Thursday, March 28, 2013

Real Life Lately

So, to be quite honest...I haven't been feeling that great. Trying to stay positive about losing post baby weight is harder than I thought it'd be.  I know it took 9 months to grow her/gain it, but I was hoping to be in my pants by now.

 womp womp.

I'm not trying to complain, really, but I want to be honest.  I  am used to losing weight by cutting carbs/working out hard.  But throw in this breastfeeding thing, and I feel a bit lost.  How do you mama's do it??  {Besides the obvious, not gaining 60+ lbs}.  I feel so ravenous after a workout and I try to eat healthy foods, but then I feel like it's a balancing act keeping my milk supply up. 

Any tips or tricks??

Am I being too hard on myself?   Am I not trying hard enough?

I drink a shit-ton of water, I really do.

I've also developed this awful ringing in my left ear---it's like a hissing/buzzing sound. Tinnitus. WTH??

I went to the doctor and was given an antibiotic for a sinus/ear infection, which stresses me out because I hate pills and especially with breastfeeding. {Regardless of the 'harmless' side effects}

So while I consider myself a fairly upbeat and happy person, these last few days have been a bit trying!!

Some positives:
I've been seeing a chiropractor and he's helping with my pelvis pain I started getting while pregnant.  It was seriously out of whack!! He's an amazing guy and really helping with that.  He recommended for me to get a Foam Roller, which I just got from Amazon yesterday. I'll let you know how those exercises go!

My hip is doing much better since visiting the Chiro; I was able to walk about an hour the other day pushing Brooke in her stroller. That felt amazing...

The chiro is also helping with my back; he calls it "Mommy's Back" from all the bending, looking down, carrying her, carrying her in the car seat etc.  It hurt so good when he was working on it the other day.  Highly suggest new mommies get themselves a good chiropractor. 

Brooke slept 8 hours last night.  She sure sleeps a lot!!

I tried her Easter dress on and it fits! I was so worried she'd be too big--but luckily 3-6 months is still good to go.

She is seriously the sweetest and best thing that ever happened to Joe and I; I am so very grateful and thankful she is ours.  I really couldn't ask for a better baby! 

I have been cooking some great meals that Joe has enjoyed: Chicken Spaghetti (Thanks Jamie!)  Chicken Cacciatore, Shrimp Fra Diavlo, and today will be Tilapia with Mango Avocado Salsa I'm also obsessed with some organic Caesar dressing for my daily salads.

We are getting new counter tops!! The guys came and measured a template and in about a month we should have brand new counters. Very exciting.

I have an amazingly supportive husband and I know he loves me no matter what, but I really really really wanna be back into my old clothes soon.

So that's what's going on casa Delle Fave. 

I really hope the weather breaks soon and I can spend more time outside. I think this girl needs a tan some vitamin D.  I am a leo after all! 

Oh, and totally random, but I had a dream that I cut my hair like the OC housewives. I have an appointment next Friday.  Should I go for it?!? #babypullsmyhairandithurtslikeabitch

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That may have been my most random post ever.  Thanks for reading if you made it all the way!


  1. Made it all the way! & loved you through it girl! Love Tamara's hair! Do something sexy! Stay strong sexy mama!

  2. I love my chiropractor and the foam roller is the best thing ever. I've had mine for 3 years and it feels so good to roll out my quads, back and hips before bed.

  3. You would love FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC with that cute bob haircut on the left!! It would be so sassy on you! (And easy!) I'm not a new momma, so I don't really have any advice, but I'm thinking about you, friend!

  4. Hey girly! I would love to help you with your weight loss! Lemme know if your interested!

  5. You are gorgeous and could pull off either of those hair cuts! Also, I used to go to a chiropractor in HS to treat my irregular cycle (sorry TMI)...and the doc told me that it's a natural way most Amish also treat themselves. Interesting, no? ha

  6. Hey...I follow you on IG (KSJD22) :) Anyway, I saw your update there and had to come over and read. I lost most of the weight pretty quickly, but have recently started gaining again. I have no idea what's up with that. I also feel awful. Breastfeeding takes so much out of me these days- exhausted, nausea when's weird. Anyway, I just wanted to say--you are not alone in this. It takes our bodies awhile to figure out all this despite working out/watching what we eat. Keep it up, lady. You'll be back in your jeans soon.

  7. First off, give yourself some time to lose that baby weight girl. Let's face gained a lot of weight, and it's not gunna fall off overnight. I suggest you read this book called how to exercise when your expecting. She has workout videos that are really great too. In my head I'm planning to do the gym daily with my husband or girlfriends after Savanna's arrival. Things don't always go as planned though so it should be intersting. Don't rush things, most of the time it takes 6 whole months before you are even CLOSE to being back to post baby weight. As for the haircut, I LOVE it, LOVE IT! But I don't think I could deal with the styling that would be involved. I already have a love/hate relationship with my flat iron lol

  8. uh yes do it! You'd look like an even hotter milf {if that's possible ')} with that cute bob. Gretchen's is cute too tho but i think i like Alexis' more. Can't wait for those crazy bitches to be back. Also what kinda pelvis pain are you having or when did you notice it? I'm wondering because I just started noticing lately that my like butt bone hurts after sitting for awhile. I have a desk job so all i do is sit all day :/ and ps girlfran you are amazing hang in there. I can imagine i'm going to be the same exact way! Good thing we have great guys that don't care :)

  9. I had let my hair grow out before/during pregnancy & chopped it after Pierce was 8wks old. I've had it short for a long time. It's SUCH a time saver. Mommy hair is the way to go in my book. You've seen my haircut, I've thought about letting it grow a little longer but in the next day I think about going even shorter lol.

    You look amazing. I had to buy new pants, I'm afraid I'll never get back into my old stuff. Boobs are bigger while BF'ING at least, and I think my hips spread, I may never see my size 8-10s ever again. I'm in 16s which are baggy but 14s cause muffin top. Not enough to be uncomfortable, just to dislike the appearance.

  10. I think you look ah-maze! You're always your own worst critic, but your doing ittttttt, chickie!

  11. Don't cut your hair!!! I am going to miss their extensions!!! The weight will come off eventually. I now it's frustrating.


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