Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Steak on Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving!! Like I mentioned in my vlog, we had a very untraditional Thanksgiving over here! My family got together a few weeks ago and did the turkey thing, and my husband enjoys it, but it's not his favorite meal to eat.

So we had his mom over for pan-seared scallops, and some delicious steaks!

My mother in law made her famous lemon meringue pie

We may have started a new silly tradition; buying an expensive (nice) bottle of wine to enjoy for the day!  We even taste-tested it with a cheaper wine; it really is that much better!! Since I don't really drink wine that much any more {{I know, I'm as shocked as you are, but I just feel so much better when I don't drink!}} I figured it'd be nice to splurge a little.   A South African Pinot Noir.  Apparently the grapes don't grow well there, so that's what made this one so special and surprisingly so good!

I wore a new shirt from Express and a skirt from Guess.  I shamelessly tried to match my daughter who was in the cutest grey and pink dress!
We tried to get a good family photo, buuuuuuuuut.... I love this one so much nonetheless!

So yeah, this sums up our Thanksgiving in a collage! Joe's been loving the digest-ease to help with foods that may be a little troublesome {ie. steak} and I of course and obsessed with my carb-ease!  I can literally feel my food digesting and not feel so bloated and full after I eat foods that we don't usually enjoy, like said pie.  WIN-WIN!

It was truly the most relaxing Thanksgiving any of could remember.  We giggled as Joe slaved over the hot stove and grill for us, and we drank wine.  I loved being able to just stay in fuzzy socks and have no place to be or go.  It makes me look forward to running around for Christmas though,

Black Friday I snuck out to get my nails done....pink with "Gold & Glitz" instead of white!!

Grandma Maria watched Brooke...I put this hat on from my sister, how fun?!

And my  MIL had told me Wal-Mart was not that crazy or busy...and I listened to her! Haha. It wasn't really that bad, but it was more than I was ready to handle; plus I fell on the ice on the way to my truck in the driveway, so that was awesome.  However, the good news?? I scored this fun second tree for $27!!!  Now I can look at it in our dining room while I patiently wait for us to get our real one!!


  1. Great photos .. I love your new white tree. great deal .. I find Julian' some great deals on black Friday

  2. Looks like a really special time. You look amazing lady!!

  3. cute pic! and low key sounds nice! ours (with my fam) got cancelled that morning so our thanksgiving sorta sucked! And i'm kinda with you on not drinking.. I feel so much better too when i don't.. i've actually been having beer more often then wine since i feel like it can't hurt with nursing.. lol no not feeding her when i'm buzzed or drunk but you know what i mean ;) Sounds like a fun tradition! I could def do it but i'd be the only one partaking since bob doesn't drink haha!

  4. That tree? AMAZING.

    It is my dream to eat steak for Thanksgiving dinner! Haha Steak is probably one of my most favorite foods on the planet...my mouth is watering just looking at the photo of it on this post!

    LOVE your nails- how fun is that? And Brooke looks adorable, as usual! :)

    So wait a second here...YOU DON'T DRINK MUCH WINE ANYMORE?!


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