Monday, July 28, 2014


Holy cow friends, I am 33!! Sounds like a fun number to me.

We turn not older with years but newer every day. Emily Dickinson

I really am not one that gets upset for getting older.  Call it cheesy, but I feel like life is really a gift and to celebrate every single year we are granted is not something to take lightly! I feel great and have so much to look forward to this year, I am incredibly blessed.  It was an amazing weekend and I couldn't be more spoiled by family and friends!

Thursday night my in-laws stopped by with this beautiful and delicious Rum cake and cheese filled puffs. OMG.  They also gave me an ice cream maker, so I cannot wait to make vanilla almond milk ice cream with strawberries or blueberries--oh my!

Hubby was full of surprises--Panera breakfast sandwiches, a Starbucks latte, and flowers.  It's been forever since he sent me flowers from an actual delivery service, so I was pleasantly surprised and teary eyed at how pretty they were.

We spent the day at the "nicer" mall haha, and this pregnant birthday gal wanted new sneakers.  I loved these Asic gel Noosa Tri 9 whatevers, {crazy named shoes!} and realized I needed to go up a half a size to fit properly.  I had nothing that fit well and I think I actually take a 9.5 in sneakers--weird but they are much more comfortable now!

Before dinner plans, we wanted to get a few photos.  Joe thought of this place with a cool view of our city.

I was like um---how to pose with a crazy wiggly toddler?

Drooly face.

She would just run towards her daddy and photobomb. It was so funny.  {out takes}


 Bump-shot- 4 months!

Pardon the non-cropped photo--but how cute are my loves?

A few of my girlfriends and my family met for a nice dinner at Avvino-- Brooke was really good!  {we did not take nearly enough pictures at dinner; boo!}

My step mom was selfie-spamming my sister's phone.

My girls! xox

Saturday I wore a dress my step-mom gave me and headed to my brother in law's birthday party (we actually share a birthday) and I turned 16 weeks!

I received lots of chocolate, some new Alex & Ani bracelets and lots of special moments with the ones I love.  Here's to a fun-filled year of new surprises!  I can't believe in my 33rd year, I will welcome a brand new baby into our world.   I am so grateful for all that we have and all that will continue to come our way.  A huge thank you to everyone in my life--you make it beautiful!  


  1. Sounds like you had a blissful 33rd birthday! Those flowers are gorgeous! Joe did great! Love both of the dresses that you were wearing.

  2. Happy Birthday, chickie! Love your positive outlook!

  3. love! pretty girl! xoxo! So glad you had a fab birthday!!

  4. You are just too beautiful!! Glad you had a great birthday!!

  5. LOVE the dress you wore in your birthday pics!! Where is that from?? You continue to look so awesome during this pregnancy, Jenn!!! Happy belated birthday :)


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