Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Toddler Time

We pulled out some paint and did a little artwork last week.  She was digging it! I'll let her try her fingers/hands next time.

Monday brought a little warmth and sun.  We went outside and collected leaves!  Thanks to fellow blog mama Leah, who shared this activity on her mommy school blog post! Everyday Love.

She had a ball collecting all sorts of leaves, acorns, walnuts, sticks…

My easy 'lazy go-to' lunch for her…
-Organic apple
-Organic tomatoes
-Turkey & Cheese
I've tried making her a sandwich, but she doesn't really love it all together, and the bread doesn't get eaten. So I just serve it like this.

I like getting this kind; it's nitrate free, no hormone/antibiotics.  I can find it at BJ's and it's not terribly expensive like other store brands.

Tuesday we attempted to look at BIG GIRL BEDS.  OMG.  I'm ready and then I'm not.  I kind of have to be, since we plan on using her crib for Jr. come January.

She was more into the shoe chairs.

I loved this one.

And how funky is this corner bed?? I would just love it if I were a little girl.  Who am I kidding, I would love it now haha!

I don't think so…no daybeds Brookie!

Perhaps a pink chaise lounge?

She is all about playdoh…for about 15 minutes and then she's like, peace out.

This was today after we had our last gymnastics class and a little shopping fun at TJ Maxx.

My thoughts on having her in Gymnastics, Swimming and Soccer….I'm glad I did it! I think it was a little tricky because Soccer is very laid back, no real structure whereas my sister's gymnastics class was really quite routine.  Brooke HATES the word "wait" and doesn't like having to take turns…it is very embarrassing as she doesn't quite "grasp that concept" and I don't know how to make her understand, other than, holding her back and explaining "wait" until the other kids are done.  {which she screams and yells bloody murder until she can take her turn} I also tried removing her from the situation and trying to talk to her, but that didn't really help either. I'm hoping she outgrows it... I have a feeling January will help this issue, as she will have no choice but to 'wait' at times, when baby needs things too. 

While I didn't always want to get up and go, as being prego and trying to get out the door on time hasn't always been the easiest.  Heck, it didn't happen once, but I liked having things scheduled and it kept her (and I) active when we would otherwise be home.  Joe loves taking her swimming, so he is actually going to continue that on Thursday nights.  I'm super excited, because I don't have anything actually 'scheduled' for her.  I am trying out another mommy meet up group tomorrow (wish me luck, as the last one did not go as well as I hoped!)  I am hoping these other mamas and their kiddos and I all click and we can start meeting on the reg.  I really envision being comfortable enough having other mamas/kids at my home and going to their homes, and even still doing so when I have baby boy!

The activities are great, but they do add up and they're a lot of go go go.  Sometimes you just want some socialization, without all of the hassle. Ya hear me universe? hehe So we were overly ambitious early Fall, and I think we will enjoy a lot of time around the house with the holiday season. I'm already stocking up on Christmas goodies to craft with her and coming up with toddler friendly activities to pass our days away!! 

I think the real key to keeping her busy, is to make sure I schedule ME time as well. For awhile there, I fell into all mommy all the time, which just doesn't work for me. I know some mommas don't like leaving their kids ever, but I know I need little breaks frequently.  I'm excited to have some fun mommy timeouts all lined up in November…nothing crazy, just little things like a pre-natal massage, a holiday open house where I am sharing AdvoCare, an old fashioned GIRLS night as we re-unite one night, a ladies only event for Advo, a party, and I'm sure I get ma hair did some place in there too.  

I don't feel guilty for taking an hour or two, here or there.  I actually feel guilty if I don't!  Just a little time away gives me enough breath of fresh air, to come back rejuvenated and ready to be the best mommy I can be. Plus, it gives others like Daddy and Grandparents time to bond with this special little girl.  Life just sometimes gets quite busy and hectic and all of a sudden you realize you haven't put that oxygen mask on you.  Can't let that happen…gotta take care of you! 

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  1. That corner bed is pretty cool. I have never seen something like that before.


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