Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Brooke Lynn: 21 Months

What up? What up? I am feeling a-w-e-s-o-m-e.  Maybe it's the 70 degree weather, the sunshine, the fact that our baby boy's carpet will be installed in just a little bit!?! I just have been super busy playing single mom lately, as hubby just wrapped up his THIRD and final tent sale of the year! WOOP!  It is game on now.  What do I mean by that? Well, you see, he has a week of vacation coming up in November, January brings him home for a few days with a new bebe and he doesn't have a crazy sale again until June.

Home. Free. My friends, home free.  My man works so very hard and there is nothing I can do, but love him to death, support his desire to bring home the bacon, and do my best manning the fort when he's away.  I know I've mentioned his grandparents before, but I know that Joe is so much like his grandfather, (right down to marching out of the carpet store because they were being a bit ridiculous about pricing, money down, etc.)  As I told my mother in law about this scenario, she just laughed and said something about, how many countless contractors were hired/fired throughout the years her father did business.  Oh, I just love my Italian family!! hehe

Also?  I have a 21 month old. Ahhh!  

She's wearing 3T-4T really it depends on the brand.  I am loving GapKids because the 3 Year sizing is a little big, so she has some room to grow, the quality is excellent and it fits her well and looks great. Her 3T sleepers are getting tight, so I am holding out on buying more, because 4T is still big? Oh the struggle with a long tot!

She's about 32 pounds and I don't even know how tall.  Super long and really needs to be potty trained because she's far too big for the changing pad now!

Speaking of, she has had two great potty moments (both with a very proud Daddy) she was mid-poo and sort of made it to the potty one day, and just Sunday she legit peed in her potty!  She's very obvious  about hiding in a corner to "go" so I just need to bite the bullet and work with her a little more.  I just don't catch it sometimes, if I'm taking care of dishes, dogs, or laundry!  But she's getting there and we are very excited.

She has 3 of her last molars in; the bottom left is taking its sweet time coming in.

Bedtime is around 8(ish) sometimes we stay up to see Daddy come home.  She sleeps until about 7am and takes a 1.5 hour nap around 1:00 every day.  She does well with this routine.

Breakfast she eats her eggs, toast, and fruit.  Joe can't eat eggs without ketchup, and unfortunately she picked up on that too…so while I don't love that, whatever.  Choose the battles!  She is such a fruit and cheese monster. Girl loves both of these all day every day if I let her.  She's digging our pears and apples from our CSA.  But she's really good about eating whatever I make for dinner and prefers real food over any toddler food, which I find a blessing.

Her little personality is shining through and I am so excited that she's starting to really become a little girl, but a little sad too.  We are going to get her a nice bed/dresser and give her current crib etc. to baby boy.  I can't wait to see her meet him in a few more months!

 So here are few photos of what little Miss Brookie and I were up to while Daddy worked:

Playground by the library.


Breakfast for dinner.


Sorting through her baby stuff and organizing. She's such a helper! ;)

Mama being sentimental about all these curls.
Snuggles before our bedtime….prego mommy gets sleepy!

Some Halloween artwork…

She's such a goof and her hair---I just die.

Ok, clearly I can be goofy too.

She hates the carwash, but we are singing songs and trying to see the joy in the bubbles…

My living room looks like this on a nightly basis. It's getting super hard to pick up with this big ol' belly!

We had such fun shopping date with my friend Ann yesterday; it was just what I needed.  Brooke saw these silly carts and was obsessed.  She wanted to play, so I let her for a bit.  Funny how it much resembles her little red car she has here at home, but doesn't want much to do with.  Maybe it needs a safety belt?? Oy!

We've got a busy week and I'm grateful for that.  Tomorrow we have gymnastics, a mommy meet up (kinda like an interview of sorts, I'll keep ya posted on that for sure!) Thursday brings me a hair appointment--wahoo--and Brookie has swimming.  Friday I have my Glucose test and Daddy is going hunting, so we are having lunch with Grandma Maria!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!  

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  1. mommy interview?? tell me more! and our living rooms look the same..I just have no excuse!


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