Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boxes and Bumps

How is it that we are one week out from Halloween tomorrow?! Oh my gosh.  I am super excited to dress up our little one, that is for sure! We have a family member's housewarming/Halloween party this weekend and may go to our Zoo Boo, so I will get to dress her up!! Weeeeeeeee!

What have we been up to?  Oh ya know, this and that.  

Boxes.  For coloring. Climbing in. Stuffing everything you own into. Pushing around.  I love how kids just love such a simple thing, and really can be entrained for awhile with it!  Nevermind the toys and all…just give a kid a box.

Last Saturday my pelvic girdle pain was pretty rough…so we lounged for a little bit.

Because prior to, I chased her around in Soccer tots.  She loves it!

Holly is obsessed with this chair lately. Such a weird little animal!

Panera lunch!!

My friend Alison entertained my tot while I perused Hobby Lobby for crafts and such!

Smellin the candle.

This happened today when I was blow drying my hair.  She loves this silly old bear.  

I'm getting visions of little brother being dressed up…bahah.

Speaking of, I've never been one to parade my bare belly, like everrrrr.  But, I thought ehhh what the heck.  Here it is.  He's growing great.  We passed our glucose test with flying colors and have NO iron deficiencies this time around. Holla!! Props to my Advo supps and a healthy babe.

Hubby's at Swim with Brookie, dinner is in the oven. Life is good!! Hope you are having a great night!

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