Saturday, March 16, 2013

Happy 2 Months Brooke Lynn!!

This sweet angel turned 2 months last week! I am so happy and yet so sad. You really don't quite get it until you're experiencing exactly how quickly little loves do grow.  My husband and I look back at her first photos from the hospital, and think how much has changed in such a short amount of time.  I think about those first few nights, where I didn't think I'd ever sleep again....or sleep for more than three hour increments.  However, although we are not on a 'strict' schedule, we do have quite a rhythm that works for us and I am getting five to -gasp-six hours a night!! I still enjoy an afternoon catnap and a latte, but I'm feeling more human each passing day.  She tends to eat, play, sleep.  It works for us.  She takes a morning and afternoon nap.  I'm really letting her dictate the schedule if we're home; if we are out, we just make it work.  I think we are doing just fine!

Baby girl, you are just so full of love and life.  Your daddy and I both agree our favorite time is first thing in the morning.  You wake up for the day between 8-9 am and rarely cry.  We find you talking to your 'friends' {your new mobile} and just give the biggest smiles.  Daddy usually brings you down for the day, but if you're still sleeping then I am lucky enough to witness your happy morning face!  

You love love love to sleep.  I worry if you sleep too much during the day, you won't sleep through the night, but that's not the case.  The only day you seemed a little confused on, was daylights savings, and well, no one can blame you!!

You also love your food!! I'm still keeping you strictly on breastmilk, as you seem very content {and your round cheeks and tum tum prove it!} and you still take to the boob or the bottle just fine.  Although, you do seem to randomly prefer the left to the right, or the right to the left upon first feeding, so I'm not sure what that is about, but I just let you pick. I'm not fussed. As long as you're eating, I am happy!

Your coos are much more frequent, and you've started this high pitched-semi-screech that is really adorable.  You talk the most on your changing table and I just love the deep conversations you have with daddy. Last night it was about turning your bathroom into something that resembles the beach, preferably The Bahamas...I overheard something about sand being dumped on the floor with heat vents to warm it?? I love you both so very much.

We've been much more social in month two.  You've gone grocery shopping a few times.  I've taken you to Target, alone, followed by a quick trip to Kohl's.  You were so good both times.  You start to fuss towards checkout, but they were slow, so I completely understand.  You'll learn patience soon enough.  You slept the entire outing at the mall the other day.  Daddy and I even took you to sushi and you were so well behaved!
You really do just fit right into our lives and it's as if you've always been here.

You noticed the TV more recently, cooking shows, Fashion Star, Real Housewives...or daddy playing his video game.  I'm not sure what you think of these, but when I turned on "Little Einsteins" you fell right asleep in your swing...

that lower lip kills me!
I'm certainly seeing both me and your father in you more and more each day...and yet I also see you.  It really is the coolest thing I've ever witnessed.  You are so good-natured and easy going; I realize how very blessed we are. 

At your 2 month old check up you were 13lb 13 oz and 25 inches.  You are over the 99th percentile for baby girls in height---whoa!  That explains why the 0-9 month baby sleeper, the one more like a bag than footed ones, doesn't allow you to fully stretch those long legs of yours.  

You had a bit of a rash, more than just 'baby acne' and the Dr said it will clear up on its own.  She said it was caused by maternal hormones, (Lord knows I had a lot of them, sorry!)  But you're looking as beautiful as ever; grandma even said your skin is like peaches and cream.  I couldn't agree more!

You handled your vaccines without any issues; mama was so nervous and worked up, but like always Daddy was there to calm me down.  He insisted that you are a strong, healthy, big baby girl and won't have any problems.  He's right. 

You hold your head up so long now and are doing awesome at tummy time.  Your little muscles work so hard and it's paying off!  I can envision you rolling over and sitting up in no time at all.
Mama sadly packed up your 0-3 and 3 month clothing.  You are squeezing into 3-6 and moving right along to your 6 month outfits.  I guess you just couldn't wait to wear all of those new fun clothes! I am so grateful you are growing like a weed, but could you just stay this size a little longer please!? I just can't take it!

We need two more baby items: a high chair and a jumper/exersaucer.  I believe you'll be ready for both within the next month.  You love being with us and seeing what we are up to.  When I'm in the kitchen, you just sit and watch me from your little bouncer.  I know you'll be my little kitchen helper soon enough. 

You still love bath time; I think you love it a little more when daddy is there to help out.  Or maybe that's me. :)  I can't wait to see you play with some rubber duckies; they'll make bath time so much fun!

I never expected you to enjoy getting your boogies cleaned from your nose, but you really think that is hilarious. You smile and coo and are so excited.  I love giving you a little baby massage and bundling you up in your fuzzy warm pjs.

My other favorite time of day is at night, as I feed you one last time before you sleep, you always smile as if to say goodnight.  I play our noise machine, you seem to like the ocean sound best, swaddle you, give you your pacifier, and rock you to sleep. Perhaps I'll regret this ritual later, but for now, it's my favorite.  I sit and reflect on all the wonderful things I have in my life and look down at you; you're perfect.  I wouldn't wish my life to be any other way than exactly how it is right now.  I could sit with you sleeping in my arms for hours...

I am ready for warmer weather though!  Last Sunday we took our first family walk. Daddy pushed you in the stroller and I walked Sadie and Holly.  After our neighborhood stroll, we went out back so daddy could fly his helicopter and I pushed you a little more. It was so nice out; we didn't want the day to end!

 Sundays are truly a wonderful day and always, always, always, just a little too short.

I look forward to many more walks with you, my little baby girl! 


  1. happy two months brooke!! you have grown up in the the two months of your life, you are super cute, super adorable and i know you are super loved by your parents

  2. gahh.. 2 whole months already?! where is the time going?! she is SO precious..I love the hair bows and the zebra stripes. I can see she will be just like her momma! ;)

  3. So adorable! Can't believe how fast she is growing!!

  4. I think everyone is confused with daylight savings!! lol Two months sure do go by quickly! Brooke is so beautiful!! :)

  5. Happy 2 months to her!! She is sooooo precious!!!

  6. Brooke has to be the most fashionable baby in the world. Too cute! You sound like such a happy mama.


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