Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pregnancy Brain? {and a missing dog}

So, if you've been following my lil old blog here for awhile, you know it's nothing new that our dogs are naughty.

Not just a here or there type of thing, I'm talking flat out---BAD DOGS.   And I still love them.  Our dogs require a lot of special attention; you may remember that time they failed an interview---here  Or the day I thought Holly went missing--here.

Sadie and her countless number of seizures and our attempts to keep her alive, healthy and well.  She is currently doing wonderful in that department, with the help of two very powerful drugs, she hasn't had a single seizure since I thought we were to lose her last November.  That post, here   [Thank the Lord.]

Monday night however, my dear old Sadie Lady, ran away.

I know, looks harmless, right?  Despite licking the air incessantly, stealing all and any food left on a counter {this summer it has been a raw sweet potato, cooked chicken patty and 11 (yes eleven) Cinnamon muffins}.  #countersurfer

She enjoys lots of toddler scraps, and I'm with her  I cannot imagine why she would wanna leave us?  Doesn't she know, we give her a better home than anyone possibly could?

All in all, Monday, as I began cooking dinner around 8pm, I left the sliding glass door open, just big enough so that Holly could run in/out.  She has this annoying habit of wanting to do so while I make breakfast or dinner, so lately I just leave it open.

MY BAD.  #whatwasithinking #pregobrain

About an hour later, as I ran around the living room picking up all of Brooke's toys and straightening up before Joe got home, I realized how SILENT my house was.  No licking of the air.  No dog under my feet.  Nothing.

I looked downstairs.  I looked upstairs. I checked the dog run.   Gone.  It was nearing the time Joe would be pulling into the driveway, and so I calmly called him and began to explain Sadie was gone.

To say he was a little upset, was understatement. He couldn't figure out how I let a 70 pound dog "just slip away" without me noticing.   Truth?  I don't know either.  I don't even know if she ran out the garage when I took the garbage out or if she did in fact squeeze through the crack I had open in the sliding door for Holly.  Either way, she was gone.

He hopped out of his car and grabbed my truck keys…only to find out I was on Empty.  My gas light literally just came on earlier and I planned on getting gas at BJ's before my Tuesday Chiropractor appointment.

Yeah, that annoying gas is low-- dinging just made things worse and for the next two hours, Joe drove around looking for her.

He told me to get a hold of a girl on his Facebook who rescues dogs and she was really helpful.  She and a few others actually came and looked for Sadie.  Meanwhile, she said if a dog is missing, you must do the following: [and I did]

1.  Call 911 and leave your name/number and description of the dog in case someone grabs her.
2.  Put out a blanket, dog bed, and toys.
3.  Leave front and back lights on.
4.  Place an article of clothing that the owner had worn that day too.
5.  Cook up her favorite food and place it outside.

So after cooking bacon and putting all this stuff outside, Joe came home and went up to bed at 11.  I went out on a little walk, I mean how far could I actually go, this late and prego?  But I just didn't know what to do.  Neither of us ate dinner and it was honestly just a terrible night.  At 11:30 I wrote a craiglist ad, prompted by Joe's friend, and she posted on the local rescue Facebook page.

Just as the tears started flowing and I didn't think I'd get any sleep that night, a frantic lady called and asked if I was missing a dog…

Sadie had jumped into her pool and was swimming!  She was kind of a good distance away, but she had been gone for a few hours.  When I got there to get her, she was all fired up---not nervous at all.

What Ma? I just wanted to partake in a triathlon...

You see, Sadie has always loved to run.  Since the first few days I had her, she would try to run off.  It's just in her, to want to run away.  I don't know why, since we take pretty darn good care of her!

Last year she got out in the day time and the neighborhood boys caught her.  I can't tell you how many times Joe has ran after this dog, especially in his work clothes.

I don't believe she would have come back on her own; she is just not that kind of dog.  I don't want to think about what would have happened if that lady had already been in bed sleeping; there's no way Sadie could get out of the pool by herself.  I also worried about her not getting her very important medicine so that she stays seizure free.

I don't know why all of this happened, but I do know that this dog reminds me SO much of Marley and Me, time and time again.


I also know that I will NOT leave the door open, not even just a crack.  I have been having sort of an "off week" and just doing dumb things, so is it really just pregnancy brain?  Is that a real thing?  What do you mamas do that you normally don't, while carrying a babe??  Like Joe said, I am usually "Sharp as a tack" and for whatever reason, I dropped the ball(s) this week.  Ooopsies.  I am just happy everything turned out well in the end. 

Well, except that tiny scratch on my Yukon's driver's side mirror…damn post office box.  :/  I swear I and a GOOD driver!! Oy


  1. What a naughty baby, but I'm glad she is home!

  2. So glad she is back home and safe! My dog's name is Sadie too... and preggo brain is legit real. I can't even remember what I had for dinner last night!

  3. Oh my goodness, so glad to hear that you were able to locate Sadie and bring her safely home!
    We have a 90 pound chocolate lab, and while most days I'm reminded of Marley and Me, I cannot imagine life without the big guy.


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