Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lake George

While I am still trying to settle back into the 'norm' and get my house back into shape, I cannot help but want to capture every fun little moment we had our our first family vacation.  It wasn't like any other vacation we have ever taken.  There was no Bellagio, with a gorgeous room with a view of the breathtaking water-fountain-show.  There weren't Dune Buggy rides through the island of St. Martin.  No ATV rides through rainforests on St. Croix.  No swimming with Turtles in Barbados or St. Thomas.   No shopping on Rodeo Drive. There wasn't a crazy plane ride or train ride to Amsterdam, Paris or Rome.  While we loved all of these extravagant travels, we decided to take a less ambitious tour of a place not too far from us; Lake George.

It's tucked in the ADK mountains and such an adorable little place!! We visited right before it 'came to life,' as it was a sleepy little town.  The shops and restaurants were making preparations for the beginning of tourist season.

Honestly though?  I loved seeing it quiet, still, and in an odd way got a kick out of seeing how hard everyone was working to bring it to life.  Flowers were being planted, outdoor patios set up, freshly painted road lines, grass being rolled down, grass being mowed... I'm only sad that I won't see it hustling and bustling just yet!  I can totally picture us in a few more years {and another child, or two} and visiting with friends.  It's a place where you can tell how much fun children have; go-cart races, tons of mini-golf, video arcades, ice cream shops galore!!  It's like out of a movie...or at least that is what I picture it to be.  For now, I am happy it wasn't so busy; I can see how insanely chaotic it most likely gets.  It was our first venture away from home, and our little one was so well-behaved!  [The only problem now, is that lack of 2+ hour car rides, this one is not used to napping in a still, quiet bed!!]

On the way there we stopped at Saratoga Springs and ate lunch. Such an uppity little town that is!! There were tons of cute shops and restaurants.  We walked a little bit, and tired lil Miss out once more and hopped back into the Tahoe and off we went.

We arrived into town around 5pm or so, and checked into our hotel.  We stayed at the Holiday Inn Resort--{link here} a perfect place for families! It was very kid friendly, even though we were one of like 5 people staying there at the time.  We walked down to the town, and down to the water where we got a few beautiful shots of the lake.

I have no idea why these are stretchy?! Hub's new iPhone 5?!
They look totally normal on my computer until I put them on the blog.

Brooke's First Vacation

We walked back up the hill to our hotel and were rather hungry, especially since we kept getting whiffs of this delicious smoked BBQ smell.   Being in the off season, there weren't a ton of places open.  As most of you readers know, we are rather picky about food, where we eat etc.  So, while our stomachs were growling, we got into the truck looking for a place to dine.

We drove by this place and I saw that it was indeed lit up and open for business!  Well, this is the back of it actually, where we parked.

I ordered a starter salad and it was less than the freshest greens I've seen, so I was little nervous...but once our entrees came out {RIBS} we loved every single bite!! 

Lesson learned, just don't try to order fresh veggies at a Rib joint.  Just go with what they serve best!!  We enjoyed these smoked ribs so much, well, my husband enjoyed these ribs so much, he insisted on getting take out from here the next two nights as well.  I could only take so much BBQ and ribs, but he was in Rib heaven.

The smoker

My baby daddy!

We headed back to the hotel and just relaxed a bit and got up early the next day for an exciting day full of new adventures. 


  1. The place looks lovely sometimes it is nice to see a place before the tourists hit it. Weird sense of calm before the storm kinda thing I find. You're such a cute little family! Glad you had a good time :)


  2. Looks like you had a wonderful time! Aren't family vacations so much more lowkey than pre-baby ones?? The last vacay B and I took entailed a Penthouse suite at the Aria....now we're beach houses and no Vegas in sight (at least until I can leave E overnight!).

    Despite the change...it's pretty wonderful!

  3. Omg! You were in the neck of my wood!

    Glad you had a great time!

  4. The lake looks beautiful. I like quiet vacations too because sometimes it's nice to just slow down. Little Brooke is so cute napping. :)

  5. Aww, Brooke's first vacation looks wonderful! :)

  6. That looks like a great vacation to me!! I love going to quiet little places :)


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