Sunday, May 31, 2015

4 Months {Bradley Joseph}

You guys…is this normal, to start feeling like maybe you want "Just one more" baby around 4 months of your current baby?! OY!  It's not like it's been easy, or perfect, or even like I know what I am doing 90% of the time.  I get frustrated, I tear up, I spend all day in my clothes from the night before…I drink caffeine like it's my J-O-B and yet… four months, I am like, where is my baby?! How can he be starting to roll over, and know what is going on around him, and start baby food? Maybe, just maybe we will have one more.  Oh my gosh…

Anyway back to the man of the hour.

Bradley Joseph.

You are SO much fun baby boy!! I swear the only thing that I don't like, is that you throw up some of your formula…all…day…long.  I have timed your meds 12 hour apart and give you the first dose before your first bottle [2 ml] and [2 ml] at night before your last bottle.  But you probably puke up about 1-2 tablespoons after every bottle, which by the way you're taking 8 oz every 3-4 hours.

You're sleeping through [most] nights.  Thursday night you got up around 3:30 and wanted to party/drink a bottle.  It was cool though, I don't mind.

You also had a pretty cranky day Memorial Day. I was hoping to socialize and talk to adults [no offense kids] but that just didn't happen. I spent most of the day feeding you inside or walking with the Boba so you would calm down.   I am not mad, but I felt awful I didn't know (and still don't) what was wrong!?  Could be too many people wanted to hold you. Maybe it was the scorching hot temps. Or even a tooth is starting? Who knows. You've been totally normal since being home...

You handled your shots quite well Mr!! We still delayed some, so you're not up to par yet, but I don't like overwhelming your little body with all those vaccines right away.  You're doing great and Dr. gave us the green light to start solids!  Hopefully it will help you not spit up so much; she said you eating 8 oz every 3 hours is a lot for your belly, but we will see.  You love to eat, so do I kid, so do I!

For kicks, this was little Miss Brooke at her 4 month checkup!!

I think the best quote of today or even so far, is your sister saying, "Fart brother, fart!!" As you tooted along this evening with one of your poos.  Only my kids could make that look adorable to me! I guess that is what being a mommy is all about.

So we started out 4 months with more outside time.

Your eyebrows kill me.  I think they are so darn adorable and I just giggle every time you raise one (or both) of them.

My sister, your Aunt Brianna informed me this weekend that she thinks you have my eyebrows. haha

So what are you up to little guy?  LOTS. I tell ya, lots.

You're a movin and a groovin all day long.

No lie. I was trying to get as similar shot to your 3 month photos because it was Daddy's favorite.

Oh ya, these are getting harder to take! You love to move!

You are a drooling machine.  I keep checkin for the teefers, but haven't seen anything yet. Maybe, just maybe a little something working its way on the bottom left.  But for now? Drool. Drool. and more drool.

I mean, come on. That smile?!

I literally had just put this onesie on you for your photos, and within 4 minutes, drool.

You love your friends --aka your forest mobile from Grandma.

Dose chunky monkey legs---oh I love em!

I try to keep the 'gloves' or socks off you as much as possible because you love to explore with your hands!! You're always grabbing at things, my necklace, your toys, anything!! But when you get sleepy, you rub rub rub your eyes and if I don't have the gloves on, you scratch and that is not good Mr!

You apparently crave and thrive on routine.  Every morning you get up between 5-7:30.  I obviously prefer the latter, but I do whatever you please.  You cry a bit but within a minute or two you start laughing and talking.  And usually your sister is talking to, and I am not gonna lie, sometimes I lay in bed and listen to you two "talk".  You still get your first dose of zantac first thing.  

What's new:
-You can roll over, therefore
-No more swaddle!  You face planted one time and after that we were DONE.
-You scootch backwards on your butt, so you are mobile.  Legit, I can't leave you on the bed any more!  You went all the way from your room to your sister's room on your back, by pushing with your feet.  Crazy!!  You also go right off the rug in the living room.
-Started solids
--Rice cereal, apples, pear & banana.  I know there is so much debate, but we did this with Brooke and she is the best little eater I know, so I decided BLW is not for us and we are just starting to have fun and explore with foods.  You take about 5-6 small spoonfuls of cereal/fruit and LOVE it.  As soon as you spit it out or act done, I don't push it.  No need!   [It has seemed to help with your reflux a bit]
-You go to sleep in your own crib at night…no rocking, no swing, just you and the crib (and the sound machine!)

Your sister.  You just think she is the funniest thing in the world.
Teething toys--it's been so hot I think you love when I keep them in the fridge 
Being tickled, sang to, danced with

Falling asleep, you crank out a little bit before you just fall asleep sometimes.
Being alone, you still love being with mama, a lot.
A bunch of random people holding you
Hot temps
Being off schedule 

You are wearing 9 month clothing for the most part, some 6 month still fit, but sleepers or anything that is one piece has to be 9 month to fit your length.  I am happy it's starting to get warmer because I feel like a bib and a diaper are gonna be your main outfit this summer! It helps me keep down on the laundry haha

"Daily Routine" at 4 months:

The times change from day to day, but it sorta looks like this…

7:00 wakeup, meds, bottle
9:00-11:00 nap
11:00 bottle
play/run errands etc
12:00 have some cereal and fruit
1:00-3 nap
3:00 bottle
5-6 you usually take a little cat nap
meds/ 6:00 bottle
7:30 bed
10/11 bottle
Maybe a 3:00 feeding, maybe you sleep til morning. 

That's where we are at.  You've been taking 2 longer naps one in the morning and one when Brooke does, which is great--if I can keep Brooke away from you long enough in the morning you'll sleep, but usually she wakes you up and you get your best sleep when she does as well.  I enjoy that time to workout, shower, or catch up on a blog.  Much needed!

I'm not sure how much longer you will be fitting in your swing, as I have to buckle you in to keep you safe and your legs are really long!  I can't believe you're so big already, but I am so grateful you are healthy and well, and completely thriving.  We have a lot of fun adventures coming your way this summer and I know you will have a ball on our vacation. I can't wait to see what you think of a pool. You are so sweet little love, and I am so proud to be your momma. I still sit and stare in complete shock, that I am a momma to both a little girl and a little boy. I don't always know what I am doing, but I sure do try my best and most of all, love you with my whole heart.  


  1. Baby #3?! Whaa you cray girl😜 kidding I'm sure I'll go through the same thing next year! And I never noticed his eyebrows til you said somethin! So cute and bold!

    1. OH you just wait!! I dunno what it is but man when baby 2 is no longer itty bitty---darn ovaries!! haha Yes his brows kill me! :D

  2. Love his smile! I can't believe he is 4 months already!

  3. Look at all his grins!! LOVE it! He's almost as heavy as D - ha ha But D is a lightweight!! :)


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