Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Faves

OK, I'm just gonna be honest. {because that is how I roll}  So, if you don't want to hear my #pregnancyprobz feel free to skip down to my first photo.

 I don't why, but I get to my 25/26th week of pregnancy and I seem to hit a wall.  I just don't feel like dealing with ridiculous crap.  My patience is rather thin.  I am so thirsty all the time and when I'm not drinking water, I am waddling to the bathroom.  I feel like I am definitely having a boo-hoo moment/oh woe is me, and I am basically needing to put myself in time out.

I totally fess up and had a mini tear sesh when Joe got home last night.  Can I really make it another 15 weeks? (of course you can, women have been doing this forever) I just feel big, ugly, and definitely more of a debbie downer.  I see my previous stretch marks getting darker and fear that new ones are popping up, even though I lotion/oil/lube up day and night.  It's hard to see that, but again I focus on the positives...I will say getting my eyebrows waxed helped me feel a TON better even though my cheeks look like they're super chubby.

I tend to not be able to fall asleep at night, so I'll go back through and read my old blogs and I wrote about it when I was prego with Brooke HERE.  I can deal with all of the discomforts and annoyances that come along with a pregnancy; I get it, I'm creating a human being, it's a blessing and a lot of work! But goodness, this HORRIBLE PAIN is getting worse and having a toddler makes it a gazillion times harder!  Not to be all TMI, but it literally feels like my hoo ha will fall out/break in half.  It's terrible. I think it's Pelvic Girdle Pain, from what I researched last time around.  I wish I could workout and go on long walks, keep up with the housework and all the cooking and day to day stuff, without this horrific pain.  The chiropractor seems to help, or at least it's mental.  Basically it's just that lovely hormone relaxin doing it's thing so my body can give birth.  I'm grateful, I really am, but owwwwwwieeeeeee.

My Dr. told me to wear a support belt (which I don't find does much other than annoy me b/c I have to take it off so much to pee all the time) and to rest.  I had to laugh at that because staying home all day long, isn't very relaxing.  But today?  I took Brooke to gymnastics and my body is just not having it.  I don't like the pressure/feeling so I am making myself sit.

I will focus on all the positives and know that in the end, it is all worth it to hold my sweet baby boy in my arms!!!  I know there are ups and downs and everything is SUCH a blessing and I am beyond blessed and grateful to carry a healthy baby.  I just am being real, and having my moment.  Tell me I'm not alone...

SO? Let's talk about what I'm loving right now.  Mmmmmmm K?  {since I have to sit, I may as well blog}

Well, I am just loving this season right up!! I figured I would share some of my must haves--some are already in my possession and others are certainly on my mind!!

First up:

Fab Fit Fun.  

LOVE this subscription box! This is my second box and I have got to say the sizes and amount of "stuff" you get for the cost, is incredible!! They also offer a coupon code the first box you get, so you can share with friends and that goes towards your next purchase.  Since it's seasonal, you only get 4 boxes a year.  I think that makes it extra fun too!  This box had TONS of fun stuff--a cute apron, a 3 month workout pass for online videos, lotion, lipgloss, crackers, tea, and more!

Wanted: A plaid blanket scarf.

I just haven't found one I am totally in love with. So, I have no link to share, do you?? These are so cozy and cute; plus I think it's smarter for me to invest in something more plaid like this, so I can wear it again in the future!

via google

via google
I'm half tempted to go look at Jo-Ann's for fabric and just "make my own".
via google
Ankle boots/booties:

I made the purchase via Target during their BOGO.  I love the small heal, and I think they'll be perfect while prego and dealing with the upcoming snow, while still looking cute.

Oh, what was the other half of the BOGO, you ask? Something similar to this:

I wanted a Fall bag and so I actually ended up with the larger one that I can wear cross body.  I am using it as a purse/diaper bag until January then I'll be back to hauling more junk around!  I didn't want to splurge on a super expensive bag, since let's face it.  Crumbs from Brooke's snacks and her sticky fingers are all up on that thing.

Comfy Sweats:

When I was pregnant with Brooke I bought one pair and wore them a lot…so I figured another pair would be really nice this time around! So cozy, warm, and well, comfy.  I can't express the amount of discomfort I am in, so when I can, I'll be in these. Thank you. Victoria's Secret. I'm living in them right now. LOVE.

Tot Fashion: 

Brooke has a monogramed dress that my friend Amber did for her!  Fall colors and so cute.  She is also dancing around in her new Ugg knockoffs from Target.  They'll be sure to keep her tootsies warm this winter!


Anyone else just loving her kitchen this month?? I am all about baking, but I am trying to be smarter about sweets. I know sugar is the worst, so with all of the apples or peaches we get, I will slice some up, place them in a casserole, sprinkle with apple or pumpkin pie spice, sliced almonds or walnuts and drizzle a little honey.  I bake them at 350 until I can smell them and they're soft.  (about 20-25 mins?)

Seasonal Treat:

I am still craving coffee/lattes like it's my J-O-B.  Again, with the sugar, I just can't.  I mean, how can you unlearn something?  It's just like I cannot bring myself to drive through fast food lanes just because I'm hungry…I have learned to pack healthy snacks or wait.  I'm not saying you're gonna die if you have one sweet treat, but most of us can't control our habits and they spiral out of control. 

Enter a better option: Coffeccino  

So I will sip on some Coffeeccino instead and it does the trick!!  Plus I don't have to leave my house because again, I am a hermit and enjoy being home right now. If I don't have to leave, I don't.  I just won't.  

I love our Young Living Essential Oils diffuser to get the house smelling all purdy-like, but I also love me some fall scents.  I don't love having open flames with tiny hands, so I am using one of my warmers.  I just got 3 new scents and OMG.

This one??? AMAZING.  It is literally the essence of Fall.

And lastly, for my main man:

This will be the 7th hunting season that I'm with Joe and he has wanted a big ol' buck forever.  He got a nice rack last year, but I know he wants something to mount on the wall {help me if he does!} and so maybe this will be his year!!  I really don't mind the smaller ones because I think they taste better and I'm the one who does all the cooking…but I hope he gets a big one!


  1. I don't know if my comment went through, so I'm trying again.
    I definitely felt the way you do when I was pregnant, so you're not alone! You look beautiful though, so keep hanging in there!

  2. I'm sorry you're miserable right now! I know that can't be fun. In other news, I love the Target bag :)

  3. love the bag, boots and my boyfriend sweats! Oh and I think kenz is Brookes twinnn with the boots.. except i got her the pink ones of course ;) Oh and yumm I need to find a scensty friend.,. I'm sure i know someone who sells it.. If not i'll ask you!


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