Monday, July 21, 2014

Life and I have a 1.5 Year Old, Say What?!

Hmmm….where to start?  How is it July 21st already??

{{Happy Birthday to my sweet friend Alison!!! I wish we were picnicking in a park, wearing all yellow. Haha those were the days!}}

Life has been busy, that is for sure! This whole pregnant with a 1 1/2 year old is no joke.  I am 15 weeks as of Saturday--no bump date, oopsies-- and I feel fantastic!  I do get tired, but it's more like, just lay down and rest a bit and get back up and I'm fine.  I can't really nap, although I try, but my mind races, so I have been reading more, which is nice.

Saturday Joe and I went out on a little date.  We went for sushi, well I had hibachi, and I wanted to see the movie Sex Tape. OMG it was hysterical! I think it was very relatable to married couples with children in particular, but it was just so silly.  Joe was laughing so loud--I was happy he enjoyed it and it wasn't just some stupid girl movie he sat through to make me happy.

Brooke is just getting SO big.  She is down to only one nap a day, so we are transitioning again…no longer are the days where I could hop in the shower and get ready during her first nap.  That's ok, I just need to figure out what works best.  She is all over the place and loves to be outside, so I try to spend them majority of our time playing outdoors, as the weather permits.

When it does not, this is my living room.

We eat lunch around noon and she goes down for her nap now between 1-2 (maybe later, pending what we do) and it seems to be working.  There are still some days she needs a morning nap, but 6 out of 7 days, she's good with one that lasts about 2 hours.

She is really starting to sing a lot more; if you listen closely she has the melody to our silly song [that  made up] down nicely!  We sing it before bed and insert as many names as we can for each new round, "Goodnight Sadie….goodnight Holly…Goodnight Daddy…so on and so forth, we'll see you in the morning."  She then goes around "Mah" and gives everyone a kiss.

Go ahead, {{{awwwwww}}}

She also loves, "Let it Go," "ABCs" and will dance to anything with a beat.  Loves Sia and Lorde.

Her tastes in food are pretty consistent, although she is picky with some things lately like veggies and meats.

I stopped giving her Soy milk and switched solely to Almond and her (TMI) poops have been WONDERFUL!  I have her on a 3 a day schedule now and they're not mushy or runny. Praise the lord! If you have a child, you know what I'm talking about.  You can tell a lot by poo, and when it's a big ol' mushy mess, and 4-5 times a day, it is no fun.

I don't know why she seems to have an issue now with Soy, as she was not, and is still not 100% okay with cow's milk, but whatever.  Everything in moderation.  I give her the equivalent to one cheese stick a day, let it be a bit of yogurt or cheese in our meal, or what have you.  She just can't handle too much.

Sunday morning while Daddy golfed, we enjoyed cinnamon buns from Trader Joe's.  She was so cute with it; she hadn't eaten one before.

She just learned to say, "I love you" back to us, and it stopped both Joe and I in our tracks and melted our hearts the other morning.  Joe's also been working on her more with saying her name.  "Brooke" seems to be a tricky one for her!  She'll get it though, in time.

Still loving on those popsicles. I love how I treat it as "an activity" haha.

Baby girl loves her fruit!

She is a 3T all the way in tops and mostly in bottoms. I accidentally put a 2T shirt on her and it rode up high on her belly!  I can't believe my 18 month old is so big.

She is already raiding my closets!

Brooke is very into her three bigger stuffed animals: Minnie, a pink bear Daddy bought before she was born, and this big white bear Joe gave me with flowers…once upon a time! She plays with them and I think they are her "friends."

I try to keep the toy buying to a minimum, but with Christmas and then 2 weeks later her birthday, we are sort of low on outdoor toys.  I heard tons of mamas say how great a bubble machine was, so I found this one on Amazon! HERE

She can actually "blow the bubbles" herself by lifting the lever and it is fantastic.  I'll have her on the back deck playing while I throw dishes in the dishwasher or whatever.  She loves it.

bubbly toes
It was a rough week last week, as Joe's Crohn's crept up and got him good.  By Saturday he was feeling better, and Sunday he was able to golf with some work buddies and then we all went on a boat ride with some great friends.

Brooke so badly wanted to jump in, so I took her swimming.

I think she was trying to tell me something today too… oh this child!! Someone send more energy please! We were home at 10pm and she was rocking and rolling at 7 this morning.

Anyways, that's what's up bloggy world! I miss writing and am trying to find the time!  It's been such a great summer so far, I can't wait to see what the rest of it brings.

How is your summer going?

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  1. She growing up. She so pretty. I can't believe my son 3. Time flies


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