Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Fourth Festivities and Enjoying July

And just like that, we are a week into July already?!  Someone hit the pause button, puh-lease!! I just love July.  For many reasons.  I love how excited my husband gets over fireworks on the 4th.  I love that on July 10th, I will be married 4 years!  I love celebrating my birthday; another year in this beautiful world.  I love that life slows down, just a bit, the weather is warm, and life is good.

We spent a few days at my Dad's so we could have our big fireworks spectacular.  I had to board the dogs at a kennel, pack all of our stuff, and in the midst forgot my big girl camera, womp womp. So a few iPhone photos will have to do.

Coffee craving.  I never craved it with Brooke.  There's something about sitting in the country sipping on some coffee.

Joe took a few photos…hi bump!

I thought the reflection looked cool of the cloud.

Brooke was all decked out in red white and blue!

All American.

Sippin on some bubbly…prego style.

And of course our spread.  Grilled chicken!

Yummy salads and potatoes!

And my pulled pork was a hit!

Joe was in the garage all.day.long. assembling their fireworks display, so this was the only photo we got together.

2012                                                       2013                                                                 2014
Sunday was a day we looked forward to as well; NO PLANS. We sat like an old couple, in our driveway talking about everything and anything.  He also washed his car and grilled us some wings.  That was about all that got accomplished that day! It was so nice.

Brooke loves being outdoors.  She played on the slide, snacked, ran around with the hose and made sure to wear her sunblock!

Holly had fun too.

I can't wait to see what fun the rest of this month brings!!


  1. I love every single photo! :) Seriously - you have such a beautiful family! I love the picture of you in the same shirt through the years :) How amazing! When are you due again? We are due with Boy # 2 in October!


  2. What a fun 4th!! You look so fantastic :)

  3. I love that belly. You look beautiful friend!!

  4. love the pics! and that is cool with the cloud!


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