a play or two!  Maybe this season will be good boys?  As for the whole Kaepernick ordeal--whatever.  I don't have much to say other than I think he's being an idiot.  He's not even actually playing so....yeah. There's that!!

Hope your Tuesday is as beautiful as ours!!

It's grilled pork chops tonight too---loving this warm weather.

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