Wednesday, March 1, 2017

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I'm fighting so hard to stay healthy.  Both kids are still coughing, but they seem to be on the up and up.

I wanted to share a few of my favorites here and lift my spirits up!!  My friend Lindsay and I decided to run with this new monthly gift-giving project.

She writes more about it here on her blog .

We are pairing women up each month to get to know one another, connect, uplift and spread more positivity and joy!! You do not have to do it every month, but we do expect you to follow through if you're signed up and paired with another lady.

You simply fill out the form and be sure to stay active on social media so your partner (new friend!) can connect.   You do NOT have to have a blog to participate!

We ask that you spend $15 (before shipping) to keep it fair.  We will give ideas for monthly themes, but ultimately it's to have fun, spoil someone else and get spoiled in return!!

I hope that you join in on the fun!

Another thing I'm trying to get better at is posting on instagram.  Sometimes I just get busy with life, kids, and get into a rut, but I love sharing ideas and such with friends and learning new ones too! My friend Shelby and I came up with a list of topics to try and share each week.   The #redpinkweek was so much fun, we'll be doing a #goldgreenweek coming up soon in March!  @styled_by_jenn is where you'll find me and @shelbys9 is where you'll find my girl Shelby!
Since it's #winowednesday I have to say Rosé is still a fave.  I'm trying to not drink much wine (at all, ugh!) but if I were to have a glass, it'd definitely be pink.

For our Girls' Night last week I went with the flight of bubbly and the Rosé was by far my favorite!  I love that it's a mix and not too sweet or too dry.  I guess it's more of a Summer drink, but I am a Summer girl, so that totally makes sense.

I have officially ditched the store bought shower gels and lately have been loving chunk bar soaps.  They make the bathroom smell like a spa and leave my body feeling so clean! I just got this scent from my friend Michelle.  

I finally finished this book my mom bought me for Christmas. I definitely love it!! She has some really great tips for balancing life with littles and staying in shape as well as finding time for you.  Her healthy recipes sound great and I cannot wait to try them!! She inspired me to start Yoga in the beginning of the year, I just need to get back into it again.  I love that the book has a lot of photos and is so easy to read through, pick up randomly and helpful.

The last thing that I am LOVING is that our mini Summer capsule comes out tomorrow! Look at those sunnies! I will for sure be getting a pair of the pink ones.  I also am adoring the first necklace, as it can be worn as a bracelet AND for the month of March, our hostesses will be getting one for free!  Be sure to check them out when they release tomorrow.

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