Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Old Navy and VS Haul

I may have mentioned before, I really don't watch that much TV.  However, if I'm in the kitchen [which I usually am] I may or may not have a slight obsession with You Tube.  I love love love a few different daily VLOGs and I really love seeing some of their hauls!  Sometimes you learn about a really cute sweater, a fabulous deal, or a new item that you just have to have.

After a rough few days, {Sadie is MUCH better now, thank you again for all the sweet words!} I really was excited to do my hair, makeup and wear a new cute shirt.

I also shared my fun new holiday leggings I ordered from Milleigh Frances {website here} They are SUPER soft, stretchy and I cannot wait to wear them with an adorable sweater and boots.  The lovely Lauren inspired me to order a pair; she blogs over at Wifestyles.  

As for the VS pjs---I couldn't wait for a cup of cocoa--I totally broke them in tonight!  Thanks again for sharing a photo of you in a cute pair, Elizabeth! xox

One thing I didn't mention was a pair of tuxedo leggings I grabbed at Wal-mart of all places.  They're pretty thick and I'm excited to dress them up!

And of course, lil Miss B needed these!!

What deals did you find for Black Friday/Cyber Monday?  


  1. Those black sequin boots are adorable. I'm totally checking out that site now. I'm such a sucker for leggings! ;)

  2. Love those sweaters from Old Navy! I need to go check those out- they would be perfect for work (when I never know if its going to be freezing cold or super hot in my office).

    Thanks for sharing all your fun purchases!

  3. Thanks for sharing!!! I have been looking for another pair of thick compression leggings. I received a pair of lulu's as a gift and love them! However, I won't spend that much. Thanks!!

  4. ok that's it. You've inspired me to start vlogging.. we'll see how this goes.. and the 3 little bird theme bday party i love it! I remember how the song came on when you were in labor right? So sweet. And old navy runs big for kenz! so the 12-18 is prob perfect!

  5. ps i hope i'm getting a xmas card! ;)

  6. Eeeep! Those pajamas!! How cozy! And those boots for Brooke! So sassy.


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