Tuesday, July 18, 2017

I am

When I was a teacher, one of my favorite things to do with my students was the "I am" poem.  I absolutely loved our poetry unit, as it really helped me get to know my students on a new level, but also let them get to know themselves.  I took a grad class with an amazing teacher and we got to do a lot of creative writing.

One lesson he taught was simple.  Let your students tell them about yourself simply by completing:

I am...

Of course like any good teacher I would do this assignment right along with my students.  I let them see a little bit more of me and open that door of communication.

It also reminds me of Steve Chandler's 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself, he talks about children writing a "Lie Poem" where they speak of all of these amazing things they do in life.

We should be more like our kids.  Speak the truth that we want to be.

I'm not sure exactly how or why this popped into my head this morning, but after reading my daily devotionals, I felt drawn to write in my journal.

I clearly then felt the need to bang my fingers against this black keyboard and share my current "I am."  I wish I could find my examples from years ago; oh how much I have grown! I'm putting a twist on this one though and only allowing myself to complete positive thoughts.

I am-

an amazing wife.

a strong and patient mother of two.

a girl mom.

a boy mom.

a stay at home mom.

a work at home mom.

living my dream life.

loving, compassionate and caring to all things.

about to turn 36 years old.

blessed with a beautiful home.

healthy, whole and in great shape.

proud of my body, birthing two healthy babies.

a lover of green tea lattes and fine wine.

passionate about living my life to its fullest.

slow and articulate, enjoying every season of life.


witty, charming and can talk to anyone freely.

full of heart always helping others.

a runner.

a yogi.

a nature lover.

free from reflux and tinnitus. 

full of grace, peace and love.

present in the moment.


accepting of myself 

a dancer.




a Summer girl.

a writer, a reader and a published author.

a lover of healthy foods.

someone who helps others find a home in unconventional ways.

a peacemaker.

a loyal friend.



loving meditation.

always up to try something new.

a lifelong learner.


a traveler who loves to explore new people, places and things.



I am Me.

Want to try it?  Don't filter your thoughts, just let it flow.  Try to stay optimistic and speak in the present tense.  Yes, EVEN if you find yourself writing something negative, switch it to the positive.   I will be honest and say that I've been feeling a bit in a funk these few days and I found that writing always helps, especially something like this.  Let me know if you write your own! 


  1. Oh how I love this! I will have to do this tomorrow!

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