Thursday, July 20, 2017

Confessions & Laughs

Happy Thursday!!

I confess that...

It was a rough week last week.  This one decided to run out back after a Husky, when Joe & the kids were getting a lawn mower out of the shed.  Thank goodness she is okay, but she had some gashes/bite wounds and major bruising.  She thinks she's a big dog.

I've been really trying to eat clean, but when hubby brings home banana cream donuts from Donuts Delite....

One cannot resist.

These two have been soaking up sweet Summer.  Lil man loves his watermelon (mama loves that he can eat it in a diaper outside) and lil miss loves magic dance camp.

I have finished quite a few books lately so I will have to share my thoughts/reviews.  THIS one author however, is speaking volumes to me.

My heart was happy to see one of my favorite flowers on sale at the grocery store.

The kids and I met up with a friend at the splash pad.  Brooke loved loved loved the water.  Bradley, not so much.  (Daddy much?)

The struggle is real.  Which nails to do for my birthday weekend?!  {Clearly some form of pink and glitter!}





I was so blessed with some early birthday flowers from friends and my Fall samples arrived!

Hubby said I'm hard to buy for. Say whaaaaaaa?  So I googled my favorite champs and sent him this.

Speaking of, so last night after I tidied up the house, did the dishes, got the kids to bed and sat down to look through the new SD catalog, I meant to voice text my bestie about the new BLACK HORN necklace that I'm dying over.

This was too funny not to share.  Somehow even though I clicked on her name, my watch sent a text to my husband and instead of horn, siri heard:

Needless to say there was a very quick facetime call after he got that first message!!! Ha

Bradley and I played with snapchat---silliness.

Bubs also insisted he sit in the blue car like Daddy's.  Anything with wheels and motors...

Another giggle.

Joe sent me this meme to see my response. {pardon the language}

My response,

"But the real question is, why is he even holding a dish?!"

He told me I was funny, and I replied with:

I'm really trying to not take life too seriously.  It's really a lot more fun when you're lighter on your feet.

On a random note, holy caffeine buzz from this! I usually drink green tea but one of these made me zoom around the house after 4pm.  And I made it myself. #winning

Have a beautiful day!


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