Tuesday, September 27, 2016


Oh Tuesdays.  

I remember when I taught, I often felt that Tuesdays were a little harder than Mondays.
Not sure why.
Maybe it was that I came off the weekend, two days of rest, and had lots of energy--only to run face first into a ton of issues at work.
I literally had a "Tuesday Mug" which held the most coffee and kept it warm the longest.

Either way, I thought that today would be a simple day; Joe has off because he has to work Friday.
Life has a funny way of throwing things at us, making us roll with the punches.

I miss my little space on the web and am hoping to get into a better groove--until then, here's what happened this morning!


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  1. oh goodness! That's a crazy start to the morning - hopefully you were able to get it fixed. I agree on the Tuesdays though. I always say that Mondays have some sort of a rhythm to them, but Tuesdays are long, slow and painful! Hope your week picks up!


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