Friday, March 10, 2017

Friday Favorites!

Happy #fashionfriday!!

Eeenie--meanie--miniee-mo.... morning choices are so tough!!

I dressed up last Sunday for my solo trip to Target/Marshalls. I am digging our Drape Collar necklace as the whole 'choker trend' is till hot!

My new Blush Wesley Sunnies arrived and they are everything!! Coming in Tortoise too, I just adore this fun style.

I had a preschool board meeting so I rocked the Reese Necklace, smokey studs and my first clothing purchase off of Amazon.  Not too bad for $8!!

My go to eye shadow lately Palette #3 from Younique. I grabbed it from my friend Elizabeth a few months ago and for some reason, this is my favorite one to play with lately.

Apparently Venus is in Retrograde so it's all about love, healing the heart, sending compassion and just breathing in lots of pink.  I'll totally do that!  I bought these lovelies the other day at the grocery store.  I love roses.

How gorgeous is my mama friend out in California?!  She is rocking her arc pendant and her engravable.  She is the definition of beach babe!!

I love styling my little Mr's hair!! I am not wearing anything fancy, but if I can make him look *extra* cute, I totally will do it. I can already hear the phones ringing/texting when this one gets into Jr High/High school.  Oh my.

I'm leaving the house for the first time today since our crazy windstorm hit; I'm hoping it's ok to travel and that there is not too much damage.  I continue to pray for those without power and hope that all is restored soon.  What a mess. I'm not sure why March is always such an insane weather month.  It could be 80 degrees or snowing.  Wind or ice. It's absolutely nuts. 

Happy Friday!

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