Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Birthday Sadie!

Today our Sadie turns 7.  A few weeks ago, I didn't think she would make it...but she did, and we are sooooo happy to have her here!!  I thought I'd re-cap a little bit about her today...


I picked a name that I loved, "Sadie" {I loved that it meant princess!] and kept my eyes peeled for a female dog on our local animal shelter.  On Father's Day 2007, I "just wanted to go look" and I fell in love with her then.  A beautiful yellow lab mix, with her paw playfully poking out of the kennel---She was 6 months old; she was just a puppy! I wanted a quiet, older dog who just needed someone to love her.  "Maggie" {what they named her} was playful, energetic, and just a great dog.  Ok, so she was rather naughty at times, chewed things, had accidents, and didn't really "graduate" either of her puppy training classes.  But she was mine, and I was hers.  She got me through a few tough months [owning and living in my own home, bad relationship had finally ended, parents' divorce turned ugly, switched my graduate degree plan....huge life changes people!]  I have fond memories of getting my skinny on, by running the streets with her; trying so hard to just tire her out!! We'd make up for it by eating cinnamon buns and watching movies like Freedom Writers on Friday nights; nights where all my coupled friends had hot dates, or fun plans, and me?  I had Sadie.  

I knew Joe must have really loved me when he accepted me and Sadie into his home.  Apparently he never allowed dogs over at his house [neat freak] and didn't want to deal with the mess.  Well, we started dating in January, he took me away on a cruise in February, and on the cruise, he had his parents watch MY dog!  I hadn't even met them, and here they were offering to take care of Sadie.  By the end of February and beginning of March, I came to Joe's only to discover he had bought Sadie a crate.  Knowing her naughty tendencies, he wanted a safe place for her to be kept while we were away, and so that I didn't have to run back and forth between my house and his.  Long and short?  We moved in together.  All 3 of us.   I think back to when Joe and Sadie first met; it was so funny because she had this huge milk jug rope toy that she was run around with and then bam! Drop it right on his foot.  

The Runner 
I cannot tell you how many times Joe would have to run after Sadie.  See, I understood she needed a leash.  I tried a few times when I first got her to practice, sit, stay, come.  Yeah, well the first chance she gets, she runs.  I remember I was in my flannel VS pjs and Uggs, and somehow she slipped through the door or off the leash, and I somehow found her a few streets over, in the backyard of someone's house. Luckily they shut the gate and heard me yelling!   As for Joe?  He tested her time, and time again.  One of the first night's that I spent here, he went to let her out, and she ended up going over to the neighbor's house and he was running around in the winter looking for her!  

He did have her trained at one point to sit and stay in the backyard while he ironed his work clothes and made breakfast---this was back in the day when I was teaching; before we were even engaged! 

But I kid you not, I can't tell you how many times he's called me when I was at work saying, "Sadie ran away!" I worked 45 minutes away; what he wanted me to do, I am not quite sure!!

She still licks the air, but we will take that over her crazy seizures any day.  She is really great with Brooke and Holly is simply lost without her.

Happy Birthday girl; here's to many more!!

Some throwbacks...

Many moons ago---we no longer have that carpet!!

September 2008

May 2010

I may spoil her with some Frosty Paws and some peanut butter cake!!


  1. Oh how sweet! Happy birthday to Sadie! I love the pics you guys have with her. Frosty Paws is my fave way to spoil my pup, too :)

  2. Awe Sadie! LOVE this post!! Happy Birthday. Great photos.

  3. Awww<3 My puppies are like family. Sadie girl is adorable!

  4. awwwwww so glad.. happy belated b day Sadie :O)


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