Friday, August 21, 2015

Bradley {7 months}

My dear, sweet, baby boy.  .  .

What can I say?? Your eyes have me, and Daddy and everyone else like--whoa.  I swear, everyone tells us how amazing your eyes are and I couldn't agree more!! Sister may have the baby blues, but boy, you have some dreamy eyes yourself!!

In typical mom fashion, I've misplaced my monthly stickers…so we haven't had any 5, 6, or 7 month sticker photos. OOPS.  I still love you more than anything Bradley, sorry!

Where do I begin?? You have never been very little, but you sure are growing like a crazy man!  You are busting out of 9 month onesies, and 12 month footed pjs are starting to become snug.  It's been so hot that you're usually in just a diaper and a bib.  We change bibs more than your diapers around here!

At your 6 month visit you were 20 lbs 6 oz {88%} and your length was 39 inches which is over 99%! You're a big boy I tell ya.  L-O-N-G legs and arms like Daddy.

You have ONE TOOTH!! Daddy noticed it when we went to visit him at work one day.  He was super proud that he saw it first.  It's a bit blurry, but there it is!! The first tooth.

You have the sweetest disposition and I know for sure are going to be such a kind and caring little boy. Both your Daddy and I have "seen" glimpses of what you're going to look like when you're a little older.  At not even a year old, we can see what you'll start to look like as a child and not as a baby.

You also have the biggest and happiest smile we ever did see!

Your chubby legs and cheeks are irresistible and I cannot tell you how many times I day I kiss them!  You love being held, rocked, played with, and just don't like being alone.  It makes for bedtime a little tricky, but I just don't mind rocking you to sleep…hopefully you'll go to sleep on your own again, but for now I don't mind one bit!! You sleep through most nights, but sometimes wake like this morning at 4am--you started whimpering, and once I got up you stopped and must've fallen back to sleep.

You love--

Food!  Watermelon in the mesh feeder is your jam right now.  Baby oatmeal makes you go "Yumm mum mum" along with all the foods…you didn't seem to love the cranberry too much, but I get that.  It's kind of a tart flavor!

Your sister.

Rocking back and forth trying so hard to crawl!

Your doorway jumper.


Being outside in general.

Music.  You love to dance with us!

Everything goes in the mouth.  You love new toys; I have to keep rotating. You don't seem to have a favorite, so we just keep mixing them up throughout the day.

You are great in the car, as long as you're fed!!

I still play around with how much to feed you and when.  You'll guzzle 8 oz of formula but most likely spit up at least an ounce or more, so I've tried to do 4 or 6 and more frequently instead of every 4 hours.  Once these teeth of yours all come in,  I have no doubt you'll be housing more food than I can ever imagine! We hope less spit up comes with that as well.

You started sitting unassisted a few weeks ago, and you hold your own bottle.

 You love to move, move, move!!  You rock back and forth, but aren't crawling yet.

Silly little thing.  So close to the crawl!

What, ma? All the cool kids are crawling!!

Happy 7 months big bubs! 

Daily Routine:

6-7 wakeup
Bottle in bed with Daddy
Mesh feeder or
Fruit puree
Between 9-10 you fall asleep for about a half an hour.
another bottle
[Between 11-1 I will run any errands or appts]
veggie/fruit or cereal
It's my goal in life to get you and your sister to nap together, so around 1 is a good time to give you a bottle and you both sleep for about an hour (2 if I'm lucky!)
another bottle after nap 
From 3-5 we try to get outside or do something fun
Dinner (usually veggies or mixed) 5-6
mesh feeder
Sometimes you seem still hungry so I give you more baby oatmeal
Bath time and then bed between 7-8

You will wake up sometimes, but for the most part you sleep! Thank you for that.  Thank you for teaching me patience and to continue to just do my best.  Perfection doesn't exist and being your mommy is making me grow in ways I never knew I could.  We love you so much Bradley bean!

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  1. He's so cute and SO happy!!! Looks so much like his sister now!! LOVE!


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