Saturday, December 21, 2013

Theme Gift: Picnic


I hope you're all enjoying the final weekend before Christmas; eep!  We have a few birthday parties to attend, presents to still wrap, and then we will be ready for Christmas.  I cannot believe how quickly the time went from Thanksgiving until the big day.

My friend Alison {whom I blog about often!} and I exchanged gifts already.  She seriously gives such thoughtful gifts, I almost stress out about what to give her; I kid...sort of! Ha.  Anyway, I just LOVED my "25 days of Christmas gift" last year---each day I had something to open from her.  It was so thoughtful and sweet, and my prego self really enjoyed looking forward to something to make the time pass.

Speaking of, gosh! I keep getting such waves of emotion and memories of this time last year.  I remember soaking up every last minute with my husband and knowing it was the last Christmas just us two.  I also kept hoping she would be here last year and we would have her for last Christmas, but she took her time and came a week late.  January 11th.

Looking back, it was perfect.  And now? Our first Christmas with our little girl is already so magical.  I love watching her smile each morning when I plug her pink Christmas tree in.  We have so much fun giving in, and watching her carry around a gift and then ever so slowly start ripping it open.

Anyway [whoa sorry for the tangent!] I wanted to share her gift THIS year, in case you're still in need of a something special for a friend.  Over the sumer, we'd get the kids together and go to the beach or the park.  She had this awesome blanket that zipped and was just so handy and sturdy--I loved it!  Well, she remembered that.  She also knew how I always want to go on a picnic with Joe and Brooke, but we didn't really have any of the "picnicking necessities".


Such a cute idea, right?!  I cannot wait to bust this out in the Spring!  Heck, I've already thought about packing it up and having a picnic in our living room!  But really, I love that I have this awesome set up all ready to go, and it will be like a "new" gift come Spring.

Thanks so much Al!!  You know we are gonna have to go on a picnic now too!!

And can't forget the baby. Thanks for these fun books!!!


  1. we have one of those blankets and love it for the beach! or really when it was nice out i always threw it in the bottom of the stroller and on our walks we'd stop and lay out.. fun lil basket too. I remember when she gave you those 25 gifts of xmas gifts.. that was around the time.. like right after i found you i think cuz i remember getting so excited for your gift and then would wish i had a sweet friend that would do that for me right before i had kenzie haha..cute idea!

  2. so cute Brooke first Christmas. so cute opening a gift :O)

  3. Awwww! That is such a fun and thoughtful gift! That's going to be so much fun to pull out this spring! :)

  4. Such a cool theme for a gift!

    I hope you had a great Christmas!

  5. I love giving themed gifts, and picnic is actually one of my favorites to give!!


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